How to Track Someone On TikTok

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Do you want to track the IP address of someone on your TikTok? The platform does not display the user location, and thus read our article for guides on various methods to track the IP address of the TikTok user.

TikTok is the most demanded social media platform becoming popular among marketers, influencers, and various people worldwide. The application was launched in 2018, and you might not know its net worth. This social media platform is spreading and taking over the industry like wildfire. Only within 2019, the platform recorded over one billion fans. This sounds incredible.

The more this platform becomes famous, the more it gets hackers and fraudsters. This means the number of snoopers is increasing and becoming a threat to us all. But again, some people use it to blackmail your privacy and bully you anonymously. If you have such cases, then the only solution is to track The IP address of that particular intruder.

Therefore, we thought that you should know more about TikTok tracking. There are various methods and some reliable ones for effective monitoring.

Use an IP Grabber

TikTok became famous for its short video content. Therefore, you can easily use short video content to entice anonymous characters or fraudsters. When they end up clicking on such videos, you can track them. You can utilize IP grabbers in tracking the IP address on TikTok. We will use an IP Grabber known as IP Logger for our case.

Once they click on the special link, the site loads the person's IP address in question. Go through the following steps if you wish to learn more about how you can track IP addresses on Tik Tok using IP Logger:

IP Logger from Play Store

Step 1: Go to the TikTok platform or application and log in your details

Step 2: Identify the username of the person in question who is anonymous.

Step 3: Evaluate if the person is following you. If this is the case, ensure you follow the account in turn.

Step 4: Send a direct message to the person or inbox. But when you are using a twitter messenger, then follow these steps:-

  • Tap on the inbox icon, which brings the activity webpage
  • Then while on that page, find then tap on the direct message icon (DM).
  • Click on it, and it will open the messaging page.

Step 5: Proceed when on the page by starting communication or chatting with the person. Strategize your chatting and be friendly and act cordially. Then request them to click on the videos you need to share with them.

Step 6: Select the video on TikTok that you wish to share.

Step 7: Open the video and click on those 3 dots, or you can go for the share button.

Step 8: Then tap on the ‘copy link' option. You will be able to copy the video URL on the clipboard.

Step 9: Then minimize the TikTok page and switch to the browser.

Step 10: Type and enter IP Logger website on the browser

IP Logger Homepage

Step 11: Proceed by pasting the  TikTok video URL on a spacebar found under the ‘ URL and image shortener'  section or icon.

Step 12: Click on the ‘shorten URL icon.'

Step 13: Open the field named ‘ your IP Logger link for collecting statistics.' The system loads your generated link to the icon.

Step 14: Then select your domain name, which you wish to embed with your URL., for instance, 2no co, yip, etc.

Step 15: Counter-check the shortened URL, ensure someone cannot notice it, and copy it to your clipboard.


Step 16: Go back to the target person on TikTok and straight to the messaging section.

Step 17: Paste that generated URL and then invites the person to open or click the link

Step 18: Immediately you notice that the person clicked on the link, go to the IP logger and check for the logged IP addresses which appear on the  IP Logger tab.


Use an IP Sniffer

You can also use an IP sniffer to find the IP address of someone on the TikTok platform. Wireshark is a good IP sniffer we can trust online. This is a tool that can access the IP addresses of someone.

However, for it to be successful, you need to connect or be at the same party on TikTok.

So, when you have a peer-to-peer connection on TikTok, you can easily use it to track someone on TikTok. This tool works well on TikTok but ensures that you close all the applications to work around it and get relevant results.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Wireshark website and download and install the software onto your PC. The software sniffs all the packets sent to your PC.

Step 2: Connect your computer to the internet, either through Ethernet cables or WiFi.

Step 3: Start conversations with the target person on TikTok, and before the person replies, launch the Wireshark software and set it ready.

Step 4: So, for any package that reaches your PC, you will be able to view them on the Wireshark interface. So, when the person in question replies, you will pick a linked IP address. It is simple.

Use Command Prompt


Lastly, one can also opt for a command prompt. This is the most accessible tool you can rely on, and it's only found on your PC. You can give computers various commands and observe all the underlying processes.

For example, it is possible to use a command prompt to determine the IP addresses connected to your PC. This means you can equally use it to track the IP address of someone on TikTok. Here is how to go about it.

Step 1: Make sure that all applications are closed, including those running in the background. This is because the command prompt will show all IP addresses connected to your device. It will be hard to spot a TikTok user's IP address when a running application is connected to your internetInternet.

Step 2: Contact the person in question on TikTok and establish a conversation. Ensure that your internet connection is stable. It is highly recommended to connect using video or voice calls for effective tracking.

Step 3: Upon establishing a connection, open the command prompt by pressing Win+R. This command opens the application search, then type in CMD, which will display a command prompt.

Open the application, then type in ‘ netstat -an.' The command prompt will display all the IP addresses connected to your computer, and one of them is the IP address of your TikTok person in question.

Step 4: After getting the IP address, you can copy and search for the person's exact location using tracking tools like IP Location, IP Tracker, and many more. The steps are easy.

Before you start, you must have a TikTok on your computer, as in most cases, the application is used on mobile.


Getting the IP address of a TikTok user is a simple and easy process. But this is only possible if you and your follower are on good terms and have established a connection. As discussed above, there are different methods, which are effective depending on your preference.

However, you can be deceived by fake IP addresses when using proxies or VPNs. Also, remember, these methods are not meant for vicious intentions. So, you are accountable for your purpose with this guide.