How to Hide Likes on Instagram

How to Hide Likes on Instagram

Are you a friendly Instagram user, but do you hate Instagram likes and notifications? If the Instagram likes you receive are not vital, read our article to learn how about hiding Instagram likes.

In the struggle to make people's experience on Instagram pleasant, the platform has given more people control. They have rolled out the feature that enables you to hide likes and other information on your feeds. Instead of concentrating on the popularity of your content, the feature has allowed you to focus on content creation.

You can now hide your account views, likes, and content from other users. This includes before and even after you have shared your Instagram content. This ensures that you minimize distractions and focus on something else constructive instead of paying attention to who liked the content.

Besides likes, you will also get notifications. This is where Instagram announced a new tool to help you filter out offensive notifications and likes etc. Though it is used to get a sense of what is trending before giving a choice, it is still annoying to some extent. Today's article will cover the various step-by-step guides on various methods to hide Instagram likes considering different devices.

How to Hide Your Likes on an Instagram Post

Hide Your Likes on an Instagram Post

There is much more than just posting Instagram photos to get likes. If you want to hide Instagram likes, you need to take a step. And Instagram has made everything easy, and now you can turn off Instagram likes before and after publishing content. Here are two situations where Instagram puts you in charge, and you can select one that fits you.

Hide Likes on Instagram Before You Sharing

Before sharing content on Instagram, you can decide to turn off notifications quickly. You only need a few taps, and here are step by step guides:

Step 1: Curate your Instagram post as usual and get it ready.

Step 2: When ready to post, scroll down to the bottom and select advanced settings while on the final screen before clicking share.

advanced settings

Step 3: Navigate to the top of the screen, click and toggle the button near hiding likes and view counts on this post, and proceed.

click and toggle the button near hiding likes and view counts

Step 4: After that, click on the back arrow and tap on the share option to launch your Instagram video or photo.

Hide Likes on Instagram You Already Published

Sometimes, you might forget to hide likes on a post before sharing. In contrast, you might also wish to turn off likes on the already posted content. You can easily tweak a particular post for options and change the settings. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Instagram account and go to the particular posts.

Step 2: Click on the 3 dotted lines, a menu located at the top right hand of your post.

Click on the 3 dotted lines

Step 3: Click on the option ‘ hide like count.'

hide like count

After that, you will only see the notification indicating likes by (….) and others just below your target post. Unfortunately, you will not find bulk-like features. Therefore, you will need to repeat the same procedure for all the posts you wish to change their settings.

How to Turn Off Likes on Your Instagram

To an extent, you may also want to hide or turn off Instagram likes from your friend's posts. Worry no more. We have you covered, and here are two methods you can rely on:

Make Your Instagram Account Private

A friend might post susceptible content, which can easily damage your reputation. The only way to handle it is to hide the likes and notifications, if not dynamic likes. Below is the first option. Follow these steps to make your Instagram account private:

Step 1: Navigate through the hamburger settings found at the top right and choose settings when you click on it.

Step 2: Go to the privacy option and then tap it to access further privacy settings.

Step 3: Then click the switching tool and turn your account to private account mode. Your Instagram account is now private.

Restrict Someone to Access Your Posts

Again you can restrict your Instagram post with a few steps. This is our second option when controlling likes from someone. Fellow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to their account so that you can restrict them from accessing your Instagram posts. This is simple.

Step 2: Go to the ‘following’ button while on their profile and click on the restrict option. This prevents them from accessing your dynamic link and posts in the future. This way, you have managed likes from such a person.


1. Can I see likes on Instagram again?

You can still see likes on Instagram again, but you should redo the process. Go to the privacy setting and then toggle the button off. While on your post,  you can still access the likes by clicking on a specific post, tapping the 3 dots, and selecting unhide like count. You will be able to see the Instagram likes again.

2. Can I hide Instagram Likes on a PC?

Most of the Instagram features are not working on a PC. This is because the application does its best on mobile application usage. Among the features is turning on and off your like counts. If the step is vital, use iOS or Android and follow the above guides.

3. Are turning off Instagram likes change your experience?

Like counts are annoying sometimes, but it has their advantages as they help you understand popular topics. Also, the option allows you to turn off likes for you and posts from your Instagram followers. Instead of disruptions, it will only indicate notification with the username and others when followers like the posts.


Different people need different user experiences on Instagram. When someone wants to get likes and become famous, others still want to manage their online pressure. This can only be managed by turning off Instagram likes. So, when you want to focus on creating amazing content, or you are just anxious, you can follow the above guides to turn off your Instagram likes as well as likes from your followers' posts.

We hope this guide has been helpful. Follow the steps keenly. Instagram has given you control. Unfortunately, some of the steps only work when using an Android or iOS application.