How to Make a Shared Album on iPhone

How to Make a Shared Album on iPhone

Are you aware that you can share photos on your iphone with friends or family? iCloud offers you a chance to share photos and videos. In this article, we will learn how to make a shared album on an iphone.

If you want to share files from your iphone with friends or families, then apple products allow you to make a shared album. The process is simple to buy and keeps your data more secure on social media platforms. This is the place iCloud photo plays a major role. It comes with more advanced features like shared albums.

Previously, the shared Album was well known as the iCloud photo sharing. With Apple devices, you can share your photos and give friends or family members access to edit, modify, comment, and even use them for other purposes like uploading to their social media platforms.

Therefore, if so wish to learn how to share photos through a shared album on an iphone, keep reading our article. This article will cover various dimensions of the shared Album on iphone. Read and gain the skills to put them into practice sp that you can share the files with the loved one regardless of the location.

How to Use iCloud Photo to Sharing Albums on iPhone

icloud photo

the shared Album, which was the iCloud sharing photo, is a service provided by apple products. even though it is a free iCloud service, it is one of the best methods that enable users to share video and photo files with their loved ones with only iPhone device. This feature needs wifi connection to work effectively.

Say no more data cables, email and Bluetooth when you want to share photos. with this feature on iCloud, anyone can make a shared album and then select the photos you wish to share with friends. After creating the Album, you will only select the people you want to have access to the Album. You can select users up to a maximum of 100 people.

Therefore, anyone you include in the shared Album has access and can either comment, like, view, or perform other related tasks. They can as well add more photos from their devices. The feature is not only limited to the iphone but all apple products such as iPad, iPod, Mac, and today even on a Windows computer. This means that even those people without iCloud can access the files.

However, it would be best to remember that, as long as you can make a shared album on iCloud, you can only share a maximum of 200 albums through iCloud photo sharing. Also, note that any shared album can only hold up to 5000 files as either video or photos. Something intersri8ng and worth mentioning is that any file in the shared Album does not take up the iCloud storage space. Hence the folder does not fall within the limits of iCloud storage.

Since a shared album only allows people you have invited to view the content, it is best for maintaining your privacy as it cannot let the public access your files.

Set Up iCloud Photo Sharing On iPhone

Having learned how to use iCloud photos and share albums, it is now the time to know if you can set up photo-sharing using your iphone gadget. Before sharing the photo with your friends, you first need to know how to set up iCloud photo sharing.

The same also applies when working with an iPad instead of an iphone. However, you must make sure that you update the phone to have the latest iOS version so that you can gain the best customer experience. After that, follow these guides:

Step 1: Have your iphone at hand, navigate the home screen and click on the settings icon to open.

Step 2: Then head to the general from the menu

Step 3: And scroll down to the software update. If there is a new update, download follw9ng the on-screen procedure and install it first. Here, you must understand that iCloud photo sharing is a service from apple iCloud where you must log in to your iCloud using your relevant IP ID and password.

Step 4: After installation and assuming that you have logged in to your iCloud account again, click on settings.

Step 5: Then from the menu available, hit the iCloud option and sign in if you did not sign in to your iCloud account, but if you have already signed in, then proceed.

Step 6: From settings, click on your name, then head to tap on iCloud, and finish by clicking on photos

Step 7: Then while on the photos menu,  at the bottom of your screen, make sure you switch on the shared Album and you are all set to start sharing process or making a shared album. We move!

Set Up iCloud Photo Sharing On iPhone

Make a Shared Album on iPhone.

This section is the core of our article. It summarizes the main idea behind this review. And at this juncture, we are assuming that you already have a photo album in your iCloud and wish to share it. at first sight; the statement sounds like the process is tedious. However, you first have to copy and paste the pictures or files to the new shared Album on iCloud photos. Then the rest will be easy with only following these steps:

Step 1: Launch the photo application on your iphone

Step 2: Then identify the Album you created and wish to share, then click on it

click on it

Step 3: Click select and hit select all

Step 4: Then click on the share button found at the bottom left of your screen.

Step 5: Then you will see a pop-up menu appear; click add to the Shared Album.

lick add to the Shared Album

Step 6: Proceed by clicking on the shared Album, then the new shared Album. As well already told you. you can asl well add files to a shared album besides creating a new album

Step 7: Then name your shared Album and hit the next icon.

Step 8: To this far, you have now reached a section where you need to add people you want to share the Album with from your iphone. Let us cover how to go about this step in the next section.

Add People to Your Shared Album

After creating a shared album, you can now start inviting people to access the files from the Album. here we go now:

Step 1: While on the screen, after naming the Album and hitting next,  navigate through the options, and on the TO section empty bar, enter the phone number or email address of the person you wish to invite. You can also click on the + icon, which is found to the right of the TO empty box, to get the contact list from your iphone.

Add People to Your Shared Album

Step 2: From there, click on create. Make sure you use the apple iCloud ID when inviting people to use the email address. this means you need to confirm with the person first before inviting, and if not, they will not be able to receive your invitation.

Step 3: You will access the new shared Album at the top of your shared albums on the screen of the iCloud photos. Then when you are done inviting, click Done. This button is always located at the top right of the screen. And you are simply through.

Accept a Shared Album on iPhone.

Suppose that a friend has invited you to access their shared Album. Never get stranded. You must first access the invitation to access the files from the Album. and if you want to access it, then here is the procedure you must follow:

Step 1: Head over to the photo application.

Step 2: Then click on FOR YOU tab. you will see the invitation at the top of your list in this section

Accept a Shared Album on iPhone.

Step 3: Click accept to start going through the files. It is as simple as that.

Access a Shared Album on iPhone

After accepting an invite, iCloud photos always integrate the files in the shared Album to your photo app on the iphone. therefore, anytime you want to access them, you need to perform a few steps here and there as directed below:

Step 1: Go to the photos app on your iphone and click to open

Step 2: Then hit the album tab

Access a Shared Album on iPhone

Step 3: Navigate through and keep scrolling to find the shared album section. You can see the photos or videos in the Album and even perform other tasks, as we will find out.

Add Photos to the Shared Album

This is the time you can add files to the Shared Album. The process is simple, just like the other procedures, as long as you have already made a shared album.

Step 1: Click on the shared Album, and while on it, hit the + button

Step 2: It will redirect you to the photo or video; choose from the files, then when through, click Done.

Add Photos to the Shared Album

Step 3: If you want to leave a comment, start typing in a comment and click post.

Step 4: The photos will be visible in the shared Album to anyone invited to access it. Then click back to exit your shared Album. This button is found at the top left of your screen.

Delete Photos from the Shared Album

when you are done sharing the files with your loved ones and they are no longer interested in seeing the photos or videos, you can always delete them from the Album.

Step 1: You only have to select the file/photo or video you wish to delete while in shared album files.

Step 2: Then click on the delete or trash button found at the top right of the screen.

delete Photos to the Shared Album

Step 3: Again click the delete photo. Doing this removes your file or photo from the hared Album from all the devices on invited people. However, it remains in the original location, which is in your iCloud photo storage. You can always find the image in your Photos app on the iPhone gadget.

Delete Subscribers from the Shared Album

Anytime you feel like removing subscribers from the shared Album when you already invited them, you can decide to delete them. But how?

Step 1: Go to the Shared Album and open it

Step 2: After that, click the people tab, a button found at the bottom of your screen

Step 3: You will see the details of the subscribers at the top of your screen. Click on the subscriber you want to delete from the Album

Step 4: Then from the top of your screen, click remove subscriber and again hit remove to finalize. The user will no longer have access to files in the shared Album any more.

Delete Subscribers from the Shared Album

Save Photos from the Shared Album

Remember that the subscribers can add photos to your Album in your shared photo. Such photos are not stored on your iphone device. Thus, you need to download and save them to your gadget or in the photo app.; this is the way to go:

Step 1: Go to the shared app, and choose the unique photos you want to save from the shared Album.

Step 2: Then tap on the Share button. it is indicated by the square with an arrow pointing upward

Step 3: ON the menu displayed, scroll down and click on the save image option.

Save Photos from the Shared Album

Step 4: Your photo is directly saved and stored on the stared iCloud album and iphone storage. This is a perfect move, especially when you understand that the owner might delete the image from the Album anytime. You can still see the image on your device whenever you want. The same procedure applies even to the subscribers when they want to download the files.

How To Use iCloud Photo Sharing on Mac

As stated earlier, iCloud photo sharting works on all Apple devices, including Windows computers. Therefore, anytime you have a Mac device and want to share files such as photos, you can utilize the iCloud photo sharing feature on iCloud through the photos app on mac. the procedure is the same as those we performed using the iphone, as seen below:

Step 1: First, make sure that you have logged in to your iCloud account using your relevant apple ID and password. From there, tap on the apple button found at the left of your screen on a mac. Then head to system preference and tap on iCloud.

Step 2: If you are already login to iCloud, then click on photos from the menu on the Mac device.

Step 3: Check to find out that the iCloud photo sharing is turned on. Go to the photos, an option located at the top left of your screen, and choose a preference.

Step 4: Then head to the iCloud and verify that the shared album box beside it is already checked. then close this dialogue and move on

Step 5: It would be best if you started making a shared album, so make sure you open the photos app.

Step 6: Navigate through the menu, and from the left-hand side, hover the mouse on the shared Album and tap the + button.

Step 7: Name your Album and proceed to invite the subscribers, and you can also add comments wherever you want.

Step 8: After you are done with everything, tap on create.

Step 9: You are done with creating a shared album now; you can proceed to add photos or videos. Choose the video of your choice to select numerous photos by only holding down a shift button or using the command key.

Step 10: When through, tap the share button found at the top of your screen

Step 11: And choose the shared Album on the dropdown.

Step 12: Then you will see a lift of shared albums, pick the one you want, and click on it to add the selected photos.

How To Use iCloud Photo Sharing on Windows

You can also access the iCloud photo sharing even using a windows desktop and share the files with your loved ones. as long as you have the apple ID. follow the procedure:

Step 1: First, download and install iCloud for windows. And this must be from the apple website.

Step 2: Launch the software and log in with your relevant apple ID and password.

Step 3: Then, check the photo box, and tap on the option close to the photos.

Step 4: And check the iCloud photo sharing option.

iCloud photo sharing option

Step 5: When done, tap Done and then hit Apply to save changes.

Step 6: Go to the file explorer using your desktop.

Step 7: Then click on iCloud photos to open from the sidebar located on the left-hand side.

iCloud photos

Step 8: Then tap the new shared album icon located on your screen.

Step 9: You can proceed to add the people you wish to invite using their Apple ID.

Step 10: Rename the shared Album, and after that, tap Next.

Step 11: Then choose the photo or files you wish to share with the people and tap done.

Step 12: The files will be available to the people you have invited for them to view, comment or even carry out other tasks.

How to Share Album with a Non-iCloud User

Non-iCloud users can still access the files in the Shared Album. upon creating the shared Album using the above steps, then proceed by:

Step 1: Opening your a shared album.

Step 2: Then click on the people icon found at the bottom of your screen

Step 3: Then make sure you turn on a public website. iCloud will generate a link to help you share the shared Album on the iCloud site.

people icon

Step 4: After that, click the share link and send it to anyone you wish. Anyone you send the link to can click on it and access the files in the Shared Album.

Step 5: You can also proceed to include other settings: opening the shared Album, clicking on the people icon, and performing other settings. You can enable subscribers can post notification alerts.

Step 6: Then when done, click on the back button found at the top left to return to a shared album.

How to Share Photos by My Photo Stream

You can also share the photos between your devices instead of your loved ones. This is where My Photo Stream plays a vital role by syncing all the recent photos. My Photo Stream does not use your iCloud storage. However, it only limits people to sync up to the last 1000 photos for 30 days. The first thing you must do when sharing photos by My Photo Stream is to enable My Photo Stream on all the devices. Here is how you can easily turn it on:

Step 1: Click on the Settings icon and open the application.

Step 2: Then click on photos.

Step 3: And Go to turn on upload photo using My Photo Stream.

How to Share Photos by My Photo Stream

Step 4: Once you are done, my photostream will be able to access your photos app. anytime you want to share a photo, go to My Photo Stream album and then click share and from the menu, select save image.

Why Can't I See the Shared Album on My iPhone?

Why Can't I See the Shared Album on My iPhone?

Has someone invited you to their shared Album, but you cannot access the files? Various things might be bringing troubles on your side.

Step 1: There is a possibility the cellular data is blocked from accessing the photos. Therefore, make sure that guarantee photos permission to use cellular data. you can find this on settings and cellular and then turn on the photos

Step 2: Also, maybe the iphone does not meet all the requirements of the system. for you to effectively access a shared album, you must have at least iOS  7 and above. Thus, try updating your iOS version to the latest.

Step 3: If you are using wifi, maybe the connection is poor. To verify this claim, try using different wifi or turn on the cellular data on your iphone.

Step 4: If all the above fails, then the iCloud photo is down. Then go to the system status page apple and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


To this far, you have learned a lot about making a shared album on iphone, mac, and even windows. Sharing files with a loved one is simple and one of the best features of Apple products. Without Apple products or not, you can still share photos with even non-iCloud users. First, integrate the feature to access the photos app and follow the above guides to share the files privately.