How to Hack Someones Snapchat

How to Hack Someones Snapchat

Can you hack someone's Snapchat password without anyone knowing? For parental control and other reasons, hacking someone's Snapchat and gaining access to the activities is possible. Read our artciel tofind out.

Snapchat is a social media platform that is gaining popularity, especially in the US, as an instant messaging application. It enables people to share and socialize with family members and friends from around the world. This is one of the most secure applications we have encountered. Developers are constantly updating the application to ensure high security and manage the safety of the users.

Therefore, most people find hacking Snapchat very technical since it has more advanced security. Hence, if you want to learn how to hack someone's Snapchat account, then have in your mind that the process is pretty tough. However, there are a few tricks you can implement while trying to hack into Snapchat.


If you cannot access the email and password to log in, different spying apps are effective in hacking Snapchat. In our article today, we will be going through different methods of hacking someone's Snapchat and sharing some tips. Never miss out on this. Read the article to the end and learn to monitor the kids, spouse, and other relevant tasks.

However, it would be best if you remembered that it is illegal to hack someone's Snapchat account without permission.

How to Hack Someones Snapchat?

1. Use Third-Party Tracking Apps

There are many third-party applications such as mSpy, uMobix, and Hoverwatch. For this case, we would prefer to use mSpy for well-known reasons. However, remember that such third-party applications need you to have physical access to the device with the target Snapchat you want to hack.

Therefore, you must install the application so that you can monitor but discretely. The target person cannot notice anything since no app icon is displayed on the phone. All the activities are operated in the background but display details on the dashboard that you can access anywhere using a registered account.

Third-Party With mSpy, you can monitor the deleted data, messages, and Snapchat activities, and what makes it unique is that it does not need a jailbreak or root. You can have access to different Snapchat accounts using its simple user interface.

If you are finding it hard to manage, then follow the below procedure:

Step 1: Launch your browser and visit the website.

Step 2: If you have an account, log in or sign up for a new account where possible.

Step 3: Then choose the language, e.g., English, click on the confirm icon, and proceed.

Step 4: Then get the monitored device and set it up by clicking get started

Step 5: Then choose the type of device with the Snapchat you want to hack. You will have different options, such as iOS or Android. We will use Android for this case.


Step 6: From the popup menu, click on I have full access to the device. Then make sure you can fully access the device you want to monitor using the mSpy; that is physical access. From the menu, select yes and tap to proceed icon.

Step 7: Then proceed by selecting the device manufacturer such as Samsung, Moto, Huawei, etc. once you pick the relevant manufacturer, click proceed.

Step 8: Then choose the android version in the next window. You will have different options, but to get the desired version, head to the home screen, swipe up and open a new menu, search settings and click on it to open; go to the about phone, software information, and tap on the android version you will see it.


Step 9: After that, ensure you disable the play protect from the play store. while in the play store, search for the play protect, open and head to the settings from the top right corner, then turn it off。

Step 10: Have the target device and launch the browser. Then make sure you visit, draw the capture, and download. Ensure you ignore the warning.

Step 11: Immediately after downloading the file, click on it to open and tap on the allow option.

Step 12: Proceed to configure the mSpy process when it opens.

Step 13: Then give the application roughly 3 to 4 hours for configuration to finish so it can start sending the tracked activities to the server. The delivery depends on the connection speed of the internet on the target device.

Step 14: Then you can log in to the mSpy account to access the dashboard on the website. You will have different access information such as messages, call history, often visited websites, etc.

Step 15: But, click on the Snapchat option to access the activities you want to monitor.

Step 16: Then choose the chat option from the menu. You will notice that you have two chat histories on the screen.

Step 17: Start by tapping on Franky's chat from the right-hand side of the screen. you will be able to access the chat and image details of the Francky

Step 18: Then, check the contact list to access the person's contact list on Snapchat.


2. Through Password Reset

You can also hack a Snapchat through the password reset. This is because the platform also offers the recovery option, but for it to be efficient, you must have access to the email and phone number of the target Snapchat account. After that, you can just reset the password of the account.

No need to mention that this process is somehow complex since there is a need to login into the email address and access the phone number of the person in question. If you are sure with this minimal requirement, then you can proceed following the below steps:-

Step 1: Launch the Snapchat application either using your phone and ensure you enter the email addresses used to register the Snapchat account you wish to monitor. Equally, you can enter the username.

Step 2: Then besides clicking log in, head to tap on the forgot password option. Then you can choose whether you want to recover the password using the phone number or email address.

password-option Step 3:  If you prefer the phone, then once you proceed, Snapchat will set an OTP to the registered phone number and enter it on the empty field as directed.

OTP Step 4: Also, when you use the email address recovery option, you will receive the recovery link to the email address linked to that account. Once you log in to the email address, tap on the recovery link and reset the password as you wish.

So, when you are done with the above process, we are sure you now have a new password, and you can access Snapchat anytime. However, you will only have access to the account if they do not change their password from the other end.

3. Through Phishing Site


Again, phishing sites are the perfect option when you want to hack not just a Snapchat account but also other social media platform accounts. This is a popular technique that the Snapchat hackers also implement.

Therefore, you must create a login site with an identical Snapchat interface. After that, immediately after the targeted person enters the login credential, you will have access to it from the other end. Here is how you can work around this method:

Step 1: The first thing is to look for the source code of the Snapchat login page. This is a must stage to proceed.

Step 2: Go online and navigate through various source codes, which you can simply copy. There are plenty online. Get a free service where you can upload the code.

Step 3: Immediately you create a phishing page, then proceed by forwarding it to the target person whom you want to hack the Snapchat account. For this case, you can decide to disguise it so that it works as a password recovery email.

Step 4: Note that the URL is different. The target person who clicks on the link loads as an identical Snapchat interface on the login page. Once the target person enters the login credentials, the password will be sent to you so that you can proceed to recover the account instead.

4. Use Keyloggers

Keylogger is a neutral term that describes the functions of a program. In simple terms, the keylogger is a program engineered to monitor all the keystrokes. However, you must understand that keylogger is not software in reality.

Sometimes, it is considered a device. These devices are rare to find that a keylogger software. When you think about information security, it is always good to have the existence of the device and software in mind.

try-now There are many keyloggers available which most administrators use to monitor the employees in a firm, tracking their activities and any activity performed by the third party of a computer.

Therefore, if you have a legit program, it might have a keylogging function capable of calling some functions of a program through hotkeys or even by toggling the keyboard layout. But, the ethical boundaries must remain on the fine line.

The legitimate keyloggers are sued for deliberately stealing the password and other relevant information. So, if someone does not save their password on the password manager and loves logging in manually, the keylogger can be important here and is likely to cause trouble.

For instance, hackers can use this program on the targeted device to get the email address and password of the targeted Snapchat account quickly.

Most of the keyloggers are considered legitimate and are available on the market. Most vendors use the keylogger to provide parental control, offering company security such as tracking the input of the keywords and a jealous spouse tracking the social media accounts of their partners such as hacking Snapchat, etc.

But, the above cases are more subjective than objective; hence there are oner viable methods.

5. Through the Public Wi-Fi

Public-Wi-Fi-1024x1024 The other reliable method you can use without any doubt is wireless sniffing. That means you can depend on the public wifi to be able to hack a Snapchat account. This is because most people today prefer using public wifi without taking great caution at some point.

In this case, hackers can utilize such an opportunity to access the wireless network. After that, the person can intercept any data sent through the network and access the targeted Snapchat password.

But, this method does not restrict passwords alone. However, these hackers can still target your private data like addresses, date of birth, credit card number, etc. Therefore, to prevent this, always ensure you stay connected to a relevant VPN while using public Wi-Fi.

How to Know If Your Account May Be Hacked

May-Be-Hacked Once you realize that your Snapchat account is compromised, the first thing you need to do is to contact Snapchat support. This is because a hacked Snapchat account means someone has been authorized to access it. Therefore, ensure you send them the email addresses you can access for the next step while contacting them.

However, the Snapchat team recommends that you keep your password secretive and, if possible, use my eyes only as the password.

Otherwise, there are a few things you can look at to realize that the account is hacked. Such suspicious activities include but are not limited to:

Step 1: Finding spam messages sent through your Snapchat account.

Step 2: Always get a continually re-login to the Snapchat application.

Step 3: You might also realize new contact is being added to your list without your permission.

Step 4: You can also get a notification that someone has logged in to your account from different IP addresses, devices, or locations.

Step 5: Also, you might realize that the email address and telephone number linked to your account have been changed to a strange one without your permission.

Therefore, you can respond by changing the Snapchat password once you see such signs. If not, then contact customer support for assistance.

How to Prevent Your Snapchat Account from Being Hacked?

The above hacking method needs you to have advanced knowledge to succeed. It is not a typical case to find someone hacking your Snapchat account just because of passing the time without intention.

The hackers are aware of the importance of your Snapchat password. Therefore, there is a need to be alert and prevent any possible method a hacker can use to access your account. Therefore, using the below tips can help you to stay secure online:

Verify Your Phone Number and Email Address

Verify-your-phone Make sure you verify all the lined email addresses and phone numbers you sued to register the Snapchat account. This ensures that you have accurate Snapchat settings in place. Therefore, this is one way to ensure that the account belongs to you whenever you lose access.

Use a Strong Password

a-strong-password-1024x683 This is one of the methods of keeping the Snapchat account safe. Thus, using a strong password, it becomes hard for the hackers to guess. Make sure it's unique and logged. Also, ensure that you do not use the same password on all your social media platforms. And if you have a unique password, use the password manager to track them on different accounts.

Regarding Snapchat, your password should be 8 characters, though we recommend a longer password. Then make sure that your password is hard to guess. Avoid using everyday things such as the year of birth or extremely 123456789 passwords. Avoid them at all costs. Forget unrecognized linked devices.

When you forget a linked device, ensure you are logged out of it. Any new login will prompt you to use the two-factor authentication. It takes us to the next prevention measure.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Enable-two-factor We encourage you to enable the two-factor authentication on your Snapchat account when you loin into the unrecognized device. Though this is an optional method, it keeps your account safe. Therefore, you must avoid sharing your Snapchat details with any unrecognized websites. This is because such unique websites can easily compromise your account.

Manage Your Snapchat Contact List

Snapchat-contact-list-596x1024 Make sure that you only add the actual friends to your Snapchat contact list. Avoid linking up with strangers. This is because, though it looks fun, it is still one of the methods to risk your Snapchat privacy and security. When you receive content from a strange person on Snapchat, you can simply block them, as most of the content is phishing sites targeting your password.

You can take many steps to protect your account other than the above. Such involves checking your privacy settings to control who views your snaps and stories and the location. Thus you can prevent someone from accessing your username. Again, it would help if you always hold your phone and never leave it unattended when you have guessable passcode.


1. Is it legal to hack someone's Snapchat account?

It is illegal to hack into someone's account without their prior permission. But remember that when you have a legit reason, you are not punishable by the country's laws. A good instance of a right to offer parental control to your kid's activities. When you are concerned about your kid's safety, you can hack their Snapchat using the above methods.

2. Is it possible to sign in to Snapchat on two different devices?

Well, first, you must be aware that Snapchat belongs to a large number of celebrities and official brands. Therefore, people enjoy the privilege of login into multiple devices using the same credentials. The only exception is when you have a general Snapchat account. In this case, you can only log in to one device.

3. If you hack into someone's Snapchat account, will they know?

When Snapchat recognized unusual login attempts, it immediately sends a notification to the linked email ID. This means the owner will be notified that someone is trying to log in to their account. But, with the help of the above methods, such as using the mSpy application, users will not be notified.


Well, hackers are aware of the importance of accessing your password. But it is illegal to hack someone's account without permission unless you have a right to provide parental control and other relevant conditions. Our article has highlighted some of the standard Snapchat hacking methods and discussed detailed procedures.

It is easy to secure your Snapchat account. When the above methods fail, you can hire professional hackers to help you. Otherwise, protect your account from possible hackers using the above tips.