How to Edit Photos on iPhone with the Photos App

Edit Photos on iPhone

Are you struggling or finding it hard to edit a photo on your iPhone? Then if you are curious to learn how to edit a photo using iPhone, come in and learn from the experts. We have laid out the most straightforward methods and a details guide to take you through the process.

Most users and photographers consider iPhone cameras as the best they have ever had in their lifetime. while there are many other cameras on the market, you can snap photos using iPhone and then improve the quality of the image by editing.

When you edit the photo, it involves a lot of things, and some of the metrics include color improvisation, working on the horizon, and even adjusting the sharpness of the image. Either way can help you make a photo perfect by only using your iPhone.

We have you covered and ready to get the kills and take your profession to another level if you are a newbie. We cover everything from one tap up to advanced color editing and exposure. Yes, it is possible enhancing the photo within your photo library alone.

Let us now get into the process and guide you on how to obtain a stunning photo using iPhone.

Prepare for Editing Photos on Your iPhone

Update System to iOS 13 

Update System to iOS 13

The first step to editing photos with the iPhone is to make sure your phone is updated. And the build-in photo app is among the best app you can rely on when it comes to photo editing with the iPhone. So, when you are using the latest iOS 13, you will have complete access to the photo editor.

iPhone has multiple photo editing software. This means that you can set the fine tune of the editor tool with the latest version than when you are using the old iOS version. Interestingly, the same feature can also be sued to edit videos.

Therefore, you must ensure that you have the latest version of the iPhone photo editor features. and if not, then consider the following steps to update the system:

Step 1: Using your iPhone, launch the Settings icon from the home screen.

Step 2: And from the resulting menu, tap on General

Step 3: Then head to the Software Update to start updating. Another thing is that you must have access to the network to update.

Once you have updated, you have complete access to the photo editing features with your iPhone.

When the software is not up to date, you should follow the onscreen procedure and update. Remember to have the backup files on the cloud storage because anything can happen when you update the software. This is not possible with iPhone 6 or earlier.

Back up Your Original Photos 

Updating phone OS is risky, and this is why you need to perform a backup by duplicating the photos first. However, the editing process is non-destructive, and once you are done editing, you can still undo the process to obtain your original image. But when you want to have all the photos separately in the future, you can duplicate your image before starting to edit. and here is how you can go about it:-

Step 1: Launch the Photos app on your gadget.

Step 2: Navigate through the Images and locate the photo you want to edit; click on it to open.

Step 3: Then from the bottom left of your photo, find the share icon and click on it,

Step 4: Scroll down from the popup menu, and tap on the duplicate option.

Step 5: When done, click the back arrow button found at the top left and get back to the photo library, from where you will be able to see the duplicate files. After that, you can proceed with the next step to edit.

If you are interested in editing, keep reading to the next section.

How to Edit Photos on iPhone with the Apple Photos app

Edit Photos on iPhone with the Apple Photos app

In this section, we will take you through step by step procedure on how to edit photos using the photos app on your iPhone.


Step 1: With your iPhone, launch the Photos app.

Step 2: Then navigate through the Images available and locate the one you want to edit; click to open on full screen.

Step 3: Then click on the edit icon found at the top right corner. If you cannot see the icon, click on the screen to see it.

Step 4: Then at the bottom of your screen, you will find the button, and sometimes you will see them from the side of your screen, which gives you different controls to edit the photo. We will get into details in the next specific sections

Then at the bottom of your screen

Step 5: And when you are finished editing, click done and save the image to your phone. And if you are not satisfied with the modifications, cancel and then tap discard changes.

This is just a general introduction method, and for a detailed procedure, let us find it below.

Adjust Color, Brightness, Sharpness on Your iPhone

If you know how to edit photos using iPhone, you can easily convert an image to look fantastic and get viewers' attention. And one of the best things to start with is working on brightness, color, and sharpness.

Auto Enhancement

And before you start the adjustment, make sure that adjust button or dial is marked at the bottom of your screen. Then below the image, you want to edit, swipe across and access the row adjustment features.

Step 1: You can use the Auto-enhance option, which will automatically adjust the brightness and color of your image. Click on the AUTO button and apply the changes to the photo with one tap move. Once you switch one, the button will turn to pale gray. Interestingly, the auto option lets you undo the edits anytime and fine-tune them.

You can use the auto-enhance option

Step 2: Using the slide at the bottom of your screen, proceed to make changes to the strength of your edit.

Step 3: It is also possible to adjust the brightness, color, and many other aspects. On your screen-swipe across the adjustment button, and you will access a bold line that shows the tools you have used to edit the photo using auto.

It is also possible to adjust the brightness

Step 4: Then click on the tool, and using the slider, you can adjust the strength and fine-tune the changes.

Step 5: When you click on the auto button, it turns dark gray, meaning you have removed the auto enhancement.

click on the auto button

Step 6: You can decide to use the manual adjustment features and apply the edits to the image.



The exposure button either darkens your photo or brightens it when you use it. and here is how to go about with it:

Step 1: If you want to brighten the image, drag the slider found at the bottom of your screen to the right.

Step 2: And to darken it, then drag the same slider to the left. Remember that the exposure affects the highlight more than it works on the shadow. Thus, a bright tone gets affected more often than the dark one in your photo.

Crop Photos on Your iPhone

Drag the same slider to the left

Besides the above photo editing aspects, cropping also enhances the image composition, such as symmetry improvement. As long as you want to zoom a distance image, always make sure that you do not do it deeper, which might interfere with the quality of the picture.

Step 1: So drag the corner crop handles if you want to crop the image. Remember that white borders display the location of the new edge.

Step 2: And if you realize you have cropped excess, drag the corner handles outwards this time round. You can also pinch inwards using your two fingers to bring the image back to the targeted frame.

Step 3: Then you can adjust the position by dragging to preview first but work with your crop frame.

Step 4: But if you need the particular ratio, click on the aspect ratio button found at the top right of your screen.

Step 5: Swipe across the row of aspect ratios and select your required size Suh as square and many more.

Step 6: And just above the aspect ratio, you can select to crop the image horizontally or vertically.

Step 7: Then to work on the size of the image, you can use a pinch in and out and make adjustments. Also, drag the picture and fit the area you want to fit in the frame.

Step 8: Then click on the aspect ratio button if you are done and need to exit the aspect ratio. The icon is found at the top right of your screen.

Flip & Rotate Photos on Your iPhone

Flip & Rotate Photos on Your iPhone

The next move is flipping or rotating the photo with the iPhone. So, follow the below step:

Step 1: You first have to locate the rotate and flip icons found at the top left of your crop screen.

Step 2: If you want to rotate the image, click on the rotate icon at 90 degrees anytime you click.

click on the rotate icon at 90 degrees anytime you click

Step 3: And click on a flip button which will flip the photo horizontally

Adjust Perspective Photos on Your iPhone

At a time, you might have a photo but wish to adjust the perspective either horizontally or vertically. It is still possible with iPhone.

Step 1: Click on vertical perspective if you want to adjust the perspective to vertical. The icon is below your image.

Step 2: Then you can adjust the vertical perspective by dragging the slider to the needed location

Adjust the vertical perspective by dragging

Step 3: This is one of the essential features where architecture sues. And the same procedure applies when you want to adjust a horizontal perspective to your images.

Straighten Photos on Your iPhone

After cropping an image and realizing that it is not on the level, you can straighten using the photos app.

Step 1: After launching the Photos app, locating the Image, and opening it under the edit option, click on the straighten icon, which is found below the photo

Step 2: And use the slider to drag it to straighten the image or rotate it.

Step 3: Then you can even utilize the gridlines to get the photo to a perfect level.

Use A Filter on Your iPhone

Use A Filter on Your iPhone

Filters are vital and can even change the appearance of the photo with one click. Changing the color tone has become simple today, and you can select from different colors and the b&w filters. To apply them to your image, follow the below procedure.

Step 1: While on the edit mode in the Photos app,  click on the filter button, a 3-circles icon found at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Swipe across the filters below the images you want to apply the filters. When you select a different filter, keep checking the color changes.

Step 3: Once you are satisfied with the selected filter, use the slider to drag the filter from the bottom of your screen and adjust the strength of your filter.

Step 4: And when you are not happy, you can remove the filter by clicking on the original filter from the menu

Draw on Photos on Your iPhone

You can also go beyond and draw on the image other than making adjustments to the photo. Adding a drawing on the image with the markup tool is very easy:-

Step 1: Launch the Photos app and click on the photos you want to draw text.

Step 2: Then click on Edit

Step 3: And click on the ellipses found in the upper right corner of the screen and select markup

Step 4: Select the tool from the bottom of your screen. You will find such things as eraser, pen, and markers.

Step 5: Then select the thickness of the line you want to draw from the popup menu

Step 6: Then, to draw on the photo, use your finger. If you're going to zoom, pinch the fingers together and zoom the image.

Step 7: When you are through, click the done icon

Add Text to Your iPhone photo

You can also proceed and add a text to the image following the below steps:-

Step 1: On the Photos app, open the image you want to add text

Step 2: Then click edit

Step 3: Then click on the ellipses and select markup

Step 4: Tap the + icon found at the bottom right corner and select next

Step 5: You will see a text bot where you can type your text.

Step 6: You can then change the color of the text by selecting from the bottom of the screen. The same applies to adjusting the fonts and size.

Step 7: Then another thing you can change is the placement of the text. Use your finger to move the box to the correct position

Step 8: Then click don when you are finished adding the text.

How to Remove or Change Your Edits

Remove or Change Your Edits

After making changes and adjustments and different edits on the photo, it is still possible to remove all these edits where they do not meet your expected standard.

Step 1: So, open the edited photo using the Images app and tap on the Edit icon

Step 2: If you need to make additional changes, then launch the editing features and make the necessary adjustments.

Step 3: Otherwise, click on the Revert button found at the bottom right f your screen and then select Revert to Original, and you will be done.

Pros & Cons of the Apple Photos App

Many photo editing apps on iPhone, but deciding the best one becomes an issue. While many people overlook the built-in photo editors, it still comes with multiple benefits. depending on your needs, here are some of the benefits of using the photos app to edit the image:

  • You do not have to waste time downloading third party application which takes time
  • You can edit the image within the photo library of your iPhone
  • It is highly recommended for the newbies because of its simplicity
  • It has advanced settings, including live photos and portrait images mode once you take the snap.
  • All edits and adjustments are non-destructive, and you can easily undo them.

It is also possible to edit a video using the Photos app.

However, the application also has some limitations. These include:

  • Photos app does not have some of the advanced editing features which are available on other third-party applications
  • There is no option to make a selective adjustment in a particular section of the picture
  • Also, the photos app does not have the healing tool to do away with the unnecessary objects within the frame.

And if you need the best photo editing apps for iPhone, refer to our previous article.

Tips to Edit Photos on iPhone

There are many ways to help you highlight the creativity in your photo. And the fun starts immediately after you click to capture. But again, there are osm of the best and most reliable hacks you need to know about photo editing.

  • Think smart and remain bright

Everyone loves the exposure, which is a bright icon. This is where the secrete lies if you want to make the image look unique. When you sufficiently light the picture, it comes to life at the end. However, you should avoid overdoing it since it only overexposes the image. Thus, brightening is the foundation of all photo-editing aspects.

  • Choose frames from live photos

iPhone has a live photo feature which provides an almost 3-second clip. This is a perfect tool when you want to snap the precious moments. Thus, you can select one frame from multiple frames on the live photos by clipping. You can also select it manually and convert it to let it stand alone.

  • Cropping

When you crop your image, it tends to change everything. Cropping help to draw the attention of the viewers so that you can emphasize a scene by removing distractions. Once you identify the unwanted object, you can crop to remove it and then make sure you add the artistic elements to bring out the focus. Try different variations while cropping, then select the best.

  • Adjust highlights

A highlight is a vital part of your image. Thus, you should always ensure that the area has enough light hitting it. Never let the spot lose the details because of the overexposure. When it looks too dim, consider adjusting the highlight and make it stand out to get the attention as the lightest area.

  • Use filters

filters are one of the efficient options when you need easy one edit photo diting. The iPhone photos app has nine default filters and applying them when you edit the image is very simple. Remember that using the filter is non-destructive as the effect is overlain whiteout, interfering with the makeup of the original image. Then learn how to utilize the sliding scale to develop the perfect intensity effectively.

  • Create contrast

This is important as contrast is responsible for bringing out the depth of your photo and then illuminating the details. Remember that when it is done up to the core, it darkens the image shadow while highlighting the rest of the areas in focus. This is a unique tool on the iPhone. Thus, make sure you apply the effect small after the other until you achieve the needed results.

  • Fine-tune the shadow

This is the opposite of highlights. You need the least amount of light exposes the shadow. And if the spot is kept too dark, you might lack visual details or contrast when there is too much light. Always make sure you attain the right balance since shadow intensity plays a significant role in the dimensions and depth of your images.

  • Enhance color

the intensity of color determines the appearance of your photo. Thus when you edit the saturation, add minor increase adjustments while enhancing the color. And ensure you try to keep them realistic. Make small adjustments to remain within the scope and avoid over-modifying the image.

  • Keep it natural

Regardless of how you edit the image or the type of tool you are using, always remember to keep not natural. Though editing is a tri and error, you will have the right balance to represent what you intend o achieve at the end of the day. All the steps add up to achieving one goal. Then be patient with everything.


In the article above, we have guided you through the various methods and procedures when editing your photo. Remember to go through them and grasp the concept. You will be able to take your photography to the next level. Make use of the tips and perfect your final photo before sharing it on social media platforms. The well-edited picture quickly gets the attention of the viewers.