How to Change the Background of a Picture

How to Change the Background of a Picture

Do you want to change the background of your photo? You can change the background of your picture to plain or make it exciting. in this article, we will learn how to change the background through various methods.

Changing the background of a picture is not only done by photoshop geniuses. There are many ways to change your photo background other than photoshop. This article will share some of the best guidelines to help you change your photo background.

This is because changing the background does not only make the subject in the photo stand out from the rest but also makes your photo more appealing when you share it on social media platforms. For either reason, check out our guidelines on how to change the background color of your picture.

How to Change the Background Color of a Picture on PC


The best way to change the background color of your picture is to use photoshop. In photoshop, many ways can help you achieve the same result. Some of these methods include adding a white background, colorizing the white background, creating a gradient background, and using white fills with white BG.

This section will cover how to add a white background with quick action. This method only applies to photoshop cc2021 version. This is the simplest method to use and get your background removed. The version has updated features, including background removal, makeup transfer, and replacement. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Remember, this method only works with photoshop 2021. so, insert the picture into photoshop. After that, create a duplicate layer. Head to the layer, then when you right-click your mouse from the menu, click on the duplicate layer. Or go to the layer from the top of your screen and tap on the duplicate layer.

Step 2: Select the duplicate layer, then hit help, photoshop help which is a menu bar at the top of your photoshop

Step 3: You will see a popup window, then head to the quick actions.

Step 4: From there, you will see different options for editing photos. Then choose to remove the background. Therefore, the tap applies, thus removing the image background. You can now change the color of your image based on your choice. if not, you can save

But when you do not have photoshop or when you do not have photoshop knowledge, There are other methods you can use to change the background of a picture. Let us look at some of the methods when using an iphone.

How to Change the Background of a Picture on iPhone

Use Superimpose App


There are plenty of apps that you can use on your iphone to change the background color. Since Superimpose is the cheapest option, we have decided to select it for the guide. With the fact that users can edit two photos simultaneously, it has become our favorite application.

It works with the layer masking technique where when yous select a background. Therefore, instead of having a solid background color on your picture, it is good to add some texture. For that reason, follow these steps to add texture to your photo using superimpose.

Step 1: Select the image to use in the background and foreground. This needs little forethought. So, click on the icon located at the top left corner in a superimpose application; it redirects you to import. On the background image, ensure you use the background you need to be on your new photo, and for this, we will use a textured background. From there, also get a foreground photo before masking. Here, you will tap on the camera button and pull a foreground image.

Step 2: Then it is time to resize the image and fit them in the background. The image should be on top of the texture photo. Click on the transform section when you want to adjust the size, and you can also rotate the foreground image to fit on your screen. You can flip the image horizontal or vertical and then swap the images. And if you want the images to fit into each other, click on fit to the background, an option found at the top right-hand side of your screen.

Step 3: The next step is masking using the magic wand tool. You must clear the white color and reveal the textured layer. Head to the mask section, and by default, you will get the magic wand tool. This tool works as a color pixel. When you tap on the photo area, the background becomes transparent, exposing the texture layer under it. This means the image must have strong color contrast for the tool to work well.

Step 4: If you have a missed area, ensure you mask it to refine the final image. Zoon the image and use magic want the tool to clear the missed places. With no clear boundary, you can use the brush tool but adjust the settings and resize to a soft brush for soft edges.

Step 5: Then save your final image to the gadget to high resolution.

Use LightX Photo Editor & Retouch

LightX Photo Editor & Retouch is a simple tool to change the background of a photo using iOS and Andiron devices. This application offers different editing options and is well known as a photo editor and retouch tool. It has a well-organized user interface and advanced features to offer you accurate results.

When you want to change the background color of your photo, white is simple with LightX. Once you have changed to a white background, adding a different background color becomes easy. Therefore, follow these steps to change the background color of your photo using LightX:

Step 1: Download and launch the LightX photo editor tool,

Step 2: Then click and open the picture you want to change the background color.

Step 3: Then from the social category, select the backdrop tool

Step 4: On the solid color, choose the white color, click on the brush tool, pay your background color white

Step 5: Use the magic eraser and brush tool, and make some precise retouch. The features easily identify the area of your photo with the same hue and make changes where necessary.

Step 6: When you are fine with the result, then save the image in your preferred format

Rember, you now have a photo but with white background. If you need to change to another color, the LightX photo editor and retouch tool make it easy. In this section, we will guide you on how to make the background transparent:

Step 1: Let us assume you have launched the LightX photo editor tool, then follow the above steps to make the background color white.

Step 2: Choose the eraser tool, then do away with the white background color with only one swipe.

Step 3: Zoom in and out to make any precise adjustment

Step 4: After that, save your final image as a PNG that you can use in the future.

Use Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop

Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop

Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop is an application you can use to create fun memes and edit photos. You can use this application to personalize your photo and even develop multiple images from one photo. In short, this is a three-step photo editing tool aimed at helping you come up with an appealing photo using iOS devices. So, if you are ready to sue this app, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install Cut Paste Photos Pro App to your iphone, then launch it

Step 2: It will give you 2 options to select a photo from the library or take a photo directly. You can take a photo using Cut Paste Photos Pro App; you can take a photo and then upload it to the library for usage. But when you go by ‘choose from library, it will redirect you to the gallery or camera roll to select the photo you want to change the background color. Click on the photo, then give it time to load.

Step 3: At the bottom of your screen, find a free-hand tool which you will be able to find other options like a magnifier and normal. Normal help you view the photo while deciding where to cut while the magnifier enlarges a particular area you hold on the screen.

Step 4: Run your fingertip through the area you wish to cut or remove the background on your photo. This is free-hand cropping.

Step 5: Immediately you are done selecting the area, then tap the Cut out section. You will remain with the content you selected. However, when you tap on inverse selection, you will be left with the outer perimeter of your photo.

Step 6: At the upper part of your screen, tap next.

Step 7: Then choose the background you wish to use. This application gives you different options, and when you need a new background, you can shoot using the camera through the app.

Step 8: Tap Done if you are satisfied with the result to save the photo with the new background color.

How to Change Background of Photo Online


Besides using photoshop and third-party applications on iphone, you can also change the photo background using online tools. There are countless tools on the internet that works similarly. So, for the rest of humanity that are not IT savvy and does not have photoshop skills, you can try online platform such as PhotoScissors. This platform saves the day when you are busy and need a faster cut-out of the platform. Here is how you can use this website:

Step 1: First, choose the photo you want to change the background. Visit the PhotoScissors website and tap the upload icon, redirecting you to select the image. The platform will automatically remove the background them display the final photo for editing.

If there is an error, use the green marker or eraser tool. While on the platform, you must understand that the green masks indicate the photo section that should remain. When you make changes, it reflects. So, this platform applies a transparent background to the photo. If you want to change, then proceed.

Step 2: If you do not want to keep a colorless background, switch to the background section and pick the appropriate mode. Choose a solid color mode and pick a new color when you want to change the background color. However, when you need to change the background image, tap on select image mode and tap the image icon.

Step 4: If everything looks cool, save your final photo with the new background by only tapping download from the top toolbar.


from our article, you can now select the best method to change the background color of your image. Regardless of your IT skills, there is a workaround to get work done. When you want to make a single photo edit, then use free apps if not photoshop. Otherwise, invest your money in a reliable method for high-quality output.