How to Get More Views on TikTok

How to Get More Views on TikTok

Are you struggling to get your TikTok video content to go viral? Read our article to learn hacks on how get more views to let your video go viral on TikTok.

TikTok comes as a no surprise application. This is because it is the most downloaded social media platform since 2019. It has millions of active users out there. Since there is stiff competition dominating the platform, marketers, and influencers are wondering how to increase their followers and views.

Views are the talk of the game on this platform. Stepping up your TikTok presence is the perfect move. Therefore in our article today, we have rounded up various methods to help you get more views on TikTok. You will learn more about how algorithms rely on viewership. Read these hacks to help you gain more TikTok views.

Identify Your Target Audience

Target Audience TIKTOK

For every successful Tik Tok influencer, there is a particular sub-genre on the market. This ranges from Book Tok to the vibrant rug tufting TikTok. Think of your specific audience to hang with and identify the popular accounts from the community. Once identified, get to learn more about the hashtags references as well as the format of their content. This is vital and can help you create relevant content.

Therefore, liking and community are essential to bond with your target audience. We are sure that an insightful response will, in the long run, inspire or attract fellow books to visit your profile and check on the type of content you have. Thus, it brings more views and followers.

Get a Higher Completion Rate and Engagement Metrics

Get a Higher Completion Rate and Engagement Metrics

You should know the basics of algorithms on TikTok. These aspects include crushing algorithms with completion rates. Its essential factor is algorithms. Come up with video content that followers view to the end and even re-watch multiple times. The more people view it, the more it becomes viral.

Secondly, maximize the engagement metric. Metrics like comments, shares, and likes are important in feeding the algorithm. So when the initial group brings high completion and engagement metrics, the algorithm continues to reach out to more people and become famous.

To increase the completion rate in the initial content, you should consider strategies like:

  • Engage with the audience during the first few seconds
  • Overlay caption and in the description include questions.
  • Use suspense for followers to need more.
  • Use captions that get the audience's attention.
  • High-quality content with pleasing visuals.
  • Let your video content appear to loop.
  • include a strong profile photo and bio
  • Post continuously to retain and get more audience
  • encourage duets while socializing with other Tik Tokers
  • employ transition and transformation
  •  Lastly, target the audience using the relevant hashtag.

Use the Trending Sound Effects

Using trending sound effects is one of the best methods to get more views on TikTok. This implies you should create video content that includes trending sound effects. Today, Tik Tokers believes that adding a trending sound effect to your content at a lower volume tricks the algorithm to display your videos to multiple audiences.

However, TikTok reveals to the audience similar content they view last. Since people view trend-based content, there is the likelihood to be discovered when you join the trend and get more views. Once you get a trend, act fast because these TikTok trends come and go quickly.

Pay Attention to Details When Posting

Pay Attention to Details When Posting

Before posting your content, ensure you include relevant details. This includes using a relevant trending hashtag and posting the content at an optimal time. This guarantees you optimal engagement.

We also advise that you keep your video content short. Even though TikTok provides up to 3 minutes long videos, only those under 30 seconds often wind up on the FYP. And in the long run, the audience might end up re-watching even up to fast and furious third time.

Use Your Other Social Platforms to Promote

On Tik Tok, it seems that many people with more views tend to share their video content to other social media platforms. These include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is important in bringing in more existing audiences.

So, when you are active on another social network, lure the audience by sharing the teaser content. A fully-fledged omnichannel social campaign brings you more views to your profile. And for brand awareness, cross-promotion is one of the effective ways to boost TikTok content among the community.

Don't Get Stuck in Your Own World

Don't Get Stuck in Your Own World

Do not limit yourself; instead, collaborate with other celebrities, influencers, and guest stars. Teaming up with other related content creators for a cross-over opportunity presents your TikTok profile o a more appealing outside voice. This is the easiest method to get more targeted followers.

Special guests play a vital role by shining a spotlight on your video content as they attract views of their fan base to your content. A good example is MaryV, a photographer, and Calvin Klein. Note that the content creator you collaborate with must mirror your target audience. Currently, Brands large and small are considering a partnership with TikTok influencers.

Last – Some General Operations

Many other methods can help you increase your TikTok views.

  • First, you should create high-quality content

This is the most effective method. They might perform so well if you make exciting and valuable video content. To be specific, educational and how-to videos are the best. This is because how-to and education content provides helpful information and relevant news in their daily lives.

  • Secondly, ensure that you engage with your audience

Take time to understand your audience and their needs, then develop the content that enables you to engage with them. Create a relationship through liking and replying to their comments as well as socializing in the DMs. When you successfully engage with an audience, you gradually create a support network advertising your brand. This results in more views, likes, and comments while boosting your profile through a beating algorithm.

As stated, you should also ensure that your video content looks good in terms of lighting, sound quality, and some edits. This way, your content attracts people to watch them. To an extent, the TikTok algorithm also prioritizes high-quality content on the For You Page. Keep updating your content to stay updated and utilize trending sound effects to rank higher.

How Much Income Can TikTok View Bring You

How Much Income Can TikTok View Bring You

TikTok started offering payout to popular content creators since the inception of Crestor funds in 2020. The additional earning rewards the creator and cares for their creativity in connecting followers with their inspired ideas. There is no standard payment plan since the creator fund apparently changes. However, the pay ranges from $0.02 to $0.04 for 1000 views.

Note that not everyone can cash in on this generosity. There are some criteria you need to meet for you to be eligible. These are:

  • At Least 18 years of age.
  • Attain a minimum of 10,000 followers
  • For the last 30 days, you must have attained a minimum of 100,000 content views.
  • Be based in the selected countries. These included the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.
  • The account must meet the community guidelines and terms of services on TikTok.

If you can meet all the above requirements, you can immediately apply for a Creator fund using the application.

Setting up is simple; navigate to the settings and privacy, go to creator tools, tap the TikTok Creator Fund. enter your contact details and adhere to the agreement. Something good about the creator fund is that the process is easy but guarantees passive income at least once per month.

However, the direct interest is shallow. From the above metric, it is clear that, with 1 million views, you earn around $20 to $10. This is pitiful, and most tik tokers are considering other sources of income to help monetize their following.

But also note that payout is not the main target of influencers. Influencers believe that, when attaining high viewership, the business opportunities will follow, which later boost brand deal income, and affiliate marketing income.


There are many ways to help make your TikTok video content look better besides tricking the algorithm. This is the best platform for content creators to earn passive income quickly. Again, it is a robust platform for influencers to create brand awareness.

Therefore, when your video has high viewership, it reaches a larger audience, and influencers use this chance to create brand awareness, convert followers to potential customers and thus increase business sales. When business sales increase, revenue also increases.

Hence, the more you connect with the target audience, the more your videos get views and perform well in creating brand awareness or affiliate link promotions. This is one of the methods business uses to thrive.