How to Spy on iPhone

How to Spy on iPhone

Are you struggling to sneak into someone's iPhone and access the activities on what is going on? If that is the case, you want to spy on the employee's iPhone device to avoid selling business secrets; then this is the right place for you. We have you covered with multiple methods of spying on iPhones.

Businesses and family activities and security are susceptible things. Some secrets need to be kept in a business. There comes a time when you need to provide parental control or oversee the spouse's life. It is good to be alert.

Spy on iPhone

Therefore, besides social media platforms, you can as well track or spy on iPhone gadgets. So, spying is one of the essential things you can do for many legal and illegal reasons. While there are multiple third-party applications you can rely on for the monitoring services meant for iPhone, you can still use other excellent methods.

The previous article covered more about how to hack various social media platforms. This article will guide you on how to spy on iPhone gadgets. If you have ever asked yourself such a question is there a way you can find out what iPhone users have been doing.  Then this article will be helpful to you. The answer is yes, but how? Keep on reading to find out. Even without touching it, still, you can spy iPhone.

Here are the basics and detailed procedures.

Use mSpy on iPhone without Jailbreaking

There are many third-party applications that you can use to spy on iPhone without jailbreaking. Besides mSpy, of course, there are other similar apps such as uMobix, and FlexiSPY, but mSpy is the best.


Today, mSpy stands to be the best spyware for iPhone gadgets. We are not just concluding but considering their user base, over 60k active users are happy using this third-party application in tracking iPhones.

For more than a decade, many people have renewed their subscriptions. And to make it to the top list, the application has also managed to feature on the websites and newspapers like TechTims, LA Times, and Forbes.

To be precise,mSpy is designed to spy, and one thing that makes it outstanding is its invisible feature on the target iPhone. Therefore, you can use it to spy on any activities carried out on iPhone. You can also have access to chats through social media platforms.

Most people prefer it because it is easy to install, makes it suitable, is completely hidden to ensure your privacy is seriously protected effectively, is affordable and iCloud friendly, and offers 24/7 customer support. In terms of the pricing, you can judge from the below plans.




  • Calendar and contact information access
  • Geo-fencing
  • Physical location tracking
  • Keylogging
  • Instant messgaing app nmonitoring
  • Keyword alerting
  • Email and text message tracking
  • Website motioning and blocking
  • Incoming and outgoing calls monitoring
  • Target phone information tracking
  • Settings for the target phone.
  • Invisible Mode
  • Unlimited device change

How to Use:

mSpy, as already stated, is simple to install and operate. And even without the technical skills, beginners can install the application and start tracking. for those who are not aware, here is the procedure you should follow to start spying on someone without Jailbreaking:

Step 1: First, you need to purchase the premium package of the mSpy application. Visit their website and select the best package based on your budget.

Step 2: Then proceed by installing the application to your iPhone from the app store.

Step 3: Once you install it, then connect it with the target iPhone. It can be your spouse or child through the iCloud access details,

Step 4: Then allow it time so that the application can upload all the information from the target iPhone to your dashboard.

Step 5: Then finally, you can spy on anything in real-time.

And when you encounter any issue during the installation process, their customer support team is available 24/7. You can also use premium services for help, such as mAssistance.

Why is a Spy App the Best Solution?

Spy applications offer the best tracking solutions not just for iPhone but also on social media platforms. It is possible that you can spy on any iPhone remotely with the third-party spy app. It is good to track someone even without touching their phone. Some of the reasons why people prefer spy apps are because:


  • The spy apps are 100% unrecognizable:  Spy app is one of the best ways to go since it is undetectable. So, the app silently sends the data to the user's dashboard in real-time.
  • Also, you can access multiple spying features with a spy application. This is because sellers have hired developers to develop multiple spying features. Therefore, with many other features, you can access text messages, calls logs, locations, browsing history, and IM chats.
  • Spy apps are capable of retrieving all the details that are deleted from the iPhone. First, they often create a backup, guaranteeing that you never miss out on any data from the target iPhone. Furthermore, with spy apps, users can even get access to all deleted data.

Use Apple ID to Spy on iPhone for Free

Today, there are multiple methods people use to spy on iPhones. Among the best methods is using apple ID, free of charge. This is among the best and basic methods we recommend you use, especially when you want to monitor the iOS device at large.

iPhone for Free

It uses an effortless mechanism to function. What you need is the target apple ID and access to it so that you can gain the backup registry of the iPhone. With the backup, you can easily access the iMessages, recent emails, browsing history, photos, and other media, as well as GPS locations.

This is more than enough that you might wish to know from the loved one or for the p[arential control when you want to keep your kids safe. And if you are new, then we have also got you covered. Here is the procedure you can follow:

Step 1: First, collect the iCloud details or apple ID of the target iPhone

Step 2: Then head to the website or directly launch the settings on your iPhone and log in with the iCloud credentials as well as the relevant password.

Step 3: You might be prompted to merge. Therefore, you can access anything you want to monitor immediately after you are done from the target iPhone device.

iPhone device

Step 4: Keep in mind that, with apple ID, you can sync email, photos, messages, and contacts with much more information. For this case, when you target to spy on messages, you must enable message syncing through the settings. In enabling the sync, the device will also prompt you to enter the APPle ID and password to get it done.

Your device is ready to spy on the target person's activities. Therefore, get the target device, launch the Settings app, click on the owner's name, and head to iCloud and iCloud backup. You will be able to access all the details. However, you should ensure that you have enabled or activated the iCloud backup; if not, you might fail to gain access to the information from the target device.


We would prefer this not just because it is free, but because you do not need to install any software, and it is simple to achieve the results. Though, some people find it hard to access the target phone physically. Again, this method does not give you real-time information, and one cannot access the social media platform chats.

Use a Recovery Stick to Spy on iPhone

Furthermore, you can also use the recovery stick to spy on any iPhone. But, keep in mind that this method is costly. Thus you will spend a lot. Meanwhile, the iPhone recovery stick is a pen drive designed by a firm like Amazon but specializes in spying on products and materials.

Therefore, this drive allows you to access the internet browsing history, deleted contacts, messages, and chats from social media platforms from the target iOS devices.


Parents or any doubting spouse can use this tool to monitor their loved ones and recover any previously deleted information. Thus, you can easily keep valuable information safe.

This tool is straightforward; you must connect the iPhone through the USB port on a Windows desktop and insert the recovery stick on another USB port simultaneously. Then after roughly 10-15 minutes, the device will recover everything. Again, this recovery stick has a searching option where you can target a specific spect or keywords like meet, love, etc.

iPhone recovery still operates son the unavailable storage from the target phone. Though costly, it offers other essential services and remails free lifetime services.

Through the ‘Find my iPhone’ App

The last option for spying on iPhone is to see the' Find my iPhone' application. Also, have at your fingertips that this method only tracks the location of the target iPhone and nothing more.

However, this feature is vital in monitoring the iPhone without accessing their apple ID. But, it gives you unlimited functionality to monitor the location. Another downside is that you must have the credential of the target person to login into the iCloud.

Find my iPhone

After that, follow the below steps:-

Step 1: On our iOS devices, search for the ‘ find my device ‘app and launch it

Step 2: Then proceed to sign in to the app using the iCloud credentials of the target person and then click on all devices once done.

Step 3: Then from the list, select the targeted phone, and you can track the location of the iPhone in question.

How to Know If Your iPhone Has Been Spying?

Though we spent a long time researching the best method to spy iPhone, we also took our precious time performing other tasks. Among them is getting you reliable tips on how to notice when someone is spying on you. You have had these tips because not everybody is spying on you for safety. Some of the apparent signs are outlined below:

Been Spying


The first sign that indicates you are under the radar is your phone overheating. any regular and well-performing phone should not be subject to overheating./ when you realize that your phone is becoming warm or hot, then automatically, if not for the mechanical issues, someone is likely to be tracking you.

mechanical issues

Excess Data Usage

While spy apps are fond of overheating your phone, they also exhaust your data. This is because any spyware depends on your data to share the tracked information from your device. This indicates that you are the same person paying to send the hacker or stalker the information from your iPhone.

Your phone might also become slow due to the high consumption of data. However, when you are not sure, more details later. Most spyware operates in the background, and you can reduce data usage by resetting the device.

Excess data

Draining Battery

When you often find that the batter is dying faster than usual, then if not because of overheating, you have spyware running  24/7 behind the scenes in monitoring your device. Therefore, draining the battery is one of the significant signs that your iPhone has spyware.

This is because it is customarily meant to deplete your data when you stream on youtube or play online games. However, then the battery drains faster than the usual rate, it could be a significant indicator that you have hidden spyware utilizing your battery.


New Applications

On your home screen, you can find applications such as Cydia from the apple store. This is a parent monitoring application. Someone else is accessing your information once you notice a unique application you never downloaded. This is especially when your iPhone is jailbroken.

If you want to do away with this, the only solution is to reset the device. Also, remember always to be keen. This is because some hackers are always bright and versed and can easily hide strange or new apps from your home screen.

New applications

Unusual messages

At some point, you might wonder why you are receiving strange messages or popup notifications while browsing. When you find more unsolicited ads, integrated spyware is possible, which in most cases is bundled with the adware.

Such disruptive notifications and messages might be annoying and, in the long run, comes as a text message to your iPhone. This is often common when your phone is jailbroken and forced to install third-party applications,s not from the app store.

The above are some of the significant signs that your iPhone has spyware. These are but only speculations. They are not limited, but you might still encounter other tricks. However, let us look at it this way, to be sure that your iPhone is under the radar, we encourage you to use a dedicated cybersecurity tool. The tool is Avast One t], which offers advanced security threats and privacy.

How to Protect Your iPhone from Spyingspying?

With all that in mind, it is time to ensure that you are safe and free from spyware. Therefore, there are a few steps or tricks you can rely on and protect your iPhone for good. Here we go:-

Download Security Software

This is important to stay secure, especially when using public wifi while browsing. It is also vital to keep your data encrypted. There is much third-party security software online which is compatible with the iPhone. Security apps will guard you and block all the annoying ads and notifications.

lock applica

One of the best moves is to get a free iOS security application such as avast. You can also get any of your choices from the app store and get protected from all the spyware.

Keet Phone Safe Aware from Physical Access

While spyware applications can be loaded to the device remotely when connected to public wifi, they can also be loaded manually or as a malicious app. Someone might even get your phone and install it. Therefore, protect your phone through a solid and long password to lock your screen and enable two-factor authentication on all your accounts.

This ensures that your personal information is kept safe and hidden from access. You can as well protect your data using a face ID, Touch ID, or a secure pin. This varies from one iPhone to another.

physical access

Protect iPhone from Threats and Spyware

Any unwanted application on your iPhone is an uninvited guest. Remember that spyware is a noxious threat. However, when you have a powerful iPhone privacy security third-party application, they can help you protect against losing your sensitive information to hackers.

Avast one is among the best free security apps that also guarantee you privacy. It is more than malware and protection and antivirus.



1. Can someone spy on your iPhone?

Spouses or parents can access your phone remotely and see their information in real-time through spy apps or other methods discussed in the above article. With a suitable method, one can monitor your GPS location, and access your credit card, password, browsing history, messages, emails, calls log, and other sensitive information.

2. Is it legal to spy on someone's iPhone?

It is a crime to spy on someone's phone without their permission. You should be careful, especially when you are from UK, Italy, Australia, and the USA, which takes this as a severe case, then weigh if it is worth spying on someone.

3. Is it possible to spy on iPhone using only the phone number?

No, up to this far, there is not yet an approved method you can spy on someone using the phone number of IMEI code in accessing their iPhone device. When you use mSpy in monitoring, you need the iCloud login details. Though not easy to mention but there are a few hacks you can utilize. With the telephone, you will also have to find out the exact location of the victim to be able to spy.


In the above article, we have outlined various methods to spy on someone's iPhone; we have also stated tips and signs to notice when someone is spying on your device. Consequently, the article has outlined proposed methods to help you prevent iPhone from hackers.

While there are many methods, some might fails, and others are expensive at one point. If all fails, get a professional hacker to help monitor your loved ones and secure the company's secrets.