Instagram Music Not Working: Why & How to Fix It?

Instagram Music Not Working

Wondering why your Instagram music is not working? People are left wondering why their Instagram music fails to work in most cases. The critical aspect is to find out the cause.

Instagram is an excellent social media platform that most people sues to keep their audience entertained and promote their brands. Combining messages with visuals such as music in the Instagram story is an excellent way to go. However, there are circumstances when adding music to the Instagram story fails. This is the recent problem that is affecting most Instagram users today. Many people have reported, and still, others report the same issue.

Instagram has advanced features, and they have music stickers in the library for adding them to the reels and Instagram stores. But today, this has become a hit though one can end up facing challenges. You might get a notification-like error indicating the music is unavailable.

Because of this, we have decided to help you get an overview of the possible cause of your music not working on Instagram. We will address different issues, but most importantly, let us find out why music is not working on Instagram stories.

Why is Instagram Music Not Working?

Among the unique features is its ability to add Instagram music to the video and pictures. Instagram launched a music sticker back in 2018, and it became the most used feature that was marked as a regular mark for Instagram stories. Music expands not only your post reach but also impacts and creates a good impression. However, most of the users have reported errors in the system.

Instagram is currently experiencing some technical challenges, but the exact cause is yet to be revealed. Since Instagram restricts music for commercial businesses, some claims insist that maybe people are using business accounts.

At the same time, others think that they are the only ones affected; hence tried reinstalling the application with no positive outcome. The music outage has become a worldwide issue. There are many reasons why Instagram music might fail to work. One is the outdated application which always shows the music is not available.

Some of the raised issues are that when you can't hear your Instagram music in a story, there might be copyright issues with the song. And if you cannot find your favorite song in the music sticker, consider updating the Instagram app or wait for Instagram to update when the error says no results are found.

Generally, the Instagram music issues are down to the song copyright issues, business account issues, and Instagram app version issues. However, the issues are not only limited to the above since there could be many other scenarios. Let us now find out how you can fix the above issues.

How to Fix Instagram Music Not Working?

First, check your music sticker to determine if it is available and working effectively on your Instagram application. You should be able to access a library of music when you try to add the music sticker to the Instagram story. It is simple to do this by simply tapping on the + icon at the top of your screen and clicking on the story from the drop-down menu.

You can proceed to select a photo as well as a video if available and add them to the story. Then click on the music icon or sticker and select the song from the music library. You should be able to access multiple musics in the library. so, if you are not able to find the Instagram music library in your Instagram app, then try using the below troubleshoot hacks and fix the issue:-

Check If Instagram is Service Outages

Downdetector Overview

The first thing first to help you troubleshoot your Instagram music not working is to check the service outage. It is possible that when using the Instagram app, some parts of your Instagram's services are kept offline. This makes it hard to use all Instagram features, including the accessibility of the music stickers or library.

To be sure and verify that the app services are up and running effectively, we recommend using DownDetector and identifying the part of your Instagram service that is offline. The site also can help you identify if there are some severe outages on your Instagram and then take the necessary steps to fix them.

Update Your Instagram App

For iPhone

Update Your Instagram App for iPhone

This step is also vital, especially when you have taken a long before updating your Instagram application. There is a high possibility that the application is outdated and does not support music sticker features anymore. The app might have bugs responsible for preventing Instagram music from working effectively on your story. It is always recommended to ensure that you have automatic updates turned on on your phone. But still, you can manually update the Instagram app. for the iPhone version; follow these steps to update the Instagram app.

Step 1: Open the app store on your iPhone device

Step 2: Then click on the search icon found at the top right of your screen and type in Instagram, then search.

Step 3: If an Instagram app has available updates, the icon will indicate an update where you only need to click on it. and if there are no updates, the button will indicate open

For Android

Update Your Instagram App For Android

the procedure of updating any app on Android is similar to iOS versions. And if your android device is running on the old version, you also need to update it first. but the steps are similar as shown below:-

Step 1: Launch Google play store app on your android phone.

Step 2: Click on the search icon at the top of your screen and type in Instagram and search.

Step 3: Then from the search results, choose Instagram.

Step 4: Then if there is any update, you will see the update button found on the right-hand side of Instagram and click on it to start updating. However, when the app is up to date, the button will instead say openly if you do not have Instagram on your android device, tap install.

Step 5: Give it time to update, then tap the open icon to launch the Instagram app, and you will be good to go.

Log Back Into Instagram App

Log back into Instagram App

another best troubleshooting tip when your Instagram music is not working is to try to log out and log back into your Instagram app. This step can also help you fix such Instagram glitches. There is also a high chance that when you sign back to your Instagram app, the application will restore the music library to normal. Thus, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch your Instagram app and head to the profile page found at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Then click on the 3 vertical lines located on the right-hand side of your page to access another menu, and from that popup menu, select Settings

Step 3: then scroll to the bottom of the menu and click the Log Out option.

Log out of Instagram

Step 4: Afterward, sign in back to the Account using your relevant login credentials to reaccess the Account.

Reinstall the Instagram App

Reinstall the Instagram App

If the above troubleshooting steps do not give you a substantive solution, you might have app installation issues. There might be a problem that your data cache is corrupted and does not allow the app to function effectively. The best way to go about here is to uninstall the Instagram app and reinstall it again. The uninstalling apps from Android and iPhone are similar, with slight differences. Thus, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the google play store if you are using Android, but open the app store when you have iOS devices.

Step 2: Then click on the search button and type in Instagram and search. You will see the uninstall button opposite the update or open icon from the menu. Click on uninstall to uninstall the app, and then when done, reinstall it the usual way.

Step 3: After downloading and reinstalling the Instagram app, login in again with your relevant details.

Step 4: You can now try to reach out to the Instagram music library and verify if it is working after reinstalling. The method is essential in removing all the bugs interfering with the app's normal functioning and checking your Instagram story.

Use VPN to Access Instagram Music

Use VPN to Access Instagram Music

if you realize that your favorite Instagram music sticker is unavailable in your region, then VPN can help you in such a case. There are m,any VPN providers online such as NordVPN, Surfshark, ExpressVPN etc. For more details, refers to our previous articles.

But, VPNs are powerful in unlocking the Instagram music libraries. This is because VPN helps you hide your real IP addresses and then mask them with other countries' IP addresses where this feature is available.

The main reason behind the use of VPN is that not all regions around the globe have access to the music library feature on Instagram. It is attributed to the license restrictions where music is only available in a few countries. Such countries are the UK, US, Canada, etc.

Thus, to enjoy the best of the Instagram music sticker,  consider using VPN to access your Instagram music library. If not, then try other options below as well.

Switch to Your Account

Switch to Your Instagram Account

As earlier stated, due to music copyright, Instagram restricts the use of music in commercial businesses. When using a business account, you might not have access to the Instagram music stickers. But it is just simple switching from the business or professional Account back to your personal Instagram account.

This also might help you resolve the issue of music not working. You can interchange the Account often, depending on your preference. however, when you want to switch from a business to a personal account, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch your Instagram application and head to the profile page found at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Then click on the three vertical lines at the top right, and from the popup menu, click on the Settings icon.

Step 3: Then click on Account.

Step 4: Keep scrolling to the bottom of the resulting menu, and select Switch to Personal Account.

Switch to Your Account

Step 5: However, it would help if you kept in mind that the feature might take time before starting to work after switching your Instagram account to personal. Therefore, you should be patient before trying another option.

Switch to Creator Account

Also, switching your Instagram account to the creator account showed promising results for most users. It also helps you fix the Instagram glitch when your music is not working. You still enjoy the song and add them to your Instagram story. but how does none go about uit> well, here is the procedure you ought to follow and switch to the creator account:

Step 1: Launch your Instagram app on your device, ensure you are logged in to the Account,

Step 2: and head directly to the settings section.

Step 3: And then, from the settings menu, select Account

Step 4: from the options. Select Switch to Creator Account, and you are done.

Switch To Creator Account

However, also in this step, you need to be patient. This is because it might take a few days before accessing the music library, and sure, soon, you will be able to see them and add them to your story.

Update Instagram App Using Wifi

While updating the Instagram app might solve the issue, using cellular data sometimes is not possible. You need to connect your device to wifi to update the Instagram app. Connecting your phone with wifi is very simple.

Go to the settings and tap on wifi, identify the network you want to connect with, then input the relevant password, and you are good. Follow the previous procedure and update the app from the app store or google play store. This can help you reaccess the music sticker and add then to the story as usual.

Reach Out to Instagram Customer Support

Reach Out to Instagram Customer Support

if all the above options and tips do not troubleshoot the Instagram music issues, the last option is to contact customer support. This method only works for limited use cases and does not guarantee you due to some well-known factors.

However, try to contact the support team for help since you never know if they can help you fix the issue. And when the support team notices your issues, they can be fixed if the sound is not working. to cant the Instagram customer support, here is the procedure:

Step 1: While logged into the Instagram application, go to the profile section

Step 2: Then click on Settings and select Help

Step 3: tap on a Report a Problem icon

Reach Out to Instagram Customer Support

Step 4: Then using the onscreen instructions, contact the support team and write them your concern. You can also reach our customer support through the email addresses [email protected] anytime.


Instagram is a popular social media platform. Users prefer using stories to interact and promote their online presence. However, sometimes, adding music to the Instagram story might be challenging, and it is a worldwide issue if you find your music not working.

But from the above, we have shared the best troubleshooting tips to help you fix the glitches and get back to the feature working usually. Trying either of the methods above will get your problem solved. And if not, customer support is one click away from helping you.