How to Get Someone’s IP from Telegram

Get IP from Telegram

Are you struggling to find someone's IP address on Telegram? Then read our article to learn more methods that effectively works.

Telegram is a platform with all kinds of people carrying out different activities. For cryptocurrency, you can find experts here. But you can not just trust any user on the telegram group with an attractive-looking profile. There are lots of scammers and hidden fraudsters. For this reason, you might be interested in finding someone's IP address and using it in due diligence.

However, having the IP address of someone does not guarantee you any power to carry out anything. You must be aware that IP addresses cannot be public as well. This is because you can use these IP addresses to track someone's geolocation and get precise data.

But experienced hackers exploit these IP addresses to their full potential. Generally, IP addresses are essential in tracing the location of someone. So in our article today, we will cover various methods to use and find the IP address of someone on Telegram.

Use Telegram Tracker App  

mspy Telegram Tracker App

First, you must consider the telegram tracker applications. There are different tracking apps online you can rely on for various tasks. They are not used for malicious purposes. A good instance is a parent using the Telegram tracking application to locate their children and monitor them. This is very vital, especially when there is an emergency.

But these applications are premium because they offer high-quality service. There are varieties of applications that come at a cost. So if you want to monitor your child daily, go for tracking applications such as SFP, and mSpy. They effectively track IP addresses and show you the location using Telegram.

Use Telegram IP Grabber

This is a new method, and not everything is aware of it. You can rely on IP grabbers such as the IP Logger to create a link or generate an invisible IP logger image to access the statistics and track IP addresses and the location of someone on Telegram.

Use the IP logger to generate a usual link that contains string codes that trap the IP address of someone that clicks on them. You can easily track the IP address of anyone on Telegram in simple steps.

Step 1: Get attractive content and copy the URL.

IP Logger Homepage

Step 2: Visit the IP logger website, navigate to shorten the link, and generate the shortened link's tracking code.


Step 3: Launch your telegram application and log in with your details.

Step 4: Establish the communication with the target person on the Telegram, make them lively

Step 5: Then share unique links and entice them to click on them to read some entertaining content.

Step 6: Once you note that they have clicked on the link, go back to the IP logger website with your tracking code, paste on the  ‘View logger statistics section, and press the button ‘ view logger statistics.' The application will display all the statistics. You can utilize a geo-logger to track the location and exact GPS based on the target person.


This method presents the most advanced statistics when someone clicks on your link or views the image. It is s simple tool and reliable to use.

Use IP Packet Analyzer

When the above two methods do not work or seem complicated and demanding, you can also try using the packet analyzer. Wireshark is our favorable packet analyzer tool that you can easily download from the internet. It works well when accessing someone's IP address in a Telegram.

Unfortunately, it requires that both you and the target person on the Telegram be active and online during that session. Again, you must be connected, which can be through a private message or via video or voice call. When you have already established a peer-to-peer connection with your target person on Telegram, you cannot find their IP address with this tool.

However, you must be keen because there is an instance when the device does not work, and it needs you to work around it and make everything happen. Otherwise, here are the step by step guide to follow:

Step 1: Open your browser and visit the Wireshark website.

Wireshark Homepage

Step 2: Navigate through and download the software to your computer based on the specs. This tool can sniff all packets you receive from people on Telegram or any other social media platform. Launch Wireshark software can keep it running. Make sure you have a very stable network connection which we advise you to connect using ethernet cables.

Step 3: Go back to your desktop, launch the Telegram you already have, and log in to your account.

Step 4: Navigate through your Telegram and locate the target person. Establish a friendly conversation through telegram messenger and constantly maintain it for a long time so that Wireshark can grab enough packets from the Telegram.

Step 5: Head back to the Wireshark and access all the packets reaching your computer. You can get all these on the Wireshark interface. After that, pick the IP address linked to your Telegram user from the list. You can now proceed to trace their location when need be.

Use the “People Nearby” Feature

We are all aware that Telegram is a safe social media platform or application. However, this application has some security breaching loopholes. A good example is a feature that allows you to see the ‘people nearby.' This is a reliable feature needed to trace someone's location on the Telegram.

This is because you are searching for a person's IP address to know their location, But for this feature, you can directly know the location of someone. But for this feature to work, the target person must enable the function to calculate their location when you triangulate them. It shows someone's location concerning your current location.

You can triangulate using GPS spoofers. And you can still spoof one location for 3 different points so that you can use the 3 results and pinpoint the exact location of your target user on Telegram.


Finding the IP addresses of someone on Telegram is exciting but make sure that it is worth it at all costs. Just knowing the place does not help you, but if you aim to create brand awareness and curate ads, go ahead and do extra hard work.

Telegram is safe, but still, you can get someone's IP address. There are various methods you can surely trust even without technical skills. Pay attention to the above techniques and stay safe as well while online.