How to Add Music to Facebook Story 

How to Add Music to Facebook Story 

Do you want to catch your followers’ attention using Facebook stories? Add music to your Facebook stories and increase engagement rates. Here is our step-by-step guide to help you.

Facebook stories have become popular because of their simplicity: Users can share their views or anything on their Facebook stories only with a few clicks. Also, when you add peaceful melodies, it makes friends or followers laugh. Thus, Facebook stories have dominated social media as one method of communication. Don't let your friend swipe anymore on your Facebook stories.

However, adding music to your Facebook stories can only be done using your mobile application. But still, you can view these stories even on the Facebook website using a desktop. Otherwise, follow these guides and learn more about adding music to Facebook Stories.

Add the Music Stickers You Created to a Facebook Story

Adding music to your Facebook stories makes them more attractive as they add flavour to the boring stories. It also helps you get attention. Adding music is easy and follows these simple steps to get it done:

Step 1: Launch Facebook application and login with your details.

Step 2: While on the homepage, click on the ‘create a story or add to story' option located at the top of the newsfeed.


add to story option on facebook

Step 3: Click on the photo in your gallery or camera roll. Equally, click on the camera icon located at the bottom of the screen. Selecting that option redirects you to access the camera roll or gallery to start shooting a new video or photo for the story.

gallery or camera roll

Step 4: Once done taking a photo or video, click on the sticker icon at the top.


And when you are on the sticker section, tap the' music' icon. This opens the option to select your popular music or search by category on the search bar.

tap the music icon

Step 5: Click on the music or lyric displayed and select the song section you want featured in. Also, choose the visual appearance of the song as cover art or lyric.

select the song section you want featured in

Step 6: You can add any sticker or artwork you want as well as sound effects.

add any sticker or artwork

Step 7: When done, click ‘ share story,' and you are done.

click share story

Add Existing Music to Your Facebook Story

Besides adding music stickers to your Facebook stories, as shown above, there is another second method that uses the regular post. This method allows your Facebook story to feature your video or photo accompanied by the music playing in the background. Though, this step-by-step guide may apply to both cases. Follow them keenly.

Step 1: Launch your Facebook application on your mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad), then log in with your details.

Launch your Facebook application

After that, click on the option ‘ create a story or add to story' found at the top of your newsfeed.

create a story on facebook settings

Step 2: Then go tap ‘ music.' This enables you to start a blank Facebook story with music. You can also select a video or photo in your gallery, which means you will add music later.

go tap music on facebook settings

Step 3: It automatically opens the option to select the popular music list first. Choose from the category, and if you cannot find then search using the search bar at the top.

option to select the popular music list on facebook settings

Step 4: Click on the song to select it.

song to select it on facebook settings

Step 5: Upon selecting a song, Facebook will automatically generate a music post with the song in the background. You can also change to a different background by clicking on the coloured dot at the top. Equally, go to the effect option at the bottom left-hand corner and change your filter.

Facebook will automatically generate a music post

Step 6: Still, tap on the lyrics if you want to change part of the song to feature in your post. Select the music segment using the sound wave bar found at the bottom. The default setting allows the chorus to start in the middle. Again, you can adjust the length of your snippet.

tap on the lyrics

Step 7: Click on the circular part found at the top of the song sample and change the post display. The first 2 choices show your lyric in different fonts. However, the last 3 choices display the album cover and name of the track in various forms.

Step 8: Once you are done making changes to the song, click ‘Done‘ to complete.

done making changes to the song

Step 9: You will be redirected to the main screen. Go to the other icon at the top to add a sticker or caption and finish customizing the post.

add a sticker

Step 10: Lastly, tap on ‘ share to the story when you are done.'

share to the story when you are done


Creating engaging and meaningful Facebook stories enables you to connect with your friends. By adding music to your story, you can get friends' attention. It is easy and free. Follow the above step-by-step guide to add music.