Google Photos Backup and Sync on iPhone/Android/PC

Google Photos Backup and Sync

Are you afraid of losing your precious photos or videos because they are accidentally deleted or lost on the device? Backing up photos and videos on the google photo app saves you time and stores your precious files for future use. Please read our article for a detailed guide on syncing and backup the google photos.

Smartphones are more portable while taking photos and recording videos for future use. However, one of the drawbacks is limited storage. But still, there is always a lifesaver. Google photo backup frees up the storage on your device and helps you back up the files while migrating from one device to another.

Most smartphone users always prefer to store photos but forget to backup them if anything happens. Google photo is one of the reliable cloud services for this backing up files. Therefore, in our article today, we will guide you on how to backup photos to google photos and sync the photo library. We hope it will help you. If that is the case, keep reading.

Prepare Before Google Photos Backup and Sync

Before going into details, it is also good to make prior preparation first. The preparation depends on your device. and for this article, we will be covering iPhone and Android as stated below:-

For iPhone or iPad

For iPhone or iPad

If you are iPhone or iPad user, you must first make sure that the Google Photos app is installed. Then, permit it to access the photo library to start the backup process. Once you allow the google photo to access the images, either all or only the once, you need to backup to your google photos app.

For Android

For Android

And Android users, it is simple. Go to the google play store and download Google Photos to your device. Permit google photos to back up the files to the cloud service. Then select the device you wish to backup so it automatically performs the task.

Again, when the storage is whole, before backing up, you can first free up the storage by going to the google photos and on the free up space tab, click on it and erase all the backed images from the device. You will then have more room to perform a backup.

How to Backup and Sync Google Photos on iPhone and Android

Backing up your photos using Android or iPhone is simple, and you will be done with only a click of a button. The backup is always synced into the google photos with all devices you are signed in. meaning you can access the files anywhere. Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Make sure you are signed in to your account.
Step 2: Then launch google photos and navigate to the backup control in the app.
Step 3:  Click on the account avatar found at the top right of your device.

photo settings
Step 4: Then tap on the photo settings.

backup and sync
Step 5: After that, click on the backup and sync from the menu, and you will be done.

Google photo is not only on Android but also compatible with iPhone as well as the browser. This app offers you unlimited access and free cloud storage for backups services. and once you enable the sync settings, the app automatically backups the files to the cloud storage so that you can access the files from any device anywhere.

How to Backup and Sync Google Photos on PC

Backing up the files on the PC is different from the Android or iPhone. While the backup and sync app can do the work as well, you need Google Drive. This means you need to follow the below procedure keenly.

Step 1: With your desktop, launch the browser, download Google Drive for the desktop, and install it to your device with your desktop.
Step 2: Then launch the application and make sure you sign in to the device.
Step 3: Once there, choose the folder you want to backup.
Step 4: Then select your photos or folder to back up the files to the google photos
Step 5: Once you are through, click on done and then save.

Therefore, anytime the photo or folder is deleted from the computer, you will still access the files in your google photos. And deleting the files from the google photos does not remove them from the google drive. This means you will always have the backup on google drive.

However, uploading the files to google drive or google photo is much slower than usual. Always back up the images to the google photos unless you need a second backup file stored in the google drive.

How to Confirm that Backup is Complete?

Sometimes you might backup your photos, and since you are not sure about the backup, you need to confirm. Google photo apps let you know when your photos are already backed up from your phone. It is simple.

Step 1: Launch the google photo app by clicking on the icon from your phone.

Step 2: Click on the account avatar located at the top right-hand side of your screen.

How to Confirm that Backup is Complete

Step 3: Assuming it is your google account you sued to back up, click on the backup complete from the menu.

Step 4: You will see the notification letting you know that the photos and video are backup. You can then access the files from any device by visiting

How to Change Google Photos Backup and Sync Setting on Phone

When using a phone, you are not only limited to using the same settings or the same google account to back up your files. It is still possible to change the google backup and sync settings. Google gives you a few methods of customizing the backup as long as you use the phone. While the google photo apps are not the same on iOS and Android, the procedure remains the same. Here is the process:

google photos application
Step 1: Launch the google photos application on your phone

account avatar icon
Step 2: Then click on the account avatar icon from the top right corner of your device.

photo settings 2
Step 3: Then click on photo settings.

backup and sync option
Step 4: And from the popup menu, click on the backup and sync option

backup sets
Step 5: After that, you can perform all the backup sets and syncing page. You can make changes to the backup, such as upload files, select the backup data usage, and even folders.

Besides the above, you can also change your backup google account other than the neutral one. This is a good move, primarily if you use more than one Google account on your phone. It is simple.

Step 1: Launch the google photos app, click on the account avatar, and then photo settings.
Step 2: From there, tap on the google account name
Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select the account you wish to use for backup.

You might also decide to purchase google storage when you realize that the storage is running low and you still have large files to backup.

Step 1: Click on the buy 100GB for $1.99 monthly.
Step 2: Then follow the screen instructions to finish the process.

To change the upload size is also simple.

Step 1: Click on the upload size from the google photos app.
Step 2: Then from the menu, you can select either original quality or high-quality uploads.

Note that you can set the time when google should be backing up the files. You can enable google photos to use mobile data while backing up. This section is found at the bottom of the screen on google photos after clicking into eh account avatar. If you do not change this setting, the app will back up the photos using default settings when connected to WIFI.

About Google Photos Backup

Google Photos Backup

When your photos or files meet the google requirements, the google photos app automatically backups your files. The requirements are that the image must not exceed the 200Mb size and be within 150 megapixels. But it comes to the video, it can be something within 10GB size.

To avoid backing up thumbnails and icons, google photos do not automatically backup the photos with 256×256 size, which are always ignored. The latest cameras also are getting next to the photo limits. For instance, when using Samsung Galaxy S21, you can capture image sizes up to 108 megapixels.

When it comes to formats, google photos backups several image formats. On iPhone, it can back up JPG and HEIC, while Android goes beyond including PNG, WEBP, GIF, and RAW file formats. The same applies to video files that contain uncommon formats.

As earlier directed, you can back up high or original quality images. Using high quality compresses your photo while maximizing the storage space, which reduces their quality. The good news of using high quality is that the service is free where the files do not count against the storage of your google account.

While original quality does not interfere with the quality of your photo, and pixels and other aspects are kept constant. The files in original quality take up the google account storage space. This is where you need to subscribe to the google one storage plans. For instance, 100GB goes for a $1.99 monthly payment. That was then, but today, even the high-quality image sizes take up the space in the google account storage.

Tips for Google Backup

Tips for Google Backup

Cloud storage is not static but rather a revolutionary innovation online that has helped many people. It also has made it easy to store files and retrieve them anytime and from anywhere. Google backups the images and videos and apps, chrome data, settings, etc.

When you need to automatically back up your photos to google photos, you must first enable it from the settings. and if you need to be perfect on this section, here are some of the crucial tips to help you with the google backup process:

  • It is always good to transfer the ownership of a file from the google backup before permanently deleting them. When you want to have the files back on your phone, it becomes easy to get them from the other person. Still, anyone that needs the files in the future can easily access them from another person.
  •  It is always recommended to back up your entire device storage, regardless of the phone or desktop, to the google backup. You will not have to personalize the settings anymore, even when you get a new device. Everything becomes simple.
  • Remember to back up the videos and photos using high-quality instead of original quality. This is because it helps you save your google account storage space.
  • If you have multiple devices, make sure you sync all the backups via google backup. It will save your devices, and you can access the files using any device and from any location anytime.


If you are afraid of losing your photos or video, backing up the files can help you store them on cloud services and save your time and effort. The article highlighted the procedure you need to follow after enabling sync and backing up the files using a desktop or phone.

Read and grasp the tips to help you perfect backing up your google photos for your safety. though nothing is permanent, you can always restore your backup files to the new device without wasting time transferring. Try today for secure storage and accessibility.