How to Crop Video on iPhone

How to Crop Video on iPhone

Is it possible to crop or trim a video after recording using iPhone? There are many methods to crop your videos and make them unique before sharing them with your audience or on social media. It is easy, and the iPhone allows you to crop the Video. let us find out more in this article.

You might find it tricky editing your Video before sharing it on the social media platform with only iPhone. The learning curve is steep, especially in editing. However, you go to the basics such as trimming or cropping as well as removing unwanted sections; you no longer need sophisticated software. Most of such simple tasks are done with iPhone using a photo app.

Therefore, there is a lot one can do using iPhone other than downloading video editing apps to the device. If only you need to crop a video to meet certain aspects, then use the photos app. in our article today, we will guide you on how to crop the Video using the photos app on your iPhone. Read with us to the end.

How to Crop Video on iPhone with the Photos App

Before thinking about any other available option, the first thing to conder is to crop a video using the photos app on your iPhone. The photos app might not offer you advanced editing features but is effective in cropping any video.

So, anytime you need some basic about, faster fixes on your Video before sharing the social media platforms, go for the photos app. this app is p[erfect for trimming Video to do away with some sections. However, it only enables you to crop or trim from either end. if that is the case with the quick fix, then follow the below procedure:

Step 1: Launch the Photos app on your iPhone and navigate to the videos section. Select the Video you want to edit and open it in the app.

Step 2: On the screen, locate and click on the Edit button.

click on the edit button

Step 3: Then click on the video camera button found at the bottom of your screen

video camera button

Step 4: Underneath the Video, you will access the slider. Then long press your finger on the arrow located on either side at the start or the end of the Video-based on where you want to crop or trim.

access the slider

Step 5: Then slide inward to shorten the Video to the point you need to cut out.

Step 6: When you are through, click the done button.

click the done button

Step 7: You will see the popup menu on the screen. from the menu, select save Video, or you can click on the save Video as a new clip. This all relies on your choice, but it gives you the same results and stores the cropped Video in your camera roll for the next step.

How to Crop Video on iPhone with Video Crop

video crop app

If the Video needs complex cropping, you can use a third-party application. There are many apps in the app store. We will use the Video Crop application. Follow along with the below procedure:

Step 1: First, you need to launch the app store, download the Video crop application, and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2: Launch the video crop app on the device.

Step 3: And from the menu, choose the crop button found in the middle of the screen menu. This will redirect you to the list of video clip stores on your iPhone to select from.

Step 4: Select the Video you want to crop from the menu list. Start playing and choose the checkmark found in the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 5: Long press and drag the Video to the box's corners to start cropping the video clip you have selected.

Step 6: If you wnat to move it, click at the center of the box. Here you should also note that you can access the current aspect ratio along the icons found on the screen. These present sizes are perfect if you only intend to use particular video sizes.

Step 7: Then choose the icon found in the upper right corner of your screen to start rendering the cropped video clip.

Step 8: You can watch or preview the cropped video clip through the application and when satisfied with the clip, move ahead to select save. The cropped video clip will be saved to the iPhone storage. And the option also allows you to share the Video on social media platforms.

Step 9: Then when you are done saving, click on the home button from the upper right corner of your screen to return t the welcome screen on your downloaded application. Straightforward procedure worth trying.

How to Crop a Video for Social Media

when cropping the video clip to use on social media, you need to keep in mind the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of each social media platform varies, and thus you need to adjust the Video while cropping to ensure it meets the minimum requirements before uploading.

Instagram is a common social media platform that allows you to upload video clips to three locations. That is the Instagram story, Instagram post, or IGTV posts. Each area has different video size aspect ratios. More details are in the below section.

  • IGTV. The video dimensions of a clip posted in this section must be 1080 by 1920 pixels, and its aspect ratio must fall in 9:16. This is the same as the size recommended for the Instagram post.
  • Instagram post: Instagram posts take different aspect ratios. It ranges from 1:1-squire, 16:9-landscape to 9:16 -portrait. Video squares are famous for Instagram feeds though we recommend the portrait aspect ratio.
  • Instagram stories: Instagram stories section only considers video clips in the portrait aspect ratio- 9:16, and dimensions must be 1080 by 1920 pixels. However, landscape orientation  16:9 also works well but displays a smaller screen size.

And that takes us to the next section of cropping video clips for  Instagram to specific aspect ratio but using the photos app on your iPhone. This procedure is somehow different from the general one when cropping video clips of other social media p[latform. Here we go:

Step 1: Launch the Photos app on the device

Step 2: Then navigate through the available video clips and select the one you want to edit to upload to Instagram.

Step 3: From there, click on the Edit button.

edit button

Step 4: Then hit the crop button found at the bottom of your screen.

crop button

Step 5: Click on the aspect ratio button, which appears like a segmented rectangle in the upper right corner of your screen.

aspect ratio button

Step 6: Navigate through the available aspect ratio and select the one which meets your Instagram requirements or is based on the place you want to upload.

Instagram requirements

Step 7: When you are through, click the done icon and save the Video to the camera roll, ready to be uploaded tot he Instagram.


The above procedure also applies to other social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, and Twitter. However, you need to conder the dimensions or aspect ratio and size o make it easy. so, the most recommended aspect ratio of other social media platforms are as listed below:

  • Youtube:  Crop the Video to the landscape dimension with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Facebook: Facebook accepts landscape orientation having an aspect ratio of 16:9 and landscape with an aspect ratio of 9:16.
  • Snapchat:  This platform mostly depends on the portrait aspect ratio of 9:16 for a good view
  • Twitter: Works well with the direct upload of landscape with an aspect ratio of 1:2.39 and portrait with an aspect ratio of 2.39:1.

What are the Benefits of Cropping a Video on iPhone?

What are the Benefits of Cropping a Video on iPhone

Cropping video clip is crucial. There are a couple of reasons why we are concluding this. Here are a few reasons why you need to crop your video clip before sharing it on social media platforms:

  • Optimize Instagram stories

When you upload a widescreen video to the Instagram stories section, it looks small on Instagram. Because it mainly focuses on the middle part of your screen when it is zoomed in. thus, you need to crop the video before you upload it to the Instagram story to ensure that the Video mainly stresses what you are targeting.

  • To remove unwanted subjects or section

you might have recorded a fantastic video clip, but when you want to upload it to the social media platform, you realize that there is an unwanted subject or object in the Video in the background. If the object seems to ruin your Video and likely mess up the online reputation, you can crop to remove the same as you can crop a photo.

  • Optimizing video clips for social media feeds

Most Instagram users prefer cropping their widescreen video clips to the square orientation before sharing them on the social media platform. This is because square aspect ratio video is perfect for social media platforms and appears more prominent on the feed, optimizing visibility even to the smaller screen device users.

  • Efficient and saves time

Upon recording a video, it is preferred to crop and insert the aspect ratio based on the social media platform you need to upload to than editing the Video using complex software. This saves time and is also an efficient method, especially for iOS users. The photos app is easy to use and streamlines the export option, which requires no technical skills to perform.

Crop a Video Vs. Trim a Video

Crop Trim

Cropping and trimming are not confusing words though totally different, and in that trimming deals with controlling the time duration in which the video clip is supposed to play. It is simple to manage using only a finger to tap on the screen and then slide to the right from the left. You can perform trimming based on your preference from the middle, starting point, or endpoint. Also, trimming enables the editor to remove the whole frame when needed quickly.

But on the other hand, cropping only deals with a particular area you want to crop and removes anything outside the designation area. You can only crop a video clip from either end and not the middle instead of trimming. As discussed in this article, many apps can help you crop video clips and many other well-known methods.


Cropping video is not only good for saving your time and essential for considering aspect ratios on social media platforms. The iPhone results are worth more than using complex editing software to crop your video clips. Our article has highlighted different methods and procedures to make the process painless for iPhone users. Read properly before embarking on your preferred method and maintain a robust online reputation with quality video content.