How to Delete Facebook Messages from Both Sides?

How to Delete Facebook Messages from Both Sides (2)

Have you accidentally sent a message that was not meant for that Facebook user but wished to delete for both ends? Then it would be best if you learned how to delete the Facebook message from both sides. We will guide you through our article with a detailed step-by-step procedure.

Social media platforms are full of people from different corners of your life. Besides connecting with old school friends, it also connects you with family members and influential people such as teachers, instructors, and employers.

Mistakes, you might realize that in your state of confusion, you have accidentally sent an unnecessary message to someone whom you never intended to do. For this case, you might want to avoid some embarrassment, maybe because the message has grammar mistakes, accidentally pressed send, or it is an awkward message meant for someone else.

The good news is that while WhatsApp came up with the feature to enable you to delete a message for all, it is the Facebook platform. You can delete the messages from both sides using Facebook Messenger.

Few people know that Facebook Messenger has a feature that lets you delete messages from both sides for everyone. This means work as well, irrespective of the device you are using. When you are caught up in such a situation, there is possibly a solution, but you also need to take caution.

Therefore, we will cover the step-by-step procedure for handling this, and other related tips that we think are relevant to your case. Keep reading and grasp these alternative methods.

How to Delete Facebook Messages from Both Sides?

It would help if you did not panic when you realize that you have sent someone a message through Facebook Messenger by mistake. Before they can see it, there is something else you can do. Let us take it this way; you have accidentally sent a wrong message to someone and then realize that the message sounds hash when the recipient gets it.

When you are in such a situation and are afraid that the recipient may share the message with other friends, you can easily fix it by deleting the message quickly enough. You might be asking how, but here is how to go about it:

Step 1: While on your Facebook account, locate the message you need to delete, tap, and hold on to it.

Step 2: Then, from the popup menu, click on remove.

Step 3: Then click on unsend from the menu found on the next options, and you will be prompted with the option requesting who you want to delete the message.

Step 4: Then confirm the action you have selected.

Step 5: So, you will only see the ‘ you unsent a message ‘ when you successfully deleted the message.

But one of the disadvantages of this method is that the recipient will also be notified stating that you have unsent the message. There is no option to help you delete the note to the recipient. When you are using the Messenger app on your device, you will be able to delete the ‘ you unsent a message ‘ note which still does not disappear from the recipient side.

You should also note that previously had an option indicated ‘ remove for everyone; however, today, this option is not available on Facebook. But the unsend option still works well to delete the message.

Alternative to Delete Facebook Messages from Both Sides

Alternative to Delete Facebook Messages from Both Sides

You can always evade the above situation by deleting Facebook messages using alternative methods. This is important when you want to delete the message from both sides and has lasted more than ten minutes. Try out this trick. However, we do not recommend using this method because it might get you into trouble.

The other participants might raise issues that might affect your Facebook account. And if it is a must, then never select options such as harassment, bullying, etc., from the options given unless they are relevant to your case.

If the above issues do not seem to affect you, then you can proceed with the below steps:

Step 1: Launch Facebook and log in with your credentials. Locate the chat from which you need to delete and open the message.

Step 2: Then, from the right panel, navigate through, and tap on the ‘something is wrong' from the options.

Step 3: Then, you will see a menu popup asking you if the chat is spam, anything else, or harassment. We would recommend using the option such as inappropriate or spam.

Step 4: Then you should proceed by deactivating the Facebook account, give it time, like one hour, and login back. Confirm if the method has worked.

Note that when you deactivate your Facebook account, other users might be unable to access the messages you send.

Is There a Time Limit to Delete Facebook Messages from Both Sides?

Is There a Time Limit to Delete Facebook Messages from Both Sides

Previously, before Facebook introduced the ‘unsend' feature on the platform, Facebook had a 10 minutes time limit when you wanted to unsend a message. This feature was rolled out later with the advancement of technology.

Messenger has advanced and introduced new features and allows you to freely delete the message even without the recipients receiving the note. However, you need to be very keen on the options to be able to delete the message, which takes the shortest time possible permanently.

Today, you can utilize the option such as  ‘ unsend for everyone,' which guarantees deletion of the message from your side. But the other party can see the message without understanding that you deleted it from your side.

If I Unsend a Facebook Message, Will Other People Know?

If I Unsend a Facebook Message, Will Other People Know

This is a good question that most people are asking themselves. And the fact remains that when you use the unsend message feature on Facebook, you delete the messages from both sides. So, automatically the recipient will be notified that you have unsend a message from your chat.

Equally, when you delete the message from your chat, still, the recipient will be able to see the lines indicating that you have deleted the message or you have unsend the message. This is possible, and the recipient will always get updated.

However, there is only one exception: when you unsend the message before it is delivered, in this case, the recipient will not be able to see the note indicating that you have unsend the message from your chat.

How to Tell If Someone Deleted Messages On Facebook?

How To Tell If Someone Deleted Messages On Facebook

This is another important section that we thought you should get to understand. It is good to know even when someone has deleted the whole conversation from your chat through Facebook Messenger.

Though, you must be aware that this is an understandable step when the recipient deletes the chat or a single message simply by looking at it. The first sign showing that someone has deleted the message from your char will be  the ‘ user has unsent the message.'

And to an extent, you might maybe, in your life, as long as you are a frequent Facebook user might have come across read a message that the sender has already deleted. This feature is also available on Facebook Messenger.

Therefore, when you forward a message to someone through Facebook Messenger and delete it before they see it, you can use the ‘ unsend' option, which guarantees you that you have deleted it from both sides. The recipient will no longer be able to see it other than unsends the message note.

So if you are a Facebook user and notice the delete option on your messages, the first thing that should come to your mind is that the sender has already deleted the message. But you never understand when someone deleted the whole chat on Facebook.

Unless the text message shows signs like the delete option, it is impossible to know when the sender has decided to delete the whole chat or a single message using normal methods.


Facebook is challenging, and so the platform is advancing. While you are connecting with different people, there is the possibility that you might at one point need to delete the message for not only one reason but many others. When you delete the whole message chat, the recipient or sender will not get notified that you have unsend the message. However, the note is available when you unsend the message.

In our article, we have highlighted different methods to delete Facebook messages through Messenger, leaving the unsend mark and without any mark. You must grasp the procedure and act upon it when necessary to avoid sharing inappropriate content with the wrong people. Learn the tips and how to enhance your messaging experience on the Facebook platform.