How to Take a Selfie on iPhone

How to Take a Selfie on iPhone

Are you struggling to have a stunning selfie using your iPhone? The good news is that you can get up your game by having th correct camera settings. Let us find out.

It is hard and something more daunting to grace your friends with the photos of your face. These can be friends on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms. You might look stunning in the mirror, but when flipping to face the camera, some unflattering and strange magics happen.

Therefore, if you struggle to take selfies using your iPhone, today's good news is that you can quickly fix your game. Thus, anyone can have killer selfie pictures.

However, you must have the proper cameral settings, tools, and poses at your fingertips. For that reason, in this article, we will guide you on how to take a selfie using your iPhone so that in your next selfie, you will be photogenic. Let us dive into it.

How to Take a Better Selfie with iPhone

How to Take a Better Selfie with iPhone

The lighting, angles, and pose can help you get far as selfies are concerned. However, to master the selfies art, you must find out how to use the camera and learn more tips. Here are some of the information to help you make a better selfie:

  • Utilize back camera

While the front camera is explicitly meant for taking selfies, the back camera can also get you the right self-portraits. For earlier versions, such as the iPhone X, their back camera has a very high resolution instead of the front camera. For this situation, using the back-facing camera gives you a better selfie than the front camera.

However, utilizing a back-facing camera has some disadvantages. It becomes hard to know if the face is positioned correctly, and you cannot detect if you are facing the right direction.

However, selfies are an application that can help you fix all of these. It is available in-app store for free and allows you to take a perfect selfie through the voice instructions guide. You can also use it to make some minor edits to make it look better.

  • Use self-timer and burst mode

with the iPhone camera, you can set the burst and self-timer to take a few seconds. You can find all these settings from the clock icon at the top of your iPhone camera app. when you want to start using the self-timer, tap on the shutter release icon.

Thus, in 3 seconds, the phone will automatically be at most minuscule 10 bursts of pictures. 3 to 10 seconds is enough to back up and have a killer pose.

  • Flip image in photos

Most people see themselves through the mirrors, especially when the image is flipped. So, when taking a selfie, you might look somehow different. But you can quickly fix flipping scenarios when you take a selfie.

So, when you take a photo, flip it. top do this correctly, here is a workaround:-

Step 1: After taking a selfie, go to the camera roll and open it.

Step 2: Then navigate through to find the selfie you want to flip

Step 3: Click on the edit icon at the top right of your screen

edit icon

Step 4: Then click crop, located at the bottom of your screen close to done.

click crop

Step 5: From there, click on the horizontal flip icon at the top left of your screen

Step 6: Then tap done.

  • Use earpods

You can take a selfie using the Apple earpods. This is only possible when using iPhone 6 and above. You only need to connect the earpods to the gadget, open the camera and click on the volume icon. This is found on the earpods. But you can use the volume button on the phone to win.

  • Use a portrait mode

portrait mode

Use the portrait mode of the iPhone camera to take a professional and high-quality selfie. This feature was released back in 2016. It can blur the background while bringing a single and targeted subject to a focus. When you are the subject, selfies turn out to be excellent. to access the portrait mode:-

Step 1:Click on the camera icon.

Step 2:Then scroll left towards the portrait mode.

Step 3: Take a stunning selfie.

Step 4: The feature works on the front and back cameras. But iPhone 7 and newer versions use this feature, and old versions do not have it.

  • Hold the phone with two hands

To help you avoid the blurring effects, it is advisable always to hold the iPhone with two hands to keep it steady while taking a selfie. Ensuring that your hands are close to your body helps eliminate camera shaking and evade blur.

  • Try using a selfie stick

Try using a selfie stick

today, selfie sticks have become p[opular and with a positive impact. They can help you snap perfect photos as an individual and a group. This is more of a traditional selfie photo. With the selfie stick, you can make a selfie look better.

However, it would help to cut out or crop since your arms might reach the camera. They are wireless and look more natural.

How to Use Light to Show Your Perfection

Now that we have covered some tips on taking a better selfie, it is time to look at the one information to help you break a selfie. That is good lighting. That is:

  • Make use of natural light where possible

Make use of natural light where possible

The good news is that you can find natural light, which is the most flattering and an all-around aspect of the best lighting. These natural resources are available and accessible to anyone alive. Therefore, this must be your first choice always while taking a stunning selfie. Being in the sun is a perfect move, but again, there are times of the day when the natural light hits even better.

Golden hour is a term that some professional photographers coin. This is the best time to take photos, and it is a few hours immediately after sunrise and some hours before sunset. Thus, this gives you the privilege to help you arrange for a selfie, and also, you can try going for a photoshoot during these magical that are 60 minutes in a time range.

  • Also, you must face the source of light

if you are using artificial light or natural light outside the house,  you must face the source of lighting to come up with the best selfie. And when possible, the professional advises that you try to position the light differently and point towards the nose.

That way, it will not only ensure that you as the subject are placed at the center and brightest position but also becomes more visible. Again, it ensures that you get the flattering shadow while highlighting your face so that your selfie looks a bit better.

  • Select a background with flattering color

Select a background with flattering colour

The subject is the dole star of the selfie. But also, it is vital that you also consider the background of your photos. Never underestimate the background. Always ensure that the background is clean and clear and nothing embarrassing is visible such as objects.

Therefore, the background colors matter and play a vital role in the overall appearance of your selfie. It is thus recommended to use soft colors such as light pink, white, tan, or gray.

These lights tend to reflect light from the sources to your face to get a more explicit selfie. Other colors, such as blue and green, do not reflect a pleasant color on the face while taking selfies.

  • Always keep lighting at the eye level

this is a good move when you target the flattering lighting to your face. This is when you are outside the golden hours of the natural sunlight. Keep the light sources directed to the eye levels; however, you direct the light to hit above your eye level and then expect to create a dark circle.

Again, lights coming from below eye level produce strange casts, and the shadow might not be flattering to your face while taking a selfie.

  • Then try a clip-on light

this is advisable when you feel formattable setting up the DIY lighting. Considering spending on buying simple lighting tools and enhancing your selfie, one of the top-rated reviews online is the Auxiwa Clip-on selfie ring light. They come with rechargeable batteries and are easy to use while level using your selfie game. Try using it since it's affordable.

What Selfie Poses Should You Try

What Selfie Poses Should You Try

Another critical aspect of taking a stunning selfie is the selfie poses. This matters a lot as you can perform many sorts of things. therefore, among the exciting and unique poses, you can do from our reviews and research are as indicated below:

  • Place your iPhone directly in front of your face
  • Also, the face cradled only in one hand
  • Try putting your hand in the air
  • Try side angle pose
  • Blocking sunlight with hand
  • Lean again windows

Therefore, if you require multiple selfies, you can scroll through numerous poses. There are many other inspiring poses that you should not be afraid to try while at the same time playing around with your camera, and you might end up coming up with a perfect selfie.

What's the Best Selfie Angle

What's the Best Selfie Angle

The last pressing thing while taking a selfie is the selfie angle. The best angle while taking a selfie will often make you feel comfortable but has a unique look. Therefore, you must try different angles to get the perfect selfie angle before identifying the specific one. some of the best angles recommended are here:

  • Point chin slightly down while looking at the camera
  • Slightly turn your face to one side
  • Lay on the ground and place the camera above your face.
  • Look at the camera straight but elevate the arm holding your camera slightly.
  • Also, try pointing the camera up and looking down with your chin extended out.

There are many other selfie angles that you might also like to use many different selfie angles as long as it gives you a perfect selfie while using your iPhone.


taking selfies using iPhone is an easy task though sometimes it might sound frustrating. However, selfies are an ideal move to break the silence on your social media feeds while showing your personality to the audience.

The above tricks and hacks will help you improve on shooting skills and increase your confidence while in front of the camera. Also, you must understand that, with iPhone, you can also add a filter to your selfie. Reading the above guide is essential in taking a stunning selfie.