How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

Ever tried watching a video on YouTube and got a poor network connection? you might be having a poor connection while on the subway. Please read our article on downloading YouTube videos to your iPhone storage for future usage. we will guide you through step-by-step procedures using different methods.

Downloading YouTube videos to watch offline later is one of the best and most efficient methods to make good use of YouTube. You might be in a place with poor network coverage for one reason. Therefore, you can download YouTube videos regardless of the device.

This can be mobile such as iPhone, computer, Mac, or any other device. So, when you download videos, you can then later enjoy watching offline in places where there is a poor internet connection, enjoy watching videos without buffer experiences, and well as you can edit and make it your own story or share it to other social media platforms.

Everyone knows that YouTube does not give anyone permission to download their video content. When you want to download YouTube videos to your iPhone, you must first find reliable methods, which we are about to dive into in detail. This guide is important for you regardless of your reason to be here. So, if you want to download a YouTube video to your iPhone, you will find everything here in this article. Let us get started.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone with YouTube Premium

YouTube has a premium package for streaming services. The paid plan is available for anyone who enjoys watching videos without disrupting ads. You can also play videos in the background and download videos from YouTube to your iPhone gadget. The YouTube Premium package gives potential subscribers one month's free trial. The premium plan starts at$11.99 monthly.

Therefore, before considering using the third-party software, try going for the premium package when you want to download YouTube videos. This way, you will be able to download videos directly to your iPhone device. so, when you have active Premium, follow these steps to save YouTube videos to your iOS, such as iPhone device:

Step 1: Navigate through the phone application and launch the YouTube application.

Step 2: Go through the videos, select, and start playing the video you wish to download.

Step 3: While playing, tap on the download button. you will be able to save the selected video to your iPhone storage

Step 4: After that, when you are done downloading, click library, then head to download to access the videos you have downloaded.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone without Premium

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone with Documents

Besides using the premium package, you can also download YouTube videos through different methods. But note that there are iPhone applications you can find on the app store to help you download the videos, but the problem with these apps is they do not last for long. Avoid the applications because apple company will immediately remove them from your device before you finish downloading. instead, use these methods:

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone with Documents

Download YouTube Videos

Though it's tricky to download  YouTube videos using an iPhone, there is always a workaround even though apple monitors all apps on the app store. There are many options online that involves online downloader like YT1s, SaveFrom, and VideoSolo. For the sake of this review, we will guide you on how to download videos from YouTube using Documents by Readdle since this is the easiest method:

Step 1: Go To the app store and download the Document by the Readdle.

Step 2: After  downloading, launch the application and proceed

Step 3: The click on the compass icon, which will open a browser, and then visit an online site such as

Step 4: Then copy the YouTube link of the video you want to download, paste it into the text box, and click download. The site will decode your video for some time and then generate different output formats with quality options.

Step 5: Click on the download which you prefer as output format.

Step 6: Then type in the name and direct to the desired location for your videos.

Step 7: Click on the download section found at the bottom navigation bar to access the downloaded YouTube videos in your document application.

Step 8: So if you want to save the video to your iPhone gadget, head to the document application and click on the download folder while on the home screen.

Step 9: Locate the video from the list, then click on the3 dots

Step 10: Click the share Option, And from the menu, click on the  save video

Step 11: Then you can access the video anytime from the photos app on your phone.

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone with Shortcuts

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone with Shortcuts

The second method to help you download YouTube video to your iPhone is the use of iPhone shortcuts that is iOS applications. The shortcut is an important application for this case when you want a YouTube video on your iPhone device.

Since documents by Readdle in the app store do not work in the US, you must learn another method to save YouTube videos to the iPhone. This section will introduce you to the shortcuts and guide you on using them while downloading YouTube videos to the iPhone storage. However, your device must be updated to iOS 12 and above. Then follow these steps:

Step 1: First, go to website and locate the shortcut application, then download to your iPhone and install.

Step 2: Then, tap the share icon on any applications on your iDevice, tap more, and switch to the shortcuts.

Step 3: Then go back to YouTube and locate the video you want to download. Click to watch it, tap Share, select the shortcut and download YouTube. This way, the shortcut will start downloading your video.

Step 4: Then when the download is complete, choose to save it to the photo album.

Step 5: You can then access the video in the camera roll, a folder in the Photos app on the iPhone.

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone with Desktop Apps

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone with Shortcuts

You can also download YouTube videos through the desktop app to your iphone. There are many different YouTube downloader tools online. As such, we will consider using EaseUS MobiMaver. This is the best and well known for transferring data. However, it is also effective in downloading YouTube videos to the iphone. It is still compatible with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Vimeo, etc. You only need to use the video URL.

Therefore, to download YouTube videos to your iphone device, follow these steps:

Step 1: First, you must connect the computer with your iphone.

Step 2: The Launch EaseUS MobiMover then head to the section video downloader. Then select the storage target as your iphone. Then videos will be downloaded directly to your device.

Step 3: Then Head back to YouTube, navigate through the videos, and select the one you want to download. Copy the URL, go past the text bar, and click on the download icon.

Step 4: The software will analyze the URL and generate the video formats upon pasting the URL. You will then be able to download the video to your iphone. Once done downloading, to the TV, click library and movies to access your downloaded videos.

You can use the software when you want to download videos to the iphone but also the desktop. It also supports other social media sites and works. But still, it also helps you transfer data between two iPhones, any iOS devices, or even iOS and computers. Make it your good helper today. Isn't this great news?

How to Transfer YouTube Videos to Your iPhone

Transfer YouTube Videos to Your iPhone

You might have downloaded YouTube videos to the mac or desktop and wish to transfer them to the iphone device. There are various methods. And in this section, we will guide how to use the AirDrop, finder, and screen recording. Let Us Get started with AirDrop.

Use AirDrop

Use AirDrop

EaseUS MobiMaver helps you transfer downloaded files to the iphone; there are other tools such as  AirDropthat work well. Since you have downloaded the videos to your computer, the next thing is to transfer them to the iphone.

Apple products come with an in-built tool like AirDrops, especially on the mac, which can help you easily transfer the files like downloaded YouTube videos to the iphone. Thus, follow these steps to manage using AirDrop to transfer the videos: successfully

Step 1: AirDrop feature gives you the best and most reliable option to transfer most short clips to the iphone. While on mac, locate the videos you want to transfer, right-click on the video button, tap share, and select AirDrop.

Step 2: Ensure that you have enabled AirDrop on both devices. On the iphone, use the control center. There is no need for a wired connection between the iphone and mac device.

Step 3: Tap on the airdrop icon, or you can equally drag and then drop your selected videos to the  AirDrop icon on your mac device. This way, it will directly send the video to the iphone storage. You will be able to access the camera roll anytime to watch.

Use the Finder

Use the Finder

The second method of transferring files or videos from the mac or desktop to the iphone is through the FInder. Finder works perfectly for transferring videos from MacBook to the iphone. It is simple, fast, and easy to manage. when you are in such a  situation, then follow these steps to transfer your videos easily:

Step 1: First, you need to establish a link between the iphone and mac. Therefore, you can use the USB cable or a lightning cable for faster transfer and then connect the mac with your iphone.

Step 2: Then on the mac, select the device from the sidebar.

Step 3: Then select the movies icon and make sure you check the sync option

Step 4: After that, check the movies you wish to transfer from the mac to your iphone and click sync.

Step 5: Utilize the Apple TV application found on your iphone to access the transferred videos found in the library and then home videos. Simple, fast, and efficient.

Record the Screen

Record the Screen

Apple company has made it easy since the release of iOS version 11. The iPhones can record anything playing on the screen, be it an iPad. It involves recording anything on the screen, and this includes YouTube videos. Therefore, you can transfer YouTube videos directly to your iphone through screen recording. This is an easy and free method. Simply follow these steps:-

Step 1: Open the YouTube application and select the video you want to record and store on your iphone.

Step 2: Then ensure that you change the orientation from portrait to landscape

Step 3: After that, swipe the control center upward and click on the record icon. This is a circle inside a circle.

Step 4: Click on the record icon again to stop when you are done recording.

Step 5: You, Will, be able to access the recorded video anytime on your iphone under the camera roll.


After reading the above article, downloading YouTube videos to your iphone does not seem to be a technical issue. However, it would help if you considered the ethical concerns depending on your intention of downloading a video.

Most people post videos on YouTube to advertise a business, while some post to earn revenue. So, the content creator does not earn revenue by downloading a video and playing it offline. If necessary, follow the above methods and step-by-step guide under each to effectively download YouTube videos to your iphone for future use.