How to Use iPhone Time Lapse to Shoot Fascinating Videos

iPhone Time Lapse

Experiencing a challenging time recording time-lapse video? iPhone is the best gadget to record, editing, and refine time-lapse video. You only need to follow a few steps and workaround hacks. we have you covered.

In reality, the video consists of photos but a series of multiple images quickly. So, when you playback still photos, your mind is perceived as a movement. However, time-lapse involves numerous photos taken over a longer time but played with speed, just like a regular video. It displays weird results indicating amazing time compression. Come to think of a day turning into night, flowers bursting into bloom just within a blink of an eye.

When prepared enough with iPhone, combined with a small creativity and patience, you can make a time-lapse video in the shortest time possible. This is the topic we will discuss and guide you on how to create your own timelapse easily.

Meanwhile, a time-lapse is a popular technic used in photography while speed time perception. When you record multiple photos, they tend to show slow changes over a certain period. However, the action appears to occur unnaturally fast when speeding up the playback speed. Let us dive into more details.

How Fast about iPhone Time-Lapse Speed

Fast about iPhone Time-Lapse Speed

Time-lapse speed on iPhone varies. But typically, according to our experiment, any timelapse video has a playback of about 30 frames per second. However, the final speed is dependent on the quantity of the footage you have captured while recording with your iPhone.

In most cases, your time-lapse will be 2 frames per second is, and only if you captured less than 10 minutes with your iPhone camera. And when you playback the footage, the final speed tends to be 15x the average speed.

A second situation also arises when you record using iPhone camera footage of more than 10 minutes. When using time-lapse features,  your phone will automatically discard half of the frames you captured. This is in response to making your video short. It now means that the final video will automatically be 30x at the average speed. The above two scenarios suggest that when you record more footage, your frame rate drops while the speed of your final video increases.

How to Use iPhone Time-Lapse Settings

You know what time-lapse is on iPhone. The fun part is learning how to use the time-lapse feature. After learning the steps, you will be able to go and shoot your video using your iPhone. This feature is found in the photo app but is very simple. And this means that the more you create videos, the better your video becomes with time-lapse.

So, in this section, we will give you an overview of how to use a time-lapse feature on the iPhone. Before going into tips, let us get started with the time-lapse feature:

Step 1: On your iPhone, launch the camera application

Step 2: Navigate through the options to shoot and move above the shutter icon, then click on the time-lapse.

Step 3: When you are done and on standby to start recording, click on the red record icon.

Step 4: You might take time recording but once you are done, again click on the red record icon and then stop recording the session.

Step 5: The time-lapse video footage will always be stored in the photo library, located in the recent and time-lapse folder.

How to Edit Your  iPhone Time-Lapse Video

Shooting time-lapse videos using iPhone is not everything. It would help if you spent half of the fun editing the time-lapse video to make them unique and stand out from the rest. You can perform some basic editing using the photo app. Such edits include changing time-lapse speed. some require third party software as discussed below:

Trim the iPhone Time-Lapse Video

You can trim your iPhone time-lapse video within the photo application. The photo app crops your video as any other software does. You must understand that photo apps allow you to trim, but you will only be able to trim the ends when you want to make the video short. if this is your next move, then here is how to trim within the photo app:

Step 1: Open your photo app, select the time-lapse video, then click on the edit option

Step 2: Keep sliding your finger on the timeline, specifically at the bottom of your screen, until you see a yellow box.

Step 3: When you want to slide the pointer or arrow on any side, use your finger and select the part you wish to trim. You can select from the end of the beginning.

Step 4: Then when you are through, click done and select save the video. Sometimes, you might get an option such as saving video as new.

Use iPhone Time-Lapse App to Change the Video Speed.  

Skyflow for Use iPhone Time-Lapse App to Change the Video Speed

When you are done trimming, the next thing you might want to perform to your time-lapse video is to change the speed. Then for this case, you will have to use third-party software such as lapse It or Skyflow. Therefore, when you are up to generate a hyper-real time-lapse video, Skyflow is a suitable option. It is to your taste, but some beginners find it hard to use because of the advanced features.

The features, combined with amazing effects and the reliable interface, are recommendable, especially its flexibility. Skyflow is capable of duplicating frames and making your time longer, and if you wish to make a video short, it can also reduce the frame rate. Follow this procedure to use Skyflow in changing the speed of time-lapse video on iPhone:

Step 1: Go to the app store and download Skyflow to the phone. After that, launch the application.

Step 2: At the top of your screen, click on import files. Ensure that you give the application permission to access the camera roll of photo apps.

Step 3: Navigate through the videos, select the one you want to edit, and change the speed. You can choose multiple time-lapse video footage as well.

Step 4: To set the time frame, use the minute & second indicators. Add a new frame to the video by setting the indicator longer than your normal video. However, when you make the indicator shorter than usual, it reduces the frame rate.

Step 5: Preview the video by clicking the play button

Step 6: Once you are done editing and changing the speed; click export, then save the video to the photo app again.

We have recommended a third-party application since the photo app on iPhone cannot set time-lapse video speed.

Add Filters to Your iPhone Time-Lapse Video

Add Filters to Your iPhone Time-Lapse Video

making a unique video increases the chances of success of your time-lapse video. adding filter improves the quality. iPhone has plenty of filters on the photo app to use. Therefore, when you want to add filters to your time-lapse video using iPhone, here is the procedure you should follow:-

Step 1: Launch the Photos app and locate the video you want to add filters.

Step 2: After selecting the video, click on the edit button to add a filter.

Step 3: Then click the filter button, which is found at the bottom of your screen.

Step 4: You have nine filters to select from; use the slider to select your favorite filter. But remember, the filter you select will be added to the entire video, and you cannot adjust its strength.

Step 5: After selecting the filter of your choice, click done.

Step 6: You will apply changes to the whole time-lapse video on the photo app once you are done editing.

Also, note that you can also perform editing like adding filters to other normal videos besides time lapse.

Add Music to Your Time-Lapse on iPhone.

iMovie for Add Music to Your Time-Lapse on iPhone

Sound on your time-lapse video is very vital. You can add music to your iPhone's time-lapse video among the options. However, this requires the use of third-party software. For the sake of illustration, we will use iMovie. It is easy to add music with this great app. So, here is how to workaround:

Step 1: Go to the app store, download the iMovie application, and launch it.

Step 2: Then create a new project by only clicking the big + button on the iMovie application's main screen.

Step 3: Then choose a movie as your intended project, and on the screen, type in a new project.

Step 4: Then choose the time-lapse video. Selection is made from the photo gallery, and after selecting the time-lapse video to add music, click create a movie which is an option located at the bottom of your screen.

Step 5: You will see a popup with my movie on the screen, then click the plus+ icon by the center. It is located on the left-hand side of your screen, then add the audio file. Click audion of the list that will be displayed. You can select your music to add to the time-lapse video.

Step 6: Then again, click + icon when you are done selecting the music and adding it to the movie timeline. Your time-lapse video already has music even when you preview.

Step 7: Then click the done option located at the top left corner of your screen and click share in the middle. You need to save the video with music in dialogue by clicking the save video icon in the dialogue. The final video will be saved to the photo gallery for the next step.

Tricks for Capturing Time Lapse On iPhone

To make your time-lapse video unique, there are some workaround tricks and tips to make your time-lapse video unique. The hacks are great starts and can help you capture amazing videos:

  • Make use of the AF/AE lock

This is especially when you want to balance the exposure and focus on being on the same level in each frame. Make sure you hold your finger down on your screen and lock focus with exposure before shooting.

  • Use tripod

Even if you are capturing time-lapse movement in different frames; you must maintain the same point. And one of the best ways to do this is to use a tripod while recording.

  • Ensure your battery is fully charged

Long time-lapse video needs a long withstanding battery to shoot effectively without interruption. Never let the battery drain before finishing the session.

  • Good composition

Make sure that you place your camera to the right p[sotion so that you can capture the schene. It means that you need to choose the viewpoint carefully, and most importantly, the composition technique is preferred. It adds some visual appeal to your video. Also, use a train track and bridge when recording a time-lapse video to help guide your eyes. Then frame the scene as well as utilize the rule of third appropriately.

  • Weather and sky

Sometimes, weather affects the quality of your video when shooting outdoor. Avoid shooting when there is a dull grey sky. however, the blue sky is a favorite with moving clouds. Again, you can add beautiful colors to the time-lapse video recording at sunset or sunrise.

  • At least shoot longer than expected

It is also advisable to shoot longer as expected when recording a time-lapse video. Taking a short time limits your footage to use during playback. But remember, the time duration depends on the scene you are capturing.


iPhone gadgets have been around for a while. They come with many advanced features. One of them is the ability to record a time-lapse video. It is fun to experiment with this tool using iPhone. It does not only help you create an excellent video but also works well on stopping animation with only a click on the icon.

Please read our article on the guides on recording, editing, and refining time-lapse video using iPhone. Once hooked with the guides, you will become addicted to the tool. Check our detailed guide, for it will serve you with all you need to know.