How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Snapchat

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Snapchat

Are you afraid of getting blocked by close buddies on snapchat? This article brings you information on how to tell if someone blocks you in Snapchat. Read on for much more.

Snapchat is a popular photo- and video messaging app that allows you to send humorous images and videos to your friends. Snapchat also allows you to have “streaks,” or a number of consecutive days on which you and a friend have sent each other Snaps.

If one of your friends suddenly disappears from your list, though, it can be hard to know if they deleted their account or just blocked you.

There are many reasons why someone would completely block you on Snapchat so that you can’t view their stories or send them snaps anymore. They could have also, recently deactivated their account, lost interest in Snapchat, or simply don’t want to communicate with anyone anymore.

The only way to know for certain is to ask the person who blocked you. However, there are some clues you can use to determine if someone blocked you on this popular mobile app. Read ahead for a detailed guide to help you tell when you have been blocked on Snapchat.

Blocked on Snapchat Vs. Deleted on Snapchat

Blocked on Snapchat Vs. Deleted on Snapchat

Deleting someone on Snapchat is not the same thing as blocking them.

Snapchat doesn't tell you if you've been blocked. You won't be able to see anything about someone who has blocked you on Snapchat, including sending them a message. You won't also find the username (of the person you think blocked you) on your friends' list.

On the other hand, when you delete someone on Snapchat, they are still able to see your stories and post Snaps to your story. Furthermore, even after the deletion of a Snapchat account, your username still remains visible to all your friends.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Snapchat

It can be heartbreaking to see a friend disappear from your Snapchat feed, especially without warning. If you suspect that someone may have blocked you on Snapchat, there are several methods you can use to diagnose the problem and confirm your suspicions.

1. Check the Recent Conversations

Recent Conversations on Snapchat

This method is only effective if you have chatted before with the person you believe has purportedly blocked you. However, if you cleared your chat history, this method might not be useful as well.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app and go to your Conversations screen, so that you can access your friends' list. Tap the speech bubble icon at the bottom of the screen, to the left of the camera snap button, to access the conversations.

Step 2: Look for the contact with whom you had a conversation and tap on his/her name. If they have blocked you, then their name will be missing from this list.

However, this method may not work 100% of the time because people can choose to delete a chat without blocking you. To follow up, try any of the other options just to be sure.

2. Search Their Name

Search Their Name on Snapchat

When you search for a specific friend, Snapchat will show up a list of everyone whose name matches what you type. If your friend's name does not appear in the results, it means that they have blocked you.

You, however, must be sure you used their username or full name. To look for the user who you believe has blocked you:

Step 1: Open the app, and tap on the magnifying glass icon.

Step 2: Type in the person’s username and tap on the find button. If they are your friend they will show up in the results. If they’re not your friend, you might see their username pop up with an option to add them as a friend.

Step 3: If they don’t pop up at all, and you can’t add them as a friend, then it’s likely that you have been blocked.

3. Ask the Mutual Friends or Create Another Snapchat Account

see mutual friends on snapchat

If you haven't found out from the previous procedures about the blocking status. To confirm your suspicions, you can make good use of your mutual friends in Snapchat, or create a new account.

You don't have to struggle to get a mutual friend, it can be a friend, relative, or coworker who you think is friends with the user you think blocked you.

Step 1: Identify a mutual friend of yours and the person you suspect blocked you on Snapchat.

Step 2: Send this mutual friend a chat.

Step 3: Ask them to view the person's story, or send them a snap. If they cannot do so, it is likely that you are not blocked by them. The user could have deleted their Snapchat account.

Step 4: If your mutual friend can interact with the person, then you are blocked by them.

You must also know that, if they say the alleged user is not on their friend list, then you haven't been blocked. But if they say that the user is still on their friend list, then you've been blocked!

Without giving up, you can try and create another Snapchat account

Step 1: Download Snapchat from the App Store or Google Play Store if you have deleted the app since being blocked (optional). This step isn't necessary if you still have Snapchat installed on your phone, as long as you haven't been logged out of your account automatically or manually.

Step 2: Tap Sign Up to create a new account using an email address or phone number that hasn't been used for a Snapchat account before.

Step 3: Follow the prompts to create a new username and password for your new account.

Step 4: Send a chat to the person who may have blocked you on their other account. If they reply, then they did not block your original account.

4. Check Your Friends List

Check Your Friends List on Snapchat

This should have been your first way to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat.

Step 1: So, the first thing you should do is open the Snapchat app and tap on the profile icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2: Tap on [My Friends].

Step 3: Once you have done that, if that user's username does not appear in your friend's list, then it is possible that he or she has blocked you.

Additional things to notice if someone has blocked you include:

  • You won't be able to see their score or their Bitmoji — a small cartoon character that's unique to every Snapchat user.
  • You'll also notice that any of their posts will no longer appear in your feed.

How to Know If Someone Deleted You on Snapchat

Being one of the most popular social media platforms, Snapchat allows users to send and receive photos and videos with text captions. The app is, however, notorious for its privacy settings, making it difficult to tell if someone deleted you or if they are just ignoring you. But there is a way to find out.

One easy way to see if someone has deleted you is to look at your list of Snapchat friends and see if the user is still there. If they were deleted, they won't show up on this list.

In Snapchat, you can also type the person's username into the search field. However, if you don't see anything there, it means you've been removed from their Snapchat.

When you send a chat to someone who has deleted you on Snapchat (but whose name is still on your friends' list), the color will be gray, not pink, purple, or blue. So, you can tell that you have been deleted from their Snapchat.

If someone has deleted you from their friends' list, you will no longer be able to see their Snapchat score. On the other hand, If he is still your friend, clicking on his name will reveal that person's Snapchat score, which will reveal whether or not they have deleted you on Snapchat.


Irritating as it may be that you were blocked by this user, remember that the blocker may never even see your snap again. While it may seem like losing a friend since you can no longer view their story, snaps, or chats with them, keep in mind that not saying goodbye is much easier than actually ending a friendship.

So if you’re thinking of reaching out to your friend and rekindling that friendship and apologizing for whatever confusion that got you blocked, think again– it might be pointless until they decide they want to get access to you. If they ever do… and you're still itching to send them a snap – try adding them as a new contact on Snapchat instead, and then send them a text message asking if they'd like to add you back.