How to Hack Whatsapp

How to Hack Whatsapp

Do you want to spy on your loved one on WhatsApp or recover deleted messages or wish to monitor your employees' activities on Whatsapp? Then read our article to the end. We will guide you through the relevant procedure on how you can hack WhatsApp and gain access.

WhatsApp is one of the famous messaging applications people use for free to connect with others worldwide. The application exists and supports different devices; besides the mobile applications, there is also PC software.

Therefore, people use it not only to make audio calls but also to message and contact video calls and share content with the rest of the world. Many people have joined the platform; you can easily connect with anyone and start chitchatting.

Again, Facebook tales WhatsApp as one of the secure platforms because it is end-to-end encrypted. And but the question remains, Is it possible that anyone can hack WhatsApp to access conversations and chats? If you answered yes, then how is it possible? Most people have been asking this question from various platforms.

Whatsapp FB

You must also note that WhatsApp stalking is not the same as WhatsApp hacking. Stalking only limits you to accessing their activities to get satisfaction. And if you are a competent hacker, it is possible that you can trace those stalkers.

Hackers can use different methods to find out the stalkers, as well as hacking WhatsApp accounts,s as we will find out in this article. Which advancement in technology has made many people connect around the world; hackers are even gaining access to your details on WhatsApp without using your phone number. Thus, people are in a vulnerable position to fall victims.

Because WhatsApp has recently gained popularity, it has become the goldmine for hackers to mine data. But note that hacking WhatsApp without a phone number is more dangerous than you can imagine. And today, people do hack WhatsApp for several reasons, which we will also take you through in the next section.

Before going into details about how to hack WhatsApp, let us first start with the importance of hacking WhatsApp.

How to Hack Someone's Whatsapp?

Use Third-Party Monitoring Apps

Many third-party applications are reliable as WhatsApp hacking is concerned. Some of these include such as mSpy,uMobix, and FlexiSPY. However, for this case and easy illustration, we will use mSpy, which is easy and offers faster access to the WhatsApp of a target person. This application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. So, you will not have to be selective when using the mSpy application.

Again, you can track the activities of someone remotely through the control panel of this application. Other than Android and iPhone, you can still log in to the application through your preferred browser. This is why we have selected the mSpy app for easy use. Here is how you can hack someone's WhatsApp using the mSpy third-party application.


Step 1: The first step is to install the mSpy on your device or visit the website. Register using your email address and get a premium plan which depends on what your target to achieve. Afterward, they will send you the login details to the email address to get you started.



Step 2: Then proceed by choosing the kind of device you want to track. This varies from Android to iOS gadgets. Then make sure that you have access to the device you are targeting to track. This means you have full access to the physical phone to make the next step.




Step 3: Then from the menu, choose the device manufacturer. There are many manufacturer options, and at this point, you will have options such as Huawei, Xiaomi, google pixel, Samsung, moto LG, etc.; you can pick Samsung and then click on proceed icon.


Step 4: Then choose your android device version, then make sure you have disabled the play protect choice from the application section in settings. Equality, you can use the google play store, click on the 3 icons located at the upper left corner of the profile on your screen, search and after that, click on the play protect icon, head to the settings and make sure you disable the scan app by toggling the button.



Step 5: Then have the target device and launch any browser; visit and draw the captcha, click on the download icon, and tap ok to ignore the warning. When the file has been downloaded, install it on the target device and move on.


Step 6: Proceed with the on-screen procedure to configure your mSpy application


Step 7: Give it some time, let us say a few hours so that the mSpy can have enough time to record the activities on the target phone and send them to the server.

Step 8: Head to the dashboard on the application and select the WhatsApp option. You will be able to access the WhatsApp calls and messages as well as the contact details of the target person.


Use Phone Number to Hack Whatsapp

Other than using a third-party application, it is also possible to use the phone number to hack WhatsApp. This is the easiest way to access someone's WhatsApp account using their [phone number. Thus, first, you need to install the application on your device and then make sure you can have access to the verification code when it is sent to the target person through a message.

If you are sure of these two conditions, then proceed with the below steps:

Hack Whatsapp

Step 1: Launch the WhatsApp application as usual on your gadget. Then type in the phone number of the target person you want to hack into their WhatsApp account. Make sure that it is the same number the target person is using WhatsApp.

Step 2: Then the application will prompt you to enter the pin or verification code. You can get it from the target person's phone, which is sent as a message.

Step 3: Then, when you have successfully verified the account and logged in, you can access the WhatsApp contents, chats, conversations, and other related media files.

media files.

But it would help if you were advised that the only drawback with this method is that the target person is notified concerning the login, and there is the possibility that the person will also log in to regain the account. If you change the password or phone number, the better you will forever have access to the account.

Use Chrome to Access WhatsApp Web

You can use the google chrome browser as one method of hacking a WhatsApp account. However, there are some risks you will be taking. This is because, first, any android version or iSO version 7 or 10 sends a constant notification when you try to use this WhatsApp web on the target phone number.

Also, this method is only valid where you have access to the QR code scanning of the target device. Also, it is hard to hide the hacking where there is surveillance, as there is an active WhatsApp web button on the device.

If that is not an issue, the]ne follow the procedure below:

Step 1: Launch the Chrome browser on your device and visit the WhatsApp web

WhatsApp web

Step 2: By scanning the QR code, you need the target device with the active WhatsApp.

Step 3: After scanning and linking WhatsApp, you can check the website to access anything without installing any software.



Use QR Code  to Hack WhatsApp

if you are using a desktop or you are fond of using WhatsApp web, you might have come across a situation where it asks you to scan the QR code of the target person. therefore, when you want to hack someone's WhatsApp using a QR code, here is how to go about it:

On iPhone

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on the iPhone of the target person

Step 2: Then click on the Settings icon found at the bottom if you are using iPhone

Step 3: After that, click on the  WhatsApp web or instead desktop in some cases.




Step 4: Proceed by scanning the QR code that is open on the WhatsApp web or desktop with the p[hone of the target person.


When using this method and you need to hack the account for a long, make sure you mack on the ‘ keep me logged in' option. Otherwise, it will be logged out once you are done in a single session. When you scan the QR code, all the conversations, contacts, and media files will be visible on your browser's desktop.



On Android

Though the procedure seems the same, some slight differences exist if you use Android. and here is how to go about it when you are an Android or tabled user:

Step 1: Launch the WhatsApp application on the device of the target person.


Step 2: Then click on the 3 vertical dots found at the top right corner of the screen

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, you will be able to see different options.

Step 4: After that, click on the WhatsApp web from the options, redirecting you to the next step: scan the QR code with the scanner on standby.


Step 5: Then proceed by placing the scanner in front of the QR code opened on the WhatsApp desktop or the WhatsApp web using the target phone.

As always, also make sure you mark the ‘ keep me logged in' option so that you will have to stay connected long enough to access the files as you wish.

There are some disadvantages associated with this method.

First, you must have the password to hack the WhatsApp account using this method when the app is always locked. Also, a target person gets a notification when you open the  WhatsApp web and keep it running. Lastly, the target and the WhatsApp web device must be close to keep running and accessing the chats.

Use MAC Spoofing WhatsApp

another reliable method you can use to hack WhatsApp accounts is mac spoofing. But, you must first have the target person's device to use this method. Because, Because you need to retrieve a few details before you hack the account. Once the hacker gets access to the phone,  they can change their MAC addresses to the target's device.

Thus, it becomes easy to clone someone's WhatsApp on the hacker's phone. However, this method needs a little beat of programming knowledge to be efficient, and you also need Whatsapp hacking tools such as Busy Box for Android and  Mac Daddy X for iPhone.

Otherwise, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Get the device you want to monitor and uninstall or remove the WhatsApp messenger.

Step 2: Then get the mac address of the device of the target person. To get the mac, head to the settings, click on the available option, and about then WiFi address.

Step 3: Then, install the WhatsApp hacking tools to the target gadget listed above. You can sue Busy Box for Android and Mac Daddy X for iPhone devices.

busy boox


Step 4: Next, you need to replace your smartphone's WiFi mac address using the target phone's mac address with the help of the two applications above.

Step 5: This is when you need to install the WhatsApp application on your gadget and see the phone number of the target device.

Step 6: Then WhatsApp will send a verification code to the target person's gadget. Then use the encryptions code found on your device to gain login access to the WhatsApp account of the target person. Therefore, you can get all the chats and messages on your phone without the hassle.

Use Bluetooth to Hack WhatsApp


Bluetooth WhatsApp tracking is reliable, but only when you are close to the target person and have already established a connection through Bluetooth. This means you should all be within a range of 50 meters. This is because the Bluetooth transmission has a shallow frequency; hence one cannot detect the hacker to reveal the identity.

Follow these procedures to hack someone's WhatsApp using a Bluetooth connection:-

Step 1:  First, you should detect the target device through WhatsApp

Step 2: Then scan the device to establish a link

Step 3:  Then confirm the tendency of the data in terms of the ability to prevent the data tracking

Step 4: Then proceed to hack the data from the target device

Step 5: Lastly, transport the information to your monitoring gadget

Note that most WhatsApp hacking, third-party applications are only applicable when there is a Bluetooth connection. So, this method is efficient in facilitating mac spoofing, as indicated above.

Through Exporting Chat History to Mail to Hack WhatsApp

You can also use this method to hack someone's WhatsApp conversation. But be advised that you have physical access to the target device to manage every step successfully. Therefore, follow the below steps:-


Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on the device of the target person

Step 2: Then open their WhatsApp messages which you would wish to access

Step 3: Then tap on the 3 vertical dots found in the upper right corner and tap on more options to export the chat.

Step 4:  You will also be promoted to export with the media or without. select based on your target aims

Step 5: when you are done selecting between the two options, you will have to select the destination, which varies, such as Gmail, messenger drive, etc., and select Gmail.

Step 6: Then enter the Gmail address and choose export options from the menu.

Following the above steps, you would have exported the needed conversation with or without the media files. The target person will not even realize what happened.

Use Spammy Link to Hack WhatsApp

The next method of hacking WhatsApp is through the use of spammy links. We all have seen spammy links online from the unknown people who target our accounts. Sometimes, hackers use this method to gain access to someone's privacy. The link sent to the target person contains some malware.


So, when using this method, you should at least be aware of the single coding skills. The skills are relevant when you need to encrypt malicious links so that they can infiltrate the target device. The method is not recommended if you are just a beginner. And you should also keep in mind that this method of hacking WhatsApp is illegal. Otherwise, it is efficient when you do not have access to the target device. Therefore, you can insert a malicious link to the image, GIF, etc., and share it with the target person so that you can access their password and get the WhatsApp backup information.

Follow the below procedure:

Step 1: You need to write the hacking code first and create a fake WhatsApp link

Step 2: Then proceed by inserting  a file to the link, and in most cases, it can be a GIF or a photo

Step 3: When you have established a conversation with the victim, attach the link through attaching documents and select the infected file or malicious link

Step 4:  Immediately the target person clicks and opens the malicious image or links, and it will redirect them to the malicious site then they will download a virus to the gadget

Step 5: Once you gain access to their targeted information, you can now proceed to hack the WhatsApp account so that you can send files and information on behalf of the target person.

Use Whazzak to Hack Whatsapp

It is also possible to use Whazzak to hack someone's WhatsApp account; however, be aware that hacking WhatsApp is a criminal offense and be prepared to face the consequences when one identifies you. Follow these steps to hack WhatsApp using Whazzak: successfully

Step 1: Visit the Whazzak website first

Step 2: Type in the phone number of the target person and delete the content you wish to save.


Step 3: After that, tap on the hack icon, and you will have access to the data you are looking for.

The skills you need to manage this step are needed both as a white-hat hacker and a black-hat hacker. The difference comes with the aim of hacking.

Use OTP to Hack WhatsApp

OTP to Hack

The last, reliable option is to sue the OTP for hacking WhatsApp. This is only possible when the hackers get access to the verification code, in this case, the OPT. OPT is a one-time password that WhatsApp sends to the registered number when you need to log in to the account. If a target user can share this code, then it becomes possible and easy to hack their WhatsApp account to access the private messages, etc.

Why Hack Someone's WhatsApp?

Though few people find it hard to hack someone's Whatsapp without gaining access to their phone number, the process is simple and applies to other social media platforms. There are many reasons why you might what to hack a WhatsApp account. While other aims to break into someone's privacy to check on their honesty, there are those who nat to know the mental health of someone as well.

Generally, parents hack WhatsApp for the safety of their kids and to find out their intentions. Since children face negative issues on various social media platforms, parents value the benefits of being off social media platforms. the media detox has transformed the life of the people worldwide, and these are some of the fundamental reasons why you need to hack a WhatsApp account:

Recover Deleted Messages

deleted messages

If you are a frequent WhatsApp user, at some point, you must have accidentally deleted WhatsApp messages and need to retain them. Also, when your phone gets lost, or you have forgotten your password and pin, you need to restore the deleted messages.

The only way out is to hack your own WhatsApp account and recover all the accidentally deleted messages and other essential chats to keep an original record. In the next article, you can also find a detailed guide on recovering deleted Whatsapp messages using Android or iPhone.

Parental Control

Parental control

Kindly and even young adults are very active on WhatsApp. Often, these kids connect and chat with anyone they get on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. We all appreciate the relevance of social media platforms.

However, it sometimes poses dangers to our lives. Since parents do not know the person kids socialize and chat with and how these people misuse the information their kids are with them, parents should be alert. Thus, it is good to hack the Whatsapp account and spy on the kids where necessary and prevent your kids from facing cyberbullying. Or other misuse situations.

Monitoring Employees

3Monitoring employees

Social media platforms like WhatsApp influence the employee at the workplace, affecting their productivity. Thus, it remains the responsibility of the manager and their team to check on social media platforms such as Whatsapp so that they make it possible to establish connections at any time. While most employees sue to connect with their families and relatives, others still misuse the secret of the business through WhatsApp while at the workplace.

Therefore, employers must make the employee's WhatsApp accounts and monitor them to avoid wasting time, improve productivity, and guard the company's secrets.

Spy Loved Ones

spy loved ones

with this advanced technology and the popularity of social media platforms, relationships have often become complex. At one point, you might be eager to know how you can access your loved one's messages without having their phone. Also, when married couples suspect each other, they wish to spy on their spouses. thoughThoughing kills a good relationship, getting a loved one cheating in real-time is a perfect sign and go-ahead signal.

Therefore, you can hack a WhatsApp account, and once you realize the partner is cheating, you can move ahead with your life. Stay Stayed with our article as we will guide you on how to do it for your safety.

How to Protect Your Mobile Phone from WhatsApp Hacking?

To this far, it is good to stay protected from possible WhatsApp hackers is good. Therefore, to be safe, you should enable two-factor authentication when signing in to Whatsapp. Again, enable the WhatsApp fingerprint access. And for improved safety, when you try to log in to the WhatsApp web, make sure you click on sign out from all locations.

And one of the reliable methods besides this is to reinstall the WhatsApp application on your gadget.


In our article today, we have highlighted the relevance of hacking WhatsApp, what it takes to hack WhatsApp, and highlighted detailed procedures and multiple methods to help you hack WhatsApp. However, you should not think that hacking someone's WhatsApp is a criminal and be prepared to face the consequences anytime you do it with bad intentions.

Otherwise, you can use the above methods to access your WhatsApp account without hassle fully. This article is only meant to promote safety and let people stay alert to potential hackers.