Best PS4 IP Tracker to Find Someone’s IP Address

PS4 IP Tracker

Have you ever found a PS4 IP address circulating on the net and wondered how it was sourced? Sometimes it's so frustrating trying to do the same that you just give up, right? Read on here are excellent resources for you about PS4 IP tracking.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you must be using PlayStation. It is the most popular gaming console that is pretty much in demand. If you have been using it for a while, then you might know its IP address. It is a unique identification number that is assigned to each device that uses the internet.

Being a PlayStation owner you must have heard of some gamers reporting that their PS4 IP addresses are being exposed online, leaving them vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

Many people have different reasons for wanting to know how to track a PS4 IP address. There are some parents who want to do this to limit their children's online exposure, while others want to take revenge on the hackers that keep attacking their PSN accounts and ruining their gaming experience. If you want to know how to find someone's IP address on PS4, then this article will show you how.

Use PS4 Resolver  

Nowadays, if you want to play online with other players, you will need an IP address. The IP address is important as it will identify you and your location. However, some people are using VPNs to hide their IP and make themselves anonymous when they are online.

Hiding the IP is a good thing, but there are also cases when you may want to use the IP for other things. For example, if you want to track down someone who is causing trouble on your server.

xResolver review

If that’s the case, then you need a PS4 resolver such as xresolver to get their IP address. However, it’s not as simple as just entering a username and getting the IP address in return. You have to combine the PS4 Resolver with third-party software to run it on PS4. That’s why we are going to explain it here, step by step using Gamertag IP Puller:

Step 1: To track PS4 IP, you first need to get the username of your target.

Step 2: Get the username by opening(clicking)their profile. You can also locate them in the [People] option.

Step 3: If you are not friends with the target, befriend them through the [follow] icon.

Step 4: Join a party together with them or better invite them to your party. This will be your chance since both of you will be sharing a gaming session.
To invite them: select the target and others to be part of your party through the [Friends] icon.
Once you have a party formed, select your target in the [Play Together Mode].

Step 5: Using either your PC or Phone, open/start a PSN Resolver tab using your Ps4's internet browser.

Step 6: With the resolver tab open, hover your cursor to locate the PSN username spacebar.

Step 7: Paste your victim's PSN username and select the [Resolve] key.

Step 8: Let the system resolve your target's Gamertag and you will have their IP in a few. This is possible since both of you are partners in the same gaming session.

Use PS4 IP Puller 


Even though the PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular game consoles of all time, there is a lot more to it than simply playing video games. If you are looking for a PS4 IP puller, we have you covered with Lanc Remastered. Here is how to use it step by step:

The first thing is to make sure you have the following tools: Net Framework 4.5.2; C++ Redistributable Package 2010( or latest version); Npcap; WIN10PCAP; Winrar (7zip). If you don't have any of them, you'll need to download them before proceeding.

Step 1: On Windows 10 Change your network settings by:

Navigate to settings > network > change adapter options

Right Click your Current internet connection > Select Properties and navigate down to IPV6. Unmark the Box.


Step 2: Restart your computer. Once the machine is back running, download Lanc Remastered.

Step 3: Using Winrar or 7zip, extract the file. (Right click and select extract here)

Step 4: Locate Lanc v2 in the extracted folder and run it.

Step 5: Open the program ( Double click on the LANCV2exe prompt notification.

Here you will get a new pop-up notification. In case you receive an error[ remove winpcap and install win10pcap/ object oriented]. Click on [OK] to remove the message.


Step 6: In the LANC V2, select your Network Adapter (don't worry if it's wired or wifi). Tick/Mark on [ARP Spoofing] and [Filter] boxes.

Step 7: Get your IP on PS4.

Navigate to Settings > Network Settings and find your IP information

Copy-paste your IP address to the [TO] section below [ARP Spoofing].


Step 8: Type [PS4 port 9307] in the [Destination Port]

Step 9: The [From] address will default to your router address. (it will take this form but not similar to it 10.0.02).

Step 10: Verify every information fed in is correct and create a party. You should then get your victim and other friends to join the party.

Step 11: Once everyone has joined [START]

In the connections tab, you will see IP'S of everyone present in the session coming through. Notice the IP's corresponding to the specified port.


Use PS4 IP Grabber 

Ps4 IP grabber is an online tool such as Grabify that's useful in tracing your opponent's IP address while you are playing an online game.

Step 1: You need the app called Grabify IP Logger, which can be found on the website with the same name.

Grabify Alternatives

Step 2: Go there and create a new link by entering the title and customizing other available settings. The content of the link must be attractive to others, or they won't click on the link you created.


Step 3: Then click [Create URL] and you will get a tracking link in seconds that you will send to your PSN victim.

Step 4: Go undercover and become your target’s friend on PSN. You can customize the image of the URL so it doesn't look anything alarming. So the link will direct your friend to your created party but inside the link will be the Grabify code that will let you see their IP address.

Step 5: Once you are friends with the target, send an invitation to a game/party.

Step 6: When your target accepts the invitation, you will be able to see their IP address in the Grabify server configuration window.


Use PS4 IP Sniffer  

The IP sniffer (in this case Wireshark) will only pull the IP from people who are on your friend's list. So if you are not friends with your target, you should create a game and invite them over. PS4 must be connected via Ethernet cable directly to a computer/laptop, not through a router.

Wireshark Homepage

Step 1: Download Wireshark. Make sure to get the correct bit version for your device (32 or 64 bit). If you don't know which one you have, go to Settings > System and check under System type.

Step 2: Download PS4 IP Sniffer that will help monitor all network traffic. In this case, you may need to download WIN10pcap. This is a packet sniffer that intercepts the traffic sent on the network to capture the IP address of the sender.

So the sniffing works by monitoring traffic on the network cable connected to your PS4.

Step 3: Open up Wireshark and click on [Capture]. Click [Options] and then select your Wireless Network Adapter, then click [Start].

Step 4: Start the PS4 IP Sniffer.exe file and start a game with at least two people on it. If you want to get the IP address of someone who is in a party chat, make sure they are talking and not on mute! After that, click [Refresh] in the sniffer. You will see a bunch of packets pop up (if not, check step 3 again.) Finally, click [Save] and save it as something useful for you.


So, don’t lose hope at all because there are numerous ways through which you can track down the IP address of PS4 in an unnoticeable manner. You may even get into the habit of checking your IP address every now and then just to avoid such situations. Although there might be a few other reasons in favor of knowing your IP address, above all it is just getting into the habit of knowing them.