How to Create a Poll on Facebook Timeline

How to Create a Poll on Facebook Timeline

Do you know how to create a Facebook poll or the impact of Facebook polls on a marketing strategy? Then worry not, you are at the right place. Our article has covered every aspect you ought to know. Please read it carefully to the end.

Some people do not know or have forgotten how to create a poll on Facebook timeline. Therefore, there is a need to learn the procedure since many individuals ask the same question every month online. How you get to use Facebook polls is informative and amusing to some extent. In short, a Facebook poll is humorous to your audience but informative to the business and you as an individual.

Facebook polls are important especially when you quickly want to gain information from your clients online, such as how your clients feel about a particular feature and what they need to have on the market. It is, therefore, easy and faster to make a Facebook poll.

However, you must be an admin of a page or an editor for you to be able to create a Facebook poll. Otherwise, after creating them, you can move ahead to utilize them in any scenario or according to the needs of your audience.

You can create a poll on the  Facebook page and customize it as a quest answer and allow people to vote in their best option. This article will guide you on creating Facebook polls using various devices in a group, timeline, a page, and many more options. Let us get started now:-

How to Create a Facebook Poll on Computer

It is easy to create a Facebook using a computer. And in our case, we will view different approaches considering a Facebook group and a Facebook page.

In a Group

Before going into details, be reminded that any text on a poll cannot be edited immediately audience starts voting. Therefore, follow these steps to create a poll on the Facebook group using a desktop:-

Step 1: As usual, ensure you are logged in, or if not, open your browser, visit the Facebook website, and log in with your details to access Facebook feeds.

Step 2: Then while on the feeds, head to the groups' section and click on it from the left menu. Navigate through to select the group, and in case you are not able to see the target group, then tap on see more.

Step 3: Click on the text bor indicated ‘what is on your mind (your name), and then click on the 3 dots found at the bottom right and pick polls.

Step 4: Type in the question and give out the options as prompted.

Step 5: After then, tap on ‘post.'

Step 6: Before the audience starts voting, you can edit a poll as an admin or editor before voting. Hence, you may edit in case of a typing error or other related issues; you can still edit by clicking on 3 dots then tapping on edit post. However, when you are a poll creator or editor, you can delete and edit a poll anytime. Likewise, voting is only limited to admins and group members.

Sometimes group admins do not allow creating a group poll so you might encounter a problem accessing such an option in certain groups. You also need to fulfill a gap by learning how to manage such a feature in the Facebook group.

On a Facebook Page

Even though it looks different, creating a poll on a Facebook page is simple but with minor differences. Read these guidelines to help you create a poll on the Facebook page:

Step 1: Launch a browser on your desktop and visit a Facebook website. Then log in to your account using relevant details

Step 2: While on the newsfeed, navigate through the menu, tap on the pages tab, and select one among the available pages.

Step 3: Then tap on the publish tools option.

Step 4: Tap on creating a post

Step 5: On the 3 dots, which look like ellipses, click on them and select poll.

Step 6: Enter the question you want to get the ideas or gather views to know more about your customers. The question has two options.

Step 7: Then down on the poll, tap on the 1st week and other options. But remember, you can customize when to  end a  poll with the audience

Step 8: Then head over to the share button and tap on it

How to Create a Facebook Poll on Mobile

In a Group

Hopefully, you now understand how to create a Facebook poll. Therefore if you are a Facebook group fan, there are many things you can learn and perform in the group. But above all, here is a step-by-step guide on creating a poll on a Facebook group.:-

Step 1: Launch your Facebook application on the mobile phone, then when you're on the home or newsfeed, click on the 3 vertical dotted lines at the bottom right corner of your Facebook account.

Step 2: Head to the groups, identify the group of choice and click on the 3 dots.

Step 3: And close to writing some things, type in your question

Step 4: Then click on + sign when you want to add a poll option that groups members can select any preferred option.

Step 5: Click on the gear icon to choose between, allowing the audience to select multiple options. At the same time, somewhere or will enable a member to add more options.

Step 6: When you are done, then tap on ‘post.'

It is as simple as it sounds.

In a Story

Besides Facebook groups and other related things, it can take you a few minutes to create a Facebook poll in a story using a mobile phone. Let us dive into details and step by step guide here:-

Step 1: First, launch your Facebook application. Then log in using your details and navigate to the newsfeed.

Step 2: Then tap on show more options at the top of your news feed and click add to the story.

Step 3: You can also include a photo and video in your post. You can indicate a story type at the top. Select your videos or photos from the camera rolls when including other media. Lastly, you can tap on Facebook to record a new video and take a new video.

Step 4: Then click on a square icon found at the bottom right corner ion a square folded upwards. navigate through it, and at the top right of the device, you'll see ‘poll' then click on it to open

Step 5: Type in the text or your question, then click on YES and sometimes NO because of other known reasons; there is need also to customize the answer.

Step 6: Click on ‘done' at the top right.

Step 7: You can use privacy at the bottom left to change your audience for Facebook stories.

Step 8: And when you are through, click on the ‘share to story' option.

On a Facebook Page

Create a Facebook Poll on Mobile In a Page

Creating a poll to the Facebook page using your android device is simple. The procedure is similar to other ell known methods. Follow these steps to create a Facebook poll on a Facebook page successfully.

Step 1: First, launch your Facebook application on your mobile and then login into the Facebook feedbacFacebookafter clicking on the 3 dotted vertical lines located at the bottom right of your Facebook accounts.

Step 2: Then click on pages and navigate through options to select your target page.

Step 3: While on your page, navigate to the top and click on publish.

Step 4: Keep scrolling down and click on polls.

Step 5: Enter the questions you intend to ask your audience.

Step 6: Then type in the option 1 and 2 the answers to the questions

Step 7: Then next, enter the answers to the questions you have requested in options 1 and 2. Ensure the printout is valid

Step 8: You can select the endpoint to be one week from this point. You can also scroll down and include a date on which you want your Facebook page poll to end.

Step 9: After customizing the date then, click on share.

Why Should You Make a Poll on Facebook?

You Make a Poll on Facebook

Facebook polls are among the few aspects that allow a marketer or influencer to page with the audience. This is a must-have marketing strategy you need on social media and specifically on Facebook. And in this section, we will cover some of the advantages of Facebook polls when you compare them to other platforms in terms of marketing.

  • Feedback of products and services

You can create a Facebook poll to gather information about what the audience thinks of your products and services on the market. You can base your question among a few opinions or base of choosing between multiple options. Any procedure guarantees to provide you with the information concerning your clients' needs—this is the cheapest and most straightforward method to use in accessing insights.

  • Real-time customer opinions

Since companies create Facebook polls in real-time, it becomes easy to know what customers think just in a few minutes as long as you post the polls at peak hours. Polls do not last long enough, but they guarantee real-time results that reflect your customers' needs. Polls have more power when you want to know what your customer needs. It does not even need extra effort to get insights from an audience, not among your friends.

  • Growth community

Facebook polls also encourage the growth of the community. When one person comments, others join and access what someone else is discussing. This can quickly spur a debate that gets many people's attention to your post. Polls allow a firm to interact with its audience.

Thus it becomes crucial to know how to create a Facebook poll, as discussed in this article. The community understands that their company listens to them and can hear what they share. This also indicates the trustworthiness of the company even when a product shows negative results.

  • Content creation 

This is one of the significant benefits of Facebook polls. It encourages more content generations which in turn drives more engagement. In short, polls are content, and their p[urpsoes aim to identify your audience's needs on Facebook.

For instance, you can ask what they want to see next, then give them options. They can choose between 2 options and weigh them out to know what they want. Therefore, the result of Facebook polls is an indicator of how far content can go in terms of driving engagement.

  • Increase traffic

to be a Facebook algorithm, you need to post content often and maximize engagement. The simplest way to go about this is to use Facebook polls. Therefore, the more you publish content in polls, the more you reach more audiences and interact with them. The more they interact with your profile, the more algorithms bring them to your previous posts.

This is because polls are designed for interaction, and when you encourage people to interact and share with it, the results are always better. This is why you should learn how to create a Facebook poll using different devices.

  • Divides the audience

when you use Facebook polls to understand the needs of your customer or audience, you can let them segment the audience based on their needs. Polls singles out the groups of people based on what they have answered each question. A good example here is the Samsung and iPhone users.

  • Sends the audience into the sales funnel

First, a sales funnel is a routine a customer passes through before becoming a conversion. When a user targets the first interaction, polls play a vital role in a sales funnel.

And after asking their opinions. They can also help users buy a product. Therefore, a company can share different links related to what they answered on polls with you. Businesses also can other different users to different pages depending on the answer they provided.

How to Create a Facebook Poll People Want to Participate In

Create a Facebook Poll People Want to Participate In

It is simple to create a Facebook poll that interests the audience. This is one of the first steps in increasing your engagement. The Facebook poll must be remarkable, and here are some of the tricks and tips to consider:

  • Use Facebook audience insights and google analytics

Facebook insights give you detailed information concerning the interest of your followers and general views. You can access how people run their profiles, who they follow, and all the recent activities when you use insights and analytics. You will also be able to see the most popular content. Equally, google analytics gives you an overview of the existing traffic on your website.

  • Ask about hot and trending topics among your audience in the industry.

It would be best to focus on finding out the hottest and most commonly used content. This keeps you and your Facebook polls stay updated on anything.

  • Use trending or current events.

You should note that polls are evergreen content but have a limited shelf-life. Get to know all the trending topics that have become popular among your audience. Therefore, your Facebook content will always remain current and fresh when you piggyback. There are different ranges of issues such as TV series, new movies, etc.,

  • Utilize GIF

and everbody udnerstands the pwoer of a GIF. They can grab someone's attention when they scroll through your Facebook timeline. This alone is more than enough when you combine it with a Facebook poll.


Facebook polls or social media polls are an essential avenue to increase and drive engagement using your business audience. when you use polls correctly; they are an excellent strategy used in digital marketing. Polls serve different purposes, as discussed in our articles, besides understanding the needs of your audience.

So, if you are a digital marketer, Facebook is a robust platform. You can post polls and access real-time results and insights at no extra costs other than determination and time. Otherwise, engage with your audience and bring new friends to the community. The article has covered basic details on creating a poll on Facebook timelines.