How to Find Someone’s IP Address on YouTube

Find IP Address on YouTube

Are you looking for the simplest method of finding the IP address of someone on YouTube? Please read our article and follow the step-by-step guide, and have control.

YouTube is among the most famous social media platforms, especially for sharing video content. There are other kinds of content covering different niches. Most people use it due to its popularity, and as a content creator, you might come across different and varying comments which might be constructive while others are offensive.

There is only one way to stop such offensive comments and deal with rude people online. Get their IP addresses and trace the location to curb further bullying. So, if you want to find the IP addresses of someone on YouTube, this article is here to help you. But remember, it is useless to find the IP addresses of someone for illegal purposes like botnet attacks.

Use an IP Grabber

IP grabber is a general term that refers to various tools that generate a tracking link. For our case, as the first method to find someone's IP addresses on YouTube, we will use Grabify as the IP grabber. This tool generates a trackable link that you are supposed to send to the person, entices them to click the link, and gathers all information about the target person.

The report includes computer type, IP addresses, location, etc. So, follow these steps to successfully create a link, share and pull someone's IP addresses on YouTube:

Step 1: First, you must find the interesting content, then copy the link. Ensure that the link opens attractive content to the target person so that you can easily convince them. For YouTube, copy a link leading to an amusing YouTube video.

Step 2: Go to the grabify website and paste the link on the special field ” Enter a valid URL  or Tracking code'. Proceed by clicking the ‘create URL button.’ After generating the link, copy the shortened link and the tracking code for the next step.


Step 3: Then share the link to the target user on YouTube. Convince them to click on the link but do not look suspicious. Open up a friendly conversation, and paste the link organically in the middle of it. Let them know that it is something exciting or a new video that they would live to watch. Always ensure that the target person clicks on the link, but you will not get any information.


Step 4: Once they click on the link, it is easy to grab their IP address. Head back to the Grabify homepage with your tracking code. Then paste it on the blank field named ” Enter a valid URL or tracking Code,' Then, click on the tracking code instead of creating.

The tool will display all the information about the target user. This even includes their YouTube IP addresses. You can also locate their exact location and get the internet provider.


Remember that this method only works when the person clicks on the link you created and if it fails, try our second method below.

Use an IP Sniffer

The second method you can make use of is the IP sniffer software. There are different types of sniffers online, and most of them are free of charge. A good example we will use in our guide is the Wireshark. This is a reliable tool to use when trying to find the IP address of someone on YouTube.

However, you all must be active or online, at least connected, for it to work effectively. Once you have established a peer-to-peer connection with the target person on YouTube, you can now use the Wireshark tool and find their IP addresses. Follow these steps to get the job done quickly:-

Step 1: Go to the Wireshark website and download the software to your PC. This tool is perfect for sniffing all packets sent to you from any angle, including a conversation from YouTube.

Wireshark Homepage

Step 2: Install the software, launch it and ensure the PC is connected to a stable internet linked via ethernet cables.

Step 3: Minimize Wireshark and head over to your browser, open your YouTube account, and establish a conversation with the target person. Keep the conversation going on your YouTube channel and proceed to your Wireshark.

Step 4: A package reaches your computer when the target person replies to your conversation. Wireshark displays all the packages sent to you from YouTube. And from here, you can easily pick a linked IP address from the interface and trace their location using a different method. If it is only IP addresses, then you are done.

Use Command Prompt


If the above two methods fail, then use the command prompt. This is an essential tool that is already installed on your PC. You can use it to manage all the underlying processes on the system, including tracking the IP addresses incoming from various sites, including email or YouTube. But this method should be carried out with a lot of care.

Before starting, ensure you close all the running applications and establish a conversation with the user whose IP you are trying to trace. This ensures that the command prompt only displays the IP address from YouTube. You can establish the conversation using online chat tools like Tidio or Hubspot.

In simple words, follow these steps to ultimately trace the IP addresses of someone on YouTube with command prompt:-

Step 1: As started, first close all running applications. This includes all programs even running in the background. This will help you do away with confusion and only connect with the target person. It assures you that you will be fetching the needed IPs from YouTube.

Step 2: Then start a conversation with your YouTube user under investigation. This must be online, and it will be better to use video or voice call options. Ensure you establish an extended conversation to calculate the IP addresses easily.

Step 3: The head over to the command prompt. You can press WIN+R and type in CMD to open the application. Or equally, you can search for the command prompt in the search bar. You can also head to the windows application and scroll down to the command prompt from the list.

Step 4: Immediately you open the command prompt and keep conversation with the target person on YouTube; you need to start typing in some commands. So for you to access all the IPs you are connected to on the computer from YouTube, type in ‘nestat-an then tab ENTER button. It will display all the connected IPs from your YouTube user or any other running software.

You can pick your target IP address from the list.


It is easy to pull someone's Ip address from YouTube. But this is only possible if you know how to go about it. You can use the IP grabber, sniffer, or command prompt. Our article has highlighted everything and the easy step you need to follow carefully.

So be cautious and remember that any YouTube user might track you as well. You can use proxies and VPNs to guard your online privacy and IP address against possible hacking.