How to Get Someone’s IP from Phone Number

How to Get Someone's IP from Phone Number

Do you want an effective way to track IP addresses using phone numbers easily? Then worry no more. Learn how to grab the IP address of someone using a phone number. The solution is in our expert article. Read to the end.

An IP address is simply a particular numerical label assigned to any device. Therefore, when you own an IP address, it becomes easy to trace the location of someone on a network. There are different methods of accessing the IP address of someone. Among them is the use of mobile numbers.

Therefore, if you know the number of the target person, it is pretty easy to trace their IP addresses and know their location. However, it would help if you had some specific guidelines on going about it and calculating IP addresses. This review will guide you in different methods to use phone numbers to track IP addresses.

IP addresses are so unique that they can identify the location of any device on a local or any network. It provides you with location and details, which we covered in the previous articles. Otherwise, let us go straight into methods and show you how to use a phone number if tracking an IP address. If it sounds good, then let us get started.

Use Reverse Phone Search

Use Reverse Phone Search

One of the best and most reliable methods to track the IP addresses of someone with a phone number is through a phone reverse search. The website allows you to search for more information using pa hone number.

A good example is the KIWI search provides you with a location and uncovers the identity of someone and their social media profiles. The website gives you all the possible data about someone online, which are attached to their phone numbers. These include location and IP addresses. It is simple to use this tool.

Step 1: Visit the website and type in the phone number on a particular text field

Step 2: Wait for about 1 hour as it searches the information.

Step 3: When the search is done, tap on see results.

Step 4: Type in our information to access the search results.

This tool is effective and efficient. Safety is their priority, and does not even let the target person know when you search for them. However, it takes longer to display search results. And if it shows, the results might not be accurate at some point.

Also, the process might prompt you to sign in to a premium account to access some functions. Though pretty good, it is not convenient enough. Since you cannot be 100% sure about this method, we have also covered other ways.

Use the Phone Tracker Apps

Use the Phone Tracker Apps

Secondly, you can use phone tracker applications to track a phone hen stolen. Though these tools are only for the phone owners, when you have the phone number combined with some technical knowledge, it is easy to fetch information using these applications such as mSpy, and FlexiSPY. These apps allow you to connect your phone remotely to access information and find their locations.

However, when you want to trace the IP address of strangers, this method does not work effectively. They need the owner's permission to access the data, which is hard to convince them. Tracking a phone varies depending on the application you want to use.

Phone Tracker Apps

Remember to follow the guidelines. And before you get started, ensure the target person is at home; otherwise, expect misleading results. all in all, follow these procedures:-

Step 1: You will have to install the application in most cases to your desktop or phone. Some applications are premium, so you must first pay.

Step 2: Then login to the application based on its status. Follow the descriptions keenly, which varies and grand the person's access. Also, confirm if the person is at home before staring.

Step 3: The start monitoring depends on the type of application you are using. Different applications take varying time ranges. Still, other apps offer different results. Therefore, go for a tracking app with maximum functionality such as mSpy, FlexiSPY, etc.

Use Social Media Platforms

Use Social Media Platforms

And lastly, you can also use other social media platforms to trace the location and IP addresses using their phone numbers. For instance, when you have a phone number, you can search someone on Facebook, and it will delay an account linked to that particular number. The Same case applies when you have an email address. the Same trick applies to other social media platforms when you realize that someone used a phone number to register an account.

Immediately you access their social media platforms accounts, you can now get the information they provided. The data helps you get a better understanding or overview of the person. Most social media platforms ask you to connect with the friends whom you have their phone numbers and email. After that, it is easy to utilize a short link method to trace their IP addresses and get more details.

Geo-finder is a perfect tool when you want to track the specific location of someone. Since IP addresses differ based on the type of devices such as phone and desktop, any current IP addresses become inappropriate after a short time.


The good news is that when the target person opens your short link instead of opening cellular data, you can quickly get the router's IP addresses, which is reliable. This is important in tracking the location of someone.


There are different methods of tracking someone's IP addresses using phone numbers. Besides using a tracking link, you can also utilize the above techniques. While reverse search works, it sometimes does not provide reliable results.

Other methods offer adequate and dependable information besides location and IP addresses. Tracking applications work best. Choose the one which gives you optimal results based on your needs.