How to Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Are you suspecting that someone has blocked you on Instagram? This article will tell you how to verify. There is also the possibility of deactivation or account deletion, and we will let you know how to differentiate.

With the advancing and developing social media platforms, it has become easy to connect with the audience. However, it is also easy to block or get blocked on these platforms. This could be your target followers, converted customers, or even relatives with their personal views.

It is hard to know that someone has blocked you on Instagram without considering the reasons. Maybe the person has deactivated the account if not deleting it. Either case can make you fall victim.

However, there are signs that you have been blocked on Instagram. Even though Instagram does not share such information, it does not allow you to access its content. So, how can you find out that someone on Instagram has blocked you? Take a look at these signs to help you detect if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

Ways to Check If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

1. Check Your Messages

instagram Messages

The first option, check the message thread of a person you suspect has blocked you. The previous thread will remain hidden if you have been blocked and if you still suspect, look at the DMs. If you can't see the message thread, you are already a victim, and the chances are that you have been blocked.

Furthermore, when you send a message to a person you suspect has blocked you, it will indicate one checkmark. This shows the message was sent, but it won't receive it. And if it turns to 2 marks, then you are safe.

Sometimes you might confuse a block and deactivate it when the account is deleted. So, check the group messages you share to check if the name still appears. If the participant's name is visible in a group chat but not anywhere, the participant has blocked you. But if the name does not appear, there are chances that a participant has deactivated or deleted the account.

2. Search Someone's Profile

instagram Profile Search

Secondly, you can manually search for a participant's profile that you suspect has blocked you. Go directly to the Instagram app and search by the name. If the account is private and does not reflect in the search result, the audience has blocked you. Still, if the account profile is visible and public, but you can never see a profile photo, their posts, the followers, and other details, then there is also the possibility of being a victim. While vice versa still applies.

3. Check Your Own Profile

Check Your Own Profile

If you are blocked by one of your numbers, the contact's profile photo will never change to you, keeping the picture that was in their profile before you became blocked. Instagram does not delete the previous comments and tags on your profile even after someone has blocked you.

If you can see the comments but cannot spot someone on your search result, click their profile on the old comments. There are 2 options here, Instagram will direct you to their profile, and you might either see their previous posts and photos or never be able to see the profile photos at all. If you can see their timeline and the profile photos are not visible, you are automatically a block victim. If the profile displays their photos, then you are on the safer side.

4. Look Up Someone's Account on Computer

Look Up Someone's Account on Computer

Another method to identify if someone blocked you on their Instagram account is looking for their accounts on a computer. However, you should not log in to your account. Instead, proceed to open the browser and visit Instagram or search using the link of the person you suspect has blocked your account on the search bar.

If the profile appears and never came when you searched through your Instagram account, you are definitely blocked.

5. Use Another Instagram Account or Ask the Mutual Friends

Mutual Friends

Since there are many methods of checking if someone blocked you, you can still utilize this one. Go for your friend's Instagram account and search for the person you suspect has blocked you. You can equally create a new account to perform the task or consult your mutual friends.

If you see their profile and access all details, including photos and posts on a different account, then your profile is blocked. Also, mutual friends can be a source of information for that case. If not being blocked, someone's account can't display all information while not indicating your profile.

6. Can't See Someone's Posts or Instagram Stories Anymore

This is one of the simplest and easiest methods to use. Even though you can access friends' profiles or even see the profile of someone who has blocked you, it becomes hard to access their Instagram posts or stories. When the area displaying posts, stories, and other details indicates no posts or stories, then you are for sure blocked.

Sometimes, the profile might appear, and you can see the post counts, but it won't let you see the posts when you are blocked. There are slim chances that they have deactivated their profile. So to confirm this, you can use the common group as discussed above in this article.

7. Try to Follow Someone Again

Try following the same person in question if you can access their profile. And in case Instagram won't let you follow them again, you are possibly blocked. And trying to follow them can never go through; though the follow button will be available, you won't press it, and the person cannot even get notified that you tried following them. But if the person blocked and unblocked you, then pressing the follow button again will allow you to straight away follow them.

8. Use Third-party Apps

Profile Reports for Instagram from Play Store

Sometimes you might be much into your Instagram, which applies to social media influencers and marketers. Since you are more concerned about your audience, you might want to know who blocked you on Instagram. Then we encourage you to use a third-party application or software such as Sarman – Instagram Tracker and Profile+ Reports & Insights.

The above apps will provide you with all information you are after on Instagram and all people who have blocked you.

But be advised that even though Instagram allows third-party software to be used in automating activities like scheduling posts, they have not yet approved any app to help users identify people who have blocked your Instagram profile. As such, use the above apps at your peril. They are risky and can result in banning or suspending your account.

Did They Block Me or Delete Their Instagram?

Delete Their Instagram

In some cases, you may not access the person in question's profile because they deactivated or deleted their account. So to verify if it's blocking or deactivating an account, you can use the incognito browser and perform the search.

You are blocked if the search brings you a profile that does not reflect while using your account. You are a victim. If the profile does not display or reflect in the incognito browser search, their account is deactivated or deleted.

Can You Message Someone Who Blocked You on Instagram?


Yes, you can message someone who has blocked you on Instagram. However, the message won't be delivered, or the person cannot receive it. This is because the main aim of blocking is to shut down the communication between you two, and so, Instagram does not deliver your message from a blocked account.

But if the person unblocks you in the future, the message you sent while blocked will not be received as well. You need to follow again upon unblocking to resume communication once again.


it is good to reflect on why someone might block you on Instagram. People block someone for a reason. Therefore, there are different methods you can utilize to know that you are blocked. So before you decide on the above techniques, you must learn how to go forward and present yourself to the real world and evade such cases. Check out the Instagram etiquette and never go against them; otherwise, you can use either of the above methods to know if you are blocked or verify if the person in question has deactivated or deleted the account.