How to Get Blue Check on Instagram

How to Get Blue Check on Instagram

Do you want to get a blue check on Instagram or learn how to get verified on Instagram? Instagram verification badge is very vital. Read our article to find out more about the coveted blue check.

Instagram is one of the major sAsplatforms. Most users promote their business brands and socialize. However, there are scammers and fraudsters online with multiple accounts. We learned how to identify if someone has multiple accounts. After that, you might also need to know which account is legit.

The only way out of this is to use a blue checkmark on Instagram. If that is the case, then you are in the right place. This s why you need to learn how to get a verification badge.

And so, in this article, we will be taking you through all the procedures and the basic requirements of getting the blue badge or how to apply for one. Read our article to learn more tips on how you can easily qualify. But before going into more details, let us first find out what this  Blue check na d its benefits to you or your business. Keep reading to the end.

What Does Blue Check Mean?

What Does Blue Check Mean

In the world of social media platforms, getting a blue check or verified on Instagram implies that the Instagram platform has confirmed your Instagram profile. It stands to be the authentic presence of the public figure, brand, or celebrity it represents.

Thus, when you find an Instagram account having a blue check on the bio, conclude that it is the official Instagram account instead of the available fake or unofficial accounts online. It helps prove that your account is real and trustworthy.

The blue check badge intends to make your account stand out so that your audience can be sure that they are engaging with the right owner. It thus becomes easy to spot a verified account from the search results since they somehow convey authority. The blue check is the coveted status on Instagram and other social media platforms.

However, the cases are rare and do not translate to any form of better engagement. and an account with that badge does not guarantee special treatment from the algorithm. Still, you will rank higher by posting high-quality content that always resonates with your audience. What are the benefits of the blue check on Instagram?

Benefits of the Blue Check on Instagram

If you find out that your Instagram account is at risk of impersonation, the first thing to do is get the blue checkmark on your Instagram account. More on the procedure later. so, in this section, we will highlight some of the benefits of getting a checkmark badge:

  • The verification badge on Instagram is important in showcasing the business brand exclusivity.
  • The mark also helps easily create brand awareness and grow the follower count since the audience trusts the account as legit.
  • It also impacts brand security from the imposters online.
  • Still, it helps establish the trustworthiness between your clients, audience, and products.
  • Also, business brands normally use verified accounts while advertising their products since it guarantees influence.
  • Lastly, the target audience can easily find your brand if your account has a blue checkmark from the search results.

Having a verified Instagram account in other wards enables you to access other advanced features like swiping up on the stories.

What are the Lowest Followers Verified Instagram Accounts?

What are the Lowest Followers Verified Instagram Account

The follower count on Instagram does not guarantee a verification badge on your account. But you will also notice that most verified accounts consist of thousands of followers. This is because most of the audience considers verified accounts trustworthy and legit, thus getting reasonable followers. You should not be swayed by the number of followers anymore. Let us now look at some of the minimal requirements to get the blue checkmark on the Instagram account.

What are the Requirements for a Verified Badge on Instagram?

If you want to get a blue check on your Instagram account, then there are some minimal criteria you need to meet before approval. But keep in mind that the exact process of getting a verification badge is still not clear. to check out your eligibility, here are some minimal requirements:

  • First: You need to always adhere to Instagram community guidelines and respect the terms of use. This is the basic but considered the priority in your journey.
  • Authenticity: The account you are operating should be authentic, meaning you should be the real owner or operating your real business brand.
  • Complete: Make your Instagram profile outstanding with all details. The account should be fully complete with a well-laid bio, a profile photo, and consistency in your online presence
  •  Notable: The account should be highly searchable and public for the brand or person so that you can feature in numerous and authentic news media. Remember that any paid media source or sponsored cannot count here.
  • Public: It is the only public Instagram account that qualifies for Instagram verification processes. Thus, change your private account to the public to be on the right track.
  • Be Unique: The account is unique in representing the business or yourself. This is because Instagram does not authenticate multiple Instagram accounts for the same brand or individual. Also, keep in mind that the general account does not qualify for a blue checkmark. So, either an individual or business account is set as one of the basic requirements.

Note that there are no follower count requirements you need to meet to qualify for the blue check badge. Also, linking a verified Facebook account to an Instagram account does not guarantee direct qualification. Instead, you must apply first to get the badge.

How to Get Blue Check on Instagram

After meeting the above requirements, you can now get the blue checkmark on your Instagram account. therefore, follow the below procedure while applying for a verification badge:

Step 1: First, launch an Instagram application or visit the Instagram website and log in to your account with the relevant details. If you have numerous accounts, ensure you are using the account you wish verified.

How to Get Blue Check on Instagram 1 (launch an Instagram application)

Step 2: Then proceed to request verification. Head to the menu section found at the top right corner of your screen and click on the settings icon. Sometimes settings icon looks like a tiny gear. Then click on the account from the menu and hit the request verification icon close to the bottom of your screen.

How to Get Blue Check on Instagram 2 (proceed to request verification)

Step 3: The proceeding by confirming the identity. Make sure you fill in the correct details, including your full name, the right category, and professional salutation. In the Known as the field, input the nickname with which the audience knows and can identify you.

The full name should be the one appearing on your government ID card or driving license. You can also use your middle name. And in the category field, select the correct category you are sure with. There are many categories to select from, ranging from news, music, sports, entertainment, etc.

Step 4: Upload the official documents like identification documents such as ID and passport. If you are operating a business account, upload the business license, utility bill, tax return, etc. The name must match.

How to Get Blue Check on Instagram 3 (Upload the official documents)

Step 5: When you are done, click send to finish the application process and wait for the feedback after review within a few days.

If you fail to succeed, you should not give up; try again after finding out why they rejected your first application. You can send the next submission after one month upon denial. Always remember that once you apply, Instagram will send you a notification through the activity section to let you know the status of your application. Click on the heart-like icon found at the top right of your screen to access the notification under activity. But when you resubmit a new application multiple times before getting a notification, cancel the pending application.

Also, it would be best if you kept in mind that:-

Step 1: While we encourage you to check the eligibility based on some aspects and apply for the blue check,  sending a request does not guarantee a verification badge. Immediately you get a blue checkmark, but you cannot change your name on the account or transfer the badge to another social media account.

Step 2: It does not verify other social media accounts when verified on Instagram, even when linked to your Facebook accounts.

Step 3: And getting the blue checkmark through a misleading or false method, Instagram evaluates and takes down the badge, and it might even end up suspending or disabling your Instagram account.

Step 4: Then after verification, it is always good to include extra security by enabling 2-factor authentication login.

What Will Cause Your Verification to Be Withdrawn?

Verification to Be Withdrawn

You should not pay to get an Instagram verification badge; once Instagram reviews your application, they always respond within 30 days. So, when you realize that your application is rejected, you can still resubmit another request after 30 days. What causes Instagram to withdraw the Instagram blue checkmark from your Instagram account? here are some suggestions put forward:

  • When you use your account or profile picture, even bio, in promoting unrelated services,s it violates the terms of use and community guidelines.
  • When you try to transfer or advertise your Instagram blue checkmark.
  • When you change the account from a public to a private Instagram account multiple times.
  • And also, when you try verifying your account using a third-party application.
  • Providing false information while applying for Instagram blue checkmark.

So, if you have not or Instagram has withdrawn the verification badge, there are other reliable methods to make your account stand out as authentic.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Instagram Verified

You have learned the basic requirements, the procedure of applying the blue check, and the possible reason why the Instagram badge can be withdrawn. Now in this section, we will guide you with a few tips to increase your odds of getting verified on Instagram:

  • Adhere to the community guidelines and Instagram terms of use

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Instagram Verified (Adhere to the community guidelines)

Unless you follow the Instagram terms of use and community guidelines, Instagram can never consider verifying your account. in summary, Instagram does allow buying o using a third-party application to increase engagements. And community guidelines include avoiding nudity, obeying the laws, staying respectful, and posting your content.

  • Monitor imposter accounts

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Instagram Verified (Monitor imposter accounts)

If you are fighting impersonation and other related things to your brand, then here is the good news. You are the only person who is a prime candidate to apply for verification. To differentiate an authentic account from a fake one, you only need to verify the account.

If there are many imposters online, doing an account audit should give you a clear picture and look for a way to monitor these accounts and document them. There are many apps online which are capable of monitoring social media platforms.

  • Apply when you are newsworthy

This is one of the best requirements you must consider since most of the profiles are verified through it. This is because you must be notable so that everyone knows that the account is the real deal somehow. Look at what your audience knows you for, then utilize that kind of recognition to build on your personality to become newsworthy.

Equally, you can hire a PR to help you get verified. Such things include photography, musician, artist, fashion icon, writers, etc. also trying to feature in the multiple news and press releases.

  • Remove the cross-platform links in the bio.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Instagram Verified (Remove the cross-platform links in the bio)

Instagram account insists that you must do away with the add me link features that link you to other social media platforms to get verification. However, it allows you to link to your website, the landing page, and online properties. Never link a verified social media account to your Instagram to enhance your authenticity and eligibility at all costs.

  • Stay unique and authentic

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Instagram Verified (Stay unique and authentic)

One of the official requirements of Instagram is to be authentic. So, it is not a surprise but one of the tips to help you get the blue checkmark. It increases your chances to grab the badge if you maintain posting unique and authentic content that resonates with your audience.

Be creative and come up with something that makes you stand out. Be truthful above everything. Use your real name and select the appropriate category when applying. Do not stretch the truth without falsifying anything, as it risks your account.

  • Increase audience base organically

Though looks easy but it can turn out to be a full-time task. You must get your precious time to engage with the audience, establish a good relationship with the community and increase the followers to qualify for the blue checkmark. Make sure you reply to every comment on your Instagram and DMs so that your posts can feature and rank higher in the search engines.


1. Can I buy a verification badge?

Instagram does not sell blue checkmarks or never requests payments. Thus you should be aware of the online scammers who understand that most of you have outsized emotion for the blue check badge. Stay on guard since it is risking your account because the scammers might use a third party while applying, which is again the term of use, and Instagram might withdraw the badge after waiting for your effort and money.

2. Can I transfer my verification badge to another account?

Suppose you have a verification badge on your Instagram. In that case, you cannot transfer to another social media account or change your name. the reason for getting the badge is to convince the audience that your account has been vetted and approved to be the authentic owner claiming to be.

3. Is it free to get Instagram verified?

It is free to request or apply for an Instagram verification badge. You can find the option to request the badge from the settings. This means there is no need to buy third-party services while applying. It is a scam against the community, guidelines to buy Instagram verification. stay alert.


not everyone is entitled to an Instagram verification badge. However, it might be your chance to apply today. Thee are a lot of procedures and requirements needed to get the blue checkmark. Thus, ensure you have a good reason to get the badge. Besides increasing credibility, there are many other benefits of getting a verification badge and making your profile unique.

Utilize the above tips and tricks to increase the chances of qualifying for the Instagram verification badge. Otherwise, follow the right procedure and stay alert to online scammers. The Instagram verification badge is free.