Instagram Close Friends List: How to Use It?

Instagram Close Friends List

Do you want to share your Instagram posts with only a few selected audiences. Built a strong Instagram close friend list from your community and always filter the contents.

If you want to build a solid audience base and share your Instagram story posts with the selected people, you must first gain more followers. After that, you can filter the contents to not all people can see your Instagram stories.

Hence, you must develop a close friends list on your professional Instagram account. This feature was launched back in 2018, and it enables Instagram users to build a strong group of people to share with them the particular content.

Today, you can use a close friend list to post Instagram stories to specific people to be more flexible with your posts. Not every audience wants to know about everything, like your personal moments, making close friendslist a vital feature.

When you post an Instagram story to a close friend's list, only the group will see a green circle around the post or story, while the rest of the audience will not be able to see anything. You can share the connection with everyone, but a close friend list is vital since it helps you personalize your unique content, making it hard to share with everyone.

Also, the close friend's list is essential in coming up with a small network consisting of your favorite users where you treat them as a messaging group. Use this Instagram feature to have fun moments with your best friends instead of posting general stories or posts. It keeps your posts secrete, especially when you wish to supplement a direct message. The feature is not only important for personal use and vital in business scenarios.

Why Should You Use Close Friends List

Why Should You Use Close Friends List

Since 2018, the Instagram platform has been growing exponentially. There is a massive line to differentiate between friends and Instagram followers, and the difference has become blurred. If Instagram was the best place to communicate with everyone, a mixed-up Instagram story could be posted with the people we do not know. Such mix-ups make users and business marketers or influencers as the content creators share their aspects of work.

However, the close friend's list is the best feature Instagram provides to the users to help them secure their stories and privacy. It also includes all the users that get to the close friend's list.

How to Use Close Friends List for Your Business

Close Friends List for Your Business

A close friend list is vital in business since almost 90% of the business brands use Instagram. Therefore, Instagram has become an essential tool for promoting and creativeness tactics. Itrengstrengthens with the partner but also brand e brand. Let us find out more about Close friends list and grow your business:-

1. Give top followers rewards

If you have a faithful follower that consistently engages with your brands through comments, likes, and shares, you are among the small audience to take your success to the next step.

Therefore, it is crucial to deliver rewards that significantly impact motivation among the top followers. Adding such people to the close friend list is the best reward you can offer your ultimate followers.

2. Promote exclusive content and offers

Promote exclusive content and offers

It is also essential to give your followers and customers privileged care. A business can achieve such through VIP membership or coming up with some private groups. Once you have set a[art your VIP or private group friends, sue the close friend's list to send them exclusive contents.

These may include special announcements, personalized messages,  discount codes,  partnership offers, etc. you can also let the group access your products and brands before launching to the market.

3. Sharing private information with partners and stakeholders of the business.

It is not good to neglect either the relationship of your business partners or the mastermind connection existing. Therefore, it becomes essential to share with them some information. In such a situation, you can share private but business-related information with the stakeholders in such a situation.

Such includes the vulnerability that not everyone must not access, or it can be behind the scene content. Thus, any business can easily keep a tight connection with their close stakeholders so that it does not go against their ways of connecting with them.

Therefore, Instagram close friends list can help you establish a solid and beautiful community with a friendly atmosphere involving the business partners. This creates and strengthens the relationship of the partners and stakeholders with the business.

4. Collaborating with the business influencers

The close friend list has proven the capability to help businesses in a short period, and Influencers can now promote the business brands to the right audience among their followers. Business influencers make good use of the close friend's list by giving their loyal customers special offers, access to the details about new products before launching, discounts, updates, and any information that business influencers use to promote the brands effectively.

Thus, close friends list brings together business influencers who collaborate in promoting the brands to loyal customers.

5. Share Behind Scenes Footage

Always make sure that you maintain your Instagram stories and posts to be professional and never allow people to join your close friends' lists. If anyone enters the list, it is one way to spam the followers and compromise your mission.

Only include people you intend to know all the details and access the behind-the-scenes. This is important not only for accessing the new inventory but also for showcasing the sparkly personality if not access the new locations.

Therefore, behind-the-scenes footage is vital and can be a playful and fun method to use the Instagram close friends list. This keeps some of the information in your business private while you have an air of exclusivity. You can now show some of the vulnerability in a good way.

You can share many things here, including personal stories and updates. Thus, you can make the world a trust bolster when showing behind the scenes to your close friends list.

6. Internal Communications

Internal Communications

Also, businesses can use the close friend list feature on Instagram to create a group of business staff to strengthen the bond with the public or customers. This involves sharing tips, entertainment suggestions, reminders, polls, and tests and also increases engagement.

Therefore, when on Instagram, you should aim to make your daily work activity lighter and more conducive environment instead of focusing on work. The tips you share with your business staff in the close friend list are vital and boost your business by establishing bonds.

7. Displaying gratitude to the loyal fans

Well, gratitude is one of the prosperity courses that apply to the Instagram platform. There comes a time when you have limited time to handwrite or send private direct messages to your loyal followers or customers on Instagram. The only best move in add these customers and loyal followers to the close friend's list.

Then from there, you can share with these people appreciation messages to remind them of their importance to your business brand. This is not the only way, but you can also become more creative and develop different ideas to show gratitude. You can also request customers for feedback about a product to know where to improve or bring in new services.

How to Make a Close Friends List on Instagram.

A close friend list on Instagram is a feature that you can customize a list of people to share specific stories. Therefore, you can share personal and intimate stories with such people since you consider them the closest. This is regardless of whether they exist on the follower's list.

You must know that you can only share with close friends list stories but not direct messages or other regular Instagram posts. Anytime you want to create a close friend list on Instagram, then follow these steps:-

Step 1: Launch Instagram, log in with your details and click on the profile photo found at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Choose the menu icon located in the top right corner of the screen.

Instagram-Close-Friends - Copy

Step 3: Then choose Close friends from the menu displayed vertically.


Step 4: Then you will have a list of people suggested to add to your close friends. If you want to include them, then click add button. You can also use the search field found at the top of the screen to help you quickly find desired users and then add them instead of scrolling through the list.

How to Edit Close Friends List Instagram

Making a close friends list is not the final process. You can also add or remove a user from the group when necessary anytime. Thus, here is how you can edit a close friends list you have just created above:-

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application on your device

Step 2: Then directly move to the profile by clicking the profile photo button found at the bottom left of your screen.

Step 3: Then click on the 3 horizontal lines located at the top right of your screen on the page.

Instagram-Close-Friends - Copy

Step 4: From there, choose close friends.


You can now click add or remove button, which is always close to the user you want to add or remove from the list. This option is always available, and you can perform diting at any time.

How to Share a Story with Your Close Friends List

Close friend Instagram stories are also similar to the typical stories on Instagram. This is because they all disappear after 24 hours. You can use this feature of Instagram regardless of the account you are operating, private or public. You have created and edited a close friends list, and it is now time to learn how to post on its Instagram stories. Here is how to go about it:-

Step 1: Launch your Instagram application or visit the Instagram website and log in with your relevant details.

Step 2: Then click a story camera icon found at the top left of your screen

Step 3: You can upload or create a story.

create a story

Step 4: Before sharing, choose close friends lists which is an option found at the bottom of your screen. Simple for anyone to do.

choose close friends lists


1. How do users know they're your Close Friends?

Instead of a pink circle, a close friends list story appears to have a green circle on the feeds. Also, a user can access such a story by clicking on their profile picture, and anyone that is not on the list will not be able to see or spot the green circle.

While people on the close friend list will know they are on your close friend list, they cannot see the other group members. However, some will see a close friends label found at the top right of their screen.

2. Can you remove yourself from others' Close Friends list? 

You can ask the user to remove you, block or mute their stories. And Instagram does not notify the person when you remove or add them from the close friend list.

3. Will Instagram notify someone when you remove them from your Close Friends list?

No. Instagram will not notify the people you have deleted from your Close Friends list.

4. Can I use Threads to send messages to my Close Friends on Instagram?

No, It has been shut down.


Close friends list is an essential feature on Instagram. Regardless of how you utilize it in your p[ersonal or business account, it is a p[erfect addition to your marketing strategy on social media platforms. It gives people a feeling of inclusion and raises a sense of importance.

It is a perfect move to appreciate top followers and let them feel special, which motivates them. Without hassle, you can create, edit, and post-Instagram stories to your close friend list.