How to Get Verified on TikTok for Free

Get Verified on TikTok for Free

 Are you struggling to get a verified badge on your TikTok profile? TikTok has millions of users and has become one of the popular platforms for short videos and dance moves. let us learn how to get verified for free in this article.

Social media platforms have become the talk of today. They serve various purposes, from entertainment to promotion services. Therefore, one of the milestones one can make an account is getting a verified badge. It increases the account's credibility and legitimacy; thus, anyone knows that the one using the profile is the real owner.

Getting a verified badge, that blue tick on TikTok does not come cheaply. The badge carries weight on TikTok and is thus special to an extent. If you want to know how to get verified on TikTok for free, keep reading our article.

A verification tick means that TikTok is aware of the person who created and is using the profile. That tick is always placed below your username. Some people are editing their username, which can confuse you with someone who has a real, verified badge.

Thus, you must understand that a badge acquired from TikTok has one specific place at all times. In this advanced generation, the blue tick is vital to help you stand out from the rest and give your profile clout. Let us go into some deeper details.

Why do People Want to Have TikTok Verified Accounts?

TikTok Verified Accounts

There are many benefits and reasons you should get a blue tik on your TikTok account. on a quick recap, here are some of the benefits why people always want to have a verified TikTok account:

  • Adding authenticity to your profile

When you post content using a verified account, most of the audience will take it seriously. This is because people understand that they are directly socializing with the real content creator.

  • Increase account credibility

When someone understands the user behind the account they are interacting with, they tend to trust the profile making it easy to share your content with their audience. This also increases the audience base and works on your account reach, as we are about to see.

  • Boost reach and exposure

The TikTok algorithm works funnily. It tends to promote content from a verified account to reach more people. This is because TikTok understands that the audience needs your high-quality content, thus widening the exposure of your content and increasing the reach to new followers.

There are many other benefits of operating a verified TikTok account. Let us move on to some of the requirements to get verified on TikTok for free.

How Many Followers to Get Verified on TikTok?


Before going for a verification badge on TikTok, you must understand a threshold follower requirement you must meet. But it would help if you also kept in mind that, up to today, TikTok has not made it clear to the public the follower requirements for verification processes. No users understand the best method to get verified.

Therefore, there are not some thresholds on followers that accounts must attain to be considered. However, you must make sure that you maintain the activity and growth metrics on the TikTok account. So, what matters most here is long watch hours and daily TikTok growth rate.

TikTok has never clarified the minimum number of followers required to start the verification. Some people vet the blue badge simply because they are well-known celebrities, resales of the follower count.

This means celebrities can have a badge even without followers on their accounts. But looking at the popular TikTok account for creators, they range between 10k and millions of followers. This means the number of followers does not determine your qualification for a TikTok verified badge.

What are the Most Likely Criteria for TikTok Verification?

Consistently grow your watch time.

According to various reviews online, content creators launch teams, and experts like Raechel Pederson, there are some criteria to consider when seeking TikTok account verification. These include:

  • Consistently Grow Your Watch Time: Your account must consistently increase the video content watch time now and then. This way, you can be considered for the verification process.
  • Follow TikTok Community Guidelines: Banning or flagging your TikTok account reduces the chances of getting a verification badge. Thus, make sure that you remain within the community guidelines on TikTok to establish a reputation.
  • Daily Follower Growth Rate: To be considered for verification, ensure that the accounts show a consistent follower growth daily. The growth rate would range from 500 to 2000 each day.
  • Uniqueness and Constant Viral Content: TikTok accounts that ensure they share consistent and high-quality content on their viral profiles have high chances. Make your content unique and stand out from the crowd.
  • Media Coverage: Also, TikTok accounts that at least get featured on reputation media platforms like TV shows, magazines and newspapers got chances to get a verified badge.
  • Verification on Other Social Media Platforms: Users who have verification on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have also increased chances.

Difference Between a TikTok Popular Creator and a Verified Account

Tiktok has two types of verief ststus account. and in both cases, their accounts have blu tick close to the username. However, the two have different descriptors, which you must be aware of. Find out more!

Popular creator account:  it is easy to attain this status on TikTok and get awarded the blue tick as long as you are active. Your account has many followers, maintains high engagement on the content you share, and always works within the guidelines of the TikTok community.

On the other hand-verified account is the hardest status to attain. The status is only awarded to the super famous and well-known celebrities as well as reputable organizations.

As always, you will find a blue tick sign next to the username in the search results as well as when you look through the follower list while on a verified TikTok account, you will only find the mark close to the checkmark specifically on the profile. Getting verified is important, according to the previous section.

Tips to Getting Verified on TikTok

some of the tips to get or help you get verified faster are discussed below. Make sure you keep them in practice, and you will get a verification badge for free on TikTok

1. Consistency

The ticket to your success on TikTok is creating unique and fantastic content. Make sure you post then consistently to engage with your audience. show your audience that you can maintain a consistent influx on TikTok and challenge by coming up with creative ideas so that you can go viral only regularly. Work on video content to ensure that it goes viral regularly.

This needs you always to pay attention to details, make use of high-quality gear, use boosted apps while editing videos to look more professional, and incorporate trending music and sound effects.

2. Feature on popular media

when promoting a brand in your video content, go the extra mile and do extraordinary but worthwhile things only to let you gain attention when it comes to the media coverage. This requires you to connect on media where you can then leverage such an opportunity.

Then also be part of the public projects to get you to reach more people and get noticed. To gain accomplishment, this is not a platform to be shy; instead, work on being authoritative and becoming a leader. Media like tv shows and magazine helps you legitimize your reputation as any mention in the media is important.

3. Collaborate with influencers and engage with the audience

This is important when you aim at gaining more TikTok followers and consequently have a chance to verify the account. Engage with the followers so that you can get their attention. Also, collaborate with other influencers, do duets and go live together, and notice the follower count grows exponentially to reach your target audience.

More people will realize your high-quality content, increase engagement and help you stand out from the crows to become popular. Make sure you go extra milestones other than posting and engaging with the community on TikTok. This does not only mean you go live and collaborate but also comment, like, and reply to comments. It makes a very big difference to your profile.

4. Verify other social media platforms

If you have other social media platforms, try to get the blue tick on them. These include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This shows the total algorithm that you are a person worth getting a verification badge on TikTok. Get the ball rolling. Get the ball rolling and go through the application processes if you have not.

Before concluding, we also thought of answering some questions that our readers frequently kept asking.


1. Can you request TikTok verification?

On TikTok, unlike other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, no one is entitled to apply for account verification. Tiktok considers some strict guidelines to get a verification badge. Some of these we have covered in our article, and we expect more to come.

2. Can you buy TikTok verification?

TikTok grands verification blud tik to account for free. Therefore, you cannot buy TikTok verification. And this means you should be aware of the existing scam activities online. TikTok technical team decided to award the badge after careful consideration.

So, never fail a victim since it is illegal, and one cannot report anywhere when your money goes missing. You only need to meet the criteria discussed in the above article to get a verified account.

3. Can you profit from a verified TikTok account?

Getting a verified TikTok account increases your chance of getting sponsorship and affiliate programs from businesses and brands. However, you must know that TikTok does not pay a user with a verified creator account. What TikTok works closely with a verified account and then connects the creator with the brand to promote.


Getting a verified TikTok account is easy than on other social media platforms. The only thing you need to do is comply with the community guidelines and meet the minimum criteria to be considered for verification. Blue tik impacts your TikTok account in many ways other than creating clouts; hence you can focus on creating quality content and revamping the strategy.

You can always reap a reward from a verified TikTok account with increased credibility and reach. It is exclusively free and so be aware of the online scammers. TikTok does not charge to get a verification checkmark.