How to Get Someone’s IP on Discord

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Do you want to get someone's IP address on Discord now? Please read our detailed guide and learn the more popular tracing discord IP addresses.

There are different circumstances when you are prompted to look for someone's IP address on Discord. But not everyone knows how to go about it. Some people believe it is hard to trace IP addresses on Discord since they hold their servers themselves. And for extra security of members, Discord uses the TLS.

Most tech-savvy will assure you that getting someone's IP address on the Discord is possible. That is true and very possible but only using specific ways of software. That way, you can easily calculate someone's IP addresses or trace them.

Here are some of the most popular methods you can use to get the IP address of a user on Discord.

Use Discord IP Resolver

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Since there are different methods you can use to get Discord IP addresses, the first one we will consider is Discord IP Resolver. This software offers the best and easiest way to obtain someone's IP address on Discord. It uses advanced technology to get the information you need. It can also perform a packed interception scan method. This way, the tool can decrypt, fetch, or extra any IP addresses you are targeting on Discord.

This tool works differently by first sending spoofed packets that are specially modified. Its AI algorithm easily adapts to the user's location. After that, the target IP sends encrypted packets back to you with the information you need to know.

However, the users must be online to resolve for it to succeed. Otherwise, here is a step by step guide:

Discord IP resolver

Step 1: Get the user ID. Join the discord server and then type \@yourusername. You will be able to access your user ID then copy and save it for step 2.

Step 2: Then turn the developer mode on by navigating to settings> appearance, then check the checkbox close to developer mode.

Step 3: After turning developer mode right, click on the target person, copy the user's ID, and proceed.

Step 4: With the discord user ID, paste it on the corresponding special field on the Discord IP Resolver and tap ‘resolve. The IP of the target users will display on the discord IP grabber website.

Discord ip result

Use Discord IP Puller

IP pullers are also the best tool to use and provide a  faster solution when you want to know the IP address of someone on a discord server. There are plenty of discord IP pullers online that you can use to get IP addresses.

A good example is the use of Grabify. This platform creates a unique link of your interest, and you have to entice the users on Discord to click and open them to get their IP addresses. Follow these steps when using Grabify:


Step 1: Get the target's profile URL leading to their page. To start grabbing their IPs, you must know this link. This is because Grabify has a unique blank space where you can copy the link and paste

Step 2: After that, paste the copied URL on Grabify, and create a special URL by clicking ‘ Create URL.' This is a new working address that you should give to the users to grab their IP addresses. This URL has tracking parameters to save your tracking code while creating the new URL. Grabify always gives you a necessary tracking code because it is essential for tracking the IP address later.


Step 4: Share your Generated link with your target user. Entice them to click on the link. If not, then your mission might fail.

Step 5: If they click on the link, proceed to track their IP address. Go back to the Grabify website and enter the tracking code on the top of the homepage; select ‘ tracking code, and it will display all information you need to know, including location and IP address.

This is easy and works without a Grabify account to give detailed analytic information.


Use Wireshark Packet Analyzer

Another powerful software you can rely on when getting someone's IP address from a discord server is the Wireshark tool. This is a good packet or protocol analyzer online.

You can use it to check everything happening on your network connection, even on a microscopic level. It makes both live and VoIP analyses. Thus, it can enable you to find the user's IP address on Discord.

Wiresharl Homepage

The procedure needs a bit of technical know-how, and most tech enthusiasts could be interested in this approach. However, when you are dedicated, then follow these steps keenly, and you will succeed:

Step 1: Download and install Wireshark from their website to your computer.

Step 2: Explore the Wireshark tracking functions. It has multiple functions that can help you track IPs from just anything. It has lots of packages with information that computers send and receive. This even includes discord packages containing the user IPs and logging in to the Discord. The tool might capture a lot of data since many applications are running even in the background.

But Wireshark functions can filter such tasks to things like TCP, UTP protocols, etc. when you click on the corresponding tasks. Keep Discord and Wireshark active and start a conversation with the target user on Discord—Turn on the tool before connecting with the person.

Step 3: Search the discord package since Wireshark record everything. Search the name Discord using a special field in Wireshark windows, and it will display the processes with IP. Filter the package and get a connection to your computer with Discord.

Step 4: Then get the target IP. You can get it from the incoming packages. But a definite user can use their username to access their IP addresses by searching. On discord information, you will see the user's IP address.

Use Command Prompt


You can also use the command prompt in tracing someone's IP address on a discord server. The tool is already installed on any PC, so you need to run it and type the commands to guide you. The tool generates a long chain of codes that reveal the Discord's IP address you are targeting. Here is how the command prompt works on a discord server case:

  • Close all running programs and ensure no single task runs even in the background. This limits your command prompt to concentrate on the IP address from the target person in the discord server.
  • Then open the discord server, log in, and ensure that your target person is online. Then start a lively and amusing conversation with the user on the Discord.
  • Click on the menu on your PC or windows key on the keyboard, then type in ‘CMS,' open the command prompt by pressing enter.
  • Type in the command prompt ‘netstat-an' and press enter. The tool generates a series of code or scripts. But at the end of the code, you will see the IP of the target user from Discord. Copy, and then you can proceed to trace their location.

How to IP Ban Someone in Discord?

When you have a serious argument with a user on the discord server, you might get annoyed. There is still good news because you cannot just suffer tolerating. Instead, there is an option of banning such annoying users. Therefore, you can ban someone based on their IP addresses on Discord.

Thus, Discord bans users as long as they use the same IP addresses. Rest assured that they won't reach you again unless they mask their IP address. But how is it possible? Here is the simple step by step guide:

Step 1: Launch your Discord before banning it on the desktop, website, or using the mobile.

Step 2: Log in to Discord using your details. This enables you to access the discord server.

Step 3: Select the server. Go to the left side of your screen and easily find the server, then select one.

Step 4: Find the target user to ban as the first step. The user should exist at least in one of the channels found on Discord. You should be aware of where the person prefers being. Go to the main panel on the VoIP channel and get a list of members, and keep on clicking until you find the person.

Step 5: Immediately you get the target person; it is now easy to ban them. Right, click on their name, and it will display the menu. Then at the bottom, you will spot a ban button. Left-click and open another dialogue. Then confirm the choice and proceed to ‘Ban as well as viola. After that, the user won't use the IP address again to access the Discord onward.


There are different circumstances when you might be tempted to look for the IP address of a person in the Discord. Though most people believe it is impossible, a third party can help you achieve anything quickly. Pay attention to the IP grabbers, IP pullers, and many other ways, which are free tools. The Discord IP Resolver is another effective tool. There are various methods besides the above discussed that you can rely on.

However, you can still permanently ban someone from Discord using their IP address when they go against the server policies or annoy you. But still, be keen as some people mask their IP addresses.