How to Get Someone’s IP Address from Zoom

Ge IP from Zoom

Do you want to pull an IP address of a zoom meeting participant but don't know how to go about it quickly? Here are the best ways to crack this popular application and access the target user's IP address.

Zoom is a platform that has been around for a while. It became popular during the inception of the pandemic and the emergency of restrictions. Thus, most people have given much attention to video conferencing in remote working environments. Though it has the most reliable and secure features, we cannot guarantee that it is devoid of abuse, bullying, etc.

You should note that the host of the zoom meeting has the right and privilege to access your IP address. However, as participants, you must take a different route to get someone's IP address at the zoom meeting. It is hard to track and access the user's IP address, even with grabify or Wireshark. But, you will have to use complicated methods but simple. People wonder how but it needs a bit of effort.

Therefore, the methods in our article are so easy to follow without the need for technical knowledge. Use the following techniques and fetch someone's IP address on zoom meeting. Select one that fits you and works well for your case.

Access Dashboard of Zoom Meetings and Webinars

One of the best methods to access or grab the IP address of zoom participants is accessing the meeting dashboard of the webinar or meeting. However, you can only do this if you are the administrator.

This method is pretty simple. Only with a few clicks and steps can you get the job done. Here are the guides you need to consider:-

Step 1: Before anything else, you will have to access the zoom meeting application. This can be online or when using a computer application.

Step 2: Then sign in with your details to your account and access the zoom meeting. You must be the meeting administrator for this method to work out. Otherwise, you are doomed.

Step 3: Go to the dashboard and tap on the meeting button to access the past meeting or live meetings.

Step 4: So, when you were an admin or currently the admin of the ongoing zoom meeting, you will access the past or present zoom meeting participants. You will also see the list of the previous sessions.

Step 5: You can again spot the name of the participants, the device they are using or under in the previous meeting, their IP addresses, the network they are using, location, health, etc.

The method is simple, and as stated, you do not need a piece of technical knowledge to grasp the steps. But, not everyone can be an admin on the zoom meeting yet interested in getting the IP addresses. This forces us to use the second method as discussed below.

Use IP Usage Report

Since there is no third-party software currently you can rely on for pulling the IP address of a participant in a zoom meeting, we also advise you to try our second method. This utilizes the IP usage report. But this is only possible with the meeting's admin or owner.

You can easily access the IP address from the report and track the location of the participants when connected in the live zoom meeting. Thus, follow these steps when you want to access the report:-

Step 1: Go to the zoom web portal of login to the application

Step 2: While logged in, go to the navigation panel and tap on the dashboard

Step 3: Check at the top of the dashboard on your screen, tap on the meeting button, and proceed.

Step 4: Go directly to the IP usage report and click on it. You can as well download the report.

Step 5: So, this report contains a lot of information. In it, you can access the public Ip address of the participants connected to the live zoom meeting.

Step 6: Their geolocation details are according to the IP address.

Step 7: The meeting count. Is the number of the participants connected from that particular address, and lastly, the participant counts.

Remember that when you click on the number found under the meeting count, you can easily access the current meeting ID and all the IP addresses connected to it.

Contact Zoom Directly

zoom support team

Contact the zoom directly before trying the last option and when the above fails to deliver. This is only possible if you have enough reasons to convince the authorities to provide for you the report, participants' IP address, and many more details.

The endpoint is another excellent and reliable source of someone's IP address though it is tricky without sufficient reasons. Otherwise, here are some of the steps you use.

Step 1: You need to communicate with the zoom servers. This is because zoom does not work end to end, making it hard to access the meeting data directly.

Step 2: Go to the official site when you have downloaded the application. But when you have the application, you are good to go. Set up the meeting and capture enough traffic during that partu=iculars session. After that, you will be able to access your IP address and the address of the zoom servers.

Step 3: Then go directly and communicate with the zoom servers or message the support team to give you a specific IP address of the target person in the zoom meeting. You might need it to curb malicious activities in the zoom meeting.

The support team will give you the IP address if you have a convincing reason. You can use it to track the location of someone or ban them from joining the zoom meeting.

Does IP Grabber or IP Packet Analyzer Work Here?

You cannot use an IP grabber or IP packet analyzer in tracing someone's IP address on a zoom meeting. You might be wondering why. The reason behind this is that zoon does not have an end-to-end connection. This implies that any information on zoom is not directly sent to the participants.

Instead, it is first sent to the communication server on zoom based on your region then later to the recipient. Thus, it is not possible to get the IP address of the participant using the IP grabber or IP packet analyzer tool. When using these tools, you can only access the IP address of the zoom servers.

However, you can use the above methods to get the IP address of someone on a zoom meeting.


Zoom is a secure platform that does not support end-to-end connections. So, it is a perfect place to host video meetings because it provides you with much-needed privacy. You cannot use third-party software in accessing someone's IP address.

However, we recommend the above methods when you want to trace the location or someone on zoom besides being an administrator. They are the only options available. Select one that meets all your needs.