Instagram IP Finder: Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

Instagram IP Finder

Are you looking for a way to track the IP address of a target person on Instagram? Then you must read this article!

Many people are on Instagram, and the platform is growing faster. Different businesses and firms use the platform to create brand awareness across a large audience. In contrast, some join Instagram to connect with friends and families.

However, when you connect with people on Instagram, it exposes your identity to the world. Tech experts can identify you even without sharing your details. There are many ways you can track the internet protocol address. This is because IP addresses identify your device IP, meaning one can easily track your location. This is important in knowing the owner or who created an Instagram account.

Businesses track IP addresses for curating promotion and brand advertising, while others are interested in identifying the location. This article will provide you with different  Instagram IP finders and give detailed guides on finding addresses in real-time. If it sounds good, then let us get started.

Use Grabify to Track Someone’s IP Address on Instagram 

Grabify is one of the Instagram IP finder tools you can use to track IP addresses on various social media platforms. The sole purpose is to trace the IP addresses of someone on Instagram, just like an IP logger. But the functionality of this approach depends on your ability to persuade the person in question to click on the link you create.

However, someone must first gain your trust to click on the link and enable the grabify to start working. It would help if you were patient to complete the process since it is time-consuming. To avoid falling while on the mission, implement these simple steps accurately.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application on your phone

Step 2: Copy the IG profile link of the person in question

Step 3: Then go to the Grabify IP logger webpage.


Step 4: Paste the copied link and tap on the create URL.

Step 5: Grabify presents a new tracking link.


Step 6: After that, establish the communication between you and the target user. After chatting and establishing connections, share the links

Step 7: Request or convince them to click on the link, and immediately they open the link, thenIP logger tracks the IP addresses of the person suspected

Step 8: Please refresh the page, allow it to load then it will display new IP addresses


Note that: you should hide bots selection so that the list can indicate the real IP. Disable the bot toggle button on the page. This will help you see IP and location and other details the person is using to access the Instagram account.

You can get more information by pasting the URL in the unique dialogue then clicking on the tracking code. This process does not work when the user is utilizing residential proxies. Another catch point is that the users must click on the link, and if not, your work goes in vain.

There is another backup method, as we are going to see.

Use Command Prompt to Track Someone’s IP Address on Instagram


Another method of tracking the IP address of someone on Instagram is through the use of a command prompt. This is a built-in computer tool to give commands, and it performs different tasks using a code string.

The command prompt can show you IP addresses connected to your computer with many other uses. Thus, you can use it to detect the IP addresses of the people you are connected to. The process is easy, as shown below:

  • Close all open applications on your PC. This helps you eliminate any mistakes since the command prompt will show all the IP addresses connected to your device. Thus, we advise you to close all the redundant and background applications. You can use a task manager to close them effectively.
  • Create an Instagram conversation. Log in to your Instagram and establish communication with the person in question. You can initiate a video call which is much better than chatting. Avoid using mobile applications; instead, use a PC or desktop.

After then, open the command prompt following these steps:

Step 1: Press Win+ R, which opens the search menu

Step 2: Type in the search menu CMD to open a command prompt

Step 3: Then type in the command netstat -and the command prompt.

Step 4: The application displays all the IP addresses connected to your device. among these is your IP address.

Use Wireshark Packet Analyzer

Still, if the above methods fail, you can track the IP address of someone using a Wireshark packet analyzer. Primarily, technology enthusiasts are interested in using this approach.

So, when you want to find out the IP addresses of Instagram users on your network, you can utilize the information of DHCP to track the person in question. Here is how:

Step 1: Download and install the Wireshark software into your PC

Step 2: Launch the application and click on the start from within its capture section located at the left-hand side of the interface. ( Start promiscuous mode on Wireshark) navigate to the filter toolbar and type in ‘DHCP' or BOOTP.' This depends on the version of your Wireshark.

Step 3: Choose one packet that is filtered out. On its info part, the packet must be indication ‘ DHCP request,'

Step 4: Head to the packet details panel then expands the Bootstrap protocol.

Step 5: Upon expanding, you will spot the identifier for the device sending request.

Step 6: Most of the devices use DHCP in tracking IP addresses immediately when they power up. Ensure that you have the Wireshark running before the person in question logins to the Instagram account.

Once the user powers on and logins into the Instagram account, Wireshark captures DHCP requests, and you will be able to find their IP addresses.

Trace the location


Upon getting the IP address, it is time to track the person's location in question. Use the IP address to find the user's location using online software. For our case, we will track the location using IP Tracker. Follow these steps to finish tracking the location.

Step 1: Obtain the person's IP address for you to track their location easily. The above method has done it already; the next step is to copy the IP address.

Step 2: Go to the IP Tracker web page and navigate down, then paste the IP address in the unique blank space.

Step 3: Then press the button ‘ Get an IP/Domain Info.' It will display all the information about the person in question, including geolocation, country, and everything you need to know.

The Old Way to Track Someone’s IP Address on Instagram 

Instagram add location option

Besides the above methods, Instagram offers you a critical built-in location tracking feature. You can use it to identify locations at no cost. Regular Instagram users understand this fact. When someone posts on Instagram, there is an option to indicate their location.

Thus, you track the location through the recent Instagram posts and updates, if not stories. But this approach does not always work. This is because the add location option does not guarantee an accurate location.

And most people leave the area blank since it is not mandatory and for some privacy reasons. And if one indicates the location, there are multiple location names available for one location.

Thus, it is hard to show the real-time location using this approach.

Why Track Other's Instagram IP Address

identifies fraudulent activities

You might be asking yourself why you track the IP address of someone on Instagram. It is essential, and here are reasons why you should track the IP address:-

  • It effectively identifies fraudulent activities or suspicious login attempts to your Instagram account. When account suppers identify theft cases,  the only way to reduce the risk associated is to track the IP addresses and manage the rumors.
  • Also, when someone is harassing or blackmailing you through a fake Instagram account by sending DMs to your private IG account, the only method is to track the culprit Ip addresses. You can then use it to defame or drag the matter to court.
  •  It becomes compulsory to advertise your products and create brand awareness when running online or social media businesses. You must track your customers and find their IP addresses and location. This eases product marketing camp[aign as you can quickly identify their taste and nature of the target audience. After that, you can send them a DM with product details.
  • When promoting or advertising your products, it is essential to customize your services in a direct message. This is an easy way to call customers to action. It makes it easy to convert the audience and promote the product, which later increases the sales.
  • IP tracking is also convincing when you need to expose an Instagram account with terrible comments or reviews about your business services or accounts commenting on your account with misleading information. This might be a competitor's strategy that aims at slowing down your business./ when you track their IP and know the location, you can quickly stop them from interfering with your online reputation on Instagram.

Note that Instagram or any social media platform does not authorize you to use third-party software in tracking someone's IP address. Thus, confirm if the software has a legal license to avoid shadowban or account suspension.


Finding IP addresses is necessary for marketers, business influencers, and personal reasons. Thus, even without Instagram indicating the IP address of their users, you can still track it.

The above methods are relevant for grabbing the IP address of someone on Instagram, and with a bit of modification, you can identify their locations. Do not use the information for malicious activities because you will be treated as a cybercriminal.

Otherwise, track IP addresses and take your marketing strategy to the next level.