How to Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet

Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet

Is Trust Wallet beneficial when using decentralized applications like the DApp Browser? Read our article and learn how to enable the DApp Browser in your Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet is one of the best and highly important when users combine it with other decentralized applications. However, accessing through DApp Browser becomes challenging, especially when using a mobile device. It is even hard when you are an iPhone fanatic.

But regardless of whether the device is iPhone or Android, it is important to know how to access the DApp Browser to use the Trust Wallet application. This way, any pro can tap the full potential of the new and trending crypto society. The world is changing to venture into this sector, knowing how to link, enable and tap the full potential of this community.

We have researched everything for you, and here is a full-stack article covering all details, including how to enable the DAopp browser.

About Trust Wallet and DApp Browser

About Trust Wallet

The first step to understanding how to enable the DApp Browser, not the Trust Wallet, is understanding the differences and deep meanings between the Trust Wallet and the DApp Browser. To begin with, Trust Wallet is a highly useful app that is used primarily to receive, store, and manage your cryptocurrency on the phone gadget.

It is an official Binance application. And by Binance, we mean that one can create a Trust Wallet account directly through Ethereum blockchain technology via this site. While the Trust Wallet is used on the DApp Browser, it is also possible to use it on another platform online while checking the decentralized applications via mobile phone.

Secondly, the DApp Browser is window-like but used to visit, access, and check all decentralized applications on any device. Thus, enabling a DAP browser on the Trust Wallet also enables you to connect and access different DApps. This way, you can take full potential and enjoy the advantage of the world to your account directly.

A decentralized application is summarily defined using 3 terms. The first term is decentralization which implies that no one is entitled to have control of the Ethereum blockchain, meaning it is a decentralized public site through which the DApp Browser operates. The second term is in isolation, presuming the challenges linked to the app, the Ethereum virtual machine is entitled bulletproof.

And lastly, deterministic, which implies the DApp Browser ensures that it perfects the functions irrespective of the surroundings in which it is executed. This means that it is a long shot when you have an error while using the DApp Browser.

The thing here is that the DApp Browser is primarily interested in providing a secure and safe environment so that any user can connect, enable and access any new applications regardless of the main goal or the location without fear of security concerns.

Note that verifying your identity on the Binance platform guarantee a secure connection and maximum operational limits on the selected platform. However,  the verification duration  varies

What is a Decentralized Application?

What is a Decentralized Application

To help you understand what a decentralized application is, first, you must understand some of the three simple terms associated with the decentralized application. But, the whole process guarantees you secure and reliable surroundings that are decentralized in that anyone using can safely connect, access, and enable and look for other 8nique applications irrespective of their target goals or your location.

Therefore here are the three terms:

  • Decentralization

This implies that none, even a group, is entitled to have control of the Ethereum blockchain. This only means that in any situation, the Ethereum blockchain shall remain an open and public decentralized platform where one can utilize and enable the DApp Browser.

  • The second is isolation

In the overall functionality of the decentralized application, users should not worry about any issue arising. In other words, this means that the Ethereum blockchain stands to be like a virtual machine that works with full isolation and is hence regarded as completely bulletproof.

  • Deterministic

This means that irrespective of the location in which the decentralized applications works, the developers of the DApp Browsers always stand to ensure that the apps execute or achieve similar goals and purposes. Thus, they consider any error experienced during the operation a long shot.

What is PancakeSwap Exchange?


Before proceeding with the procedure, it is also worth introducing you to the PancakeSwap exchange. Therefore, PakncakeSwap is simply a famous application found on the DApp Browser. Its main function is to work as a decentralized exchange which in this case is abbreviated as DEXe.

The idea here is to enable iOS, Android, and other users also trade and store tokens wherever they wish. PancaklkeSwap is an interesting app and does not support fiat money. This is why you need to enable the DApp Browser first on the Trust Wallet to use the app effectively.

And this now takes us to the next topic on how to enable the DApp Browser on the Trust Wallet.

How To Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet

since you are now aware of the basic terms, it is time to shift to the step-by-step procedure to enable the DApp Browser on the Trust Wallet. And in this section, we will guide you based on various devices. Let us, without wasting time, go to the procedures.

Trust Browser Enable on iPhone

The first thing we will cover here is how to enable the DApp Browser on the Trust Wallet using iOS devices, and for this case, we will use an iPhone. This is somehow more complex than you might expect, but if you follow the procedure correctly.

In 2021, the DApp Browser for iOS devices was removed from the apple store because of the strict guidelines. And from their website, it is not even possible to check the application. However, you should know that the removal should not scare you since you can get it if you are using a chrome browser or safari. But also remember that the safari browser is preferred. Follow these steps to enable it using iPhone: successfully

Step 1: Start by launching the Safari browser on your iPhone. This is important because safari effectively achieves this process, especially when you are an iPhone user. Therefore, after clicking on the safari icon and tapping on the URL bar, enter the below URL: trust://browser_enable.

Step 2: Using the trust browser, enable your URL field immediately after you are done; you will see a popup notification displayed on your screen saying' open this page on Trust?' then tap to open the popup notification, then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Head back to the trust browser and enable the Trust Wallet. So when you are using the Safari browser, you will be able to notice the ‘ browser option' specifically at the bottom of your screen once you go back.

Following the above procedure, you will be able to enable the DApp Browser using any iOS device. However, there is another second method if you are not in a position to use a safari browser. Therefore, proceed to the second method below:-

Step 1: Visit the PancakeSwap site if you want to use the DEXa mainly. And it would be best if you were visiting the website using the Safari browser.

Step 2: Go to the top right corner of your screen and click connect option.

Step 3: Thus rather than going with the Trust Wallet, select WalletConnect. This will redirect you to the popup notification as per the previous method, where you will click to open the Trust Wallet.

Step 4: Then proceed to click connect to enable the PancakeSwap on the Trust Wallet to allow you to proceed with your activities.

The above are the only proven ways of enabling the DApp Browser on the Trust Wallet, irrespective of the iOS device.

Trust Browser Enable on Android

It is simpler to enable the DApp Browser on Android than iOS devices. Because of the enclosed ecosystem designs, iOS devices have strict restrictions. More on this section, follow these steps to enable the DApp Browser on Android.

Step 1: First, launch the Trust Wallet. We assume you have every set and standby. Thus, click on the Trust Wallet to launch it. Then, enable the DApp Browser without challenges.

Step 2: Then click on the settings at the navigation bar found at the bottom of your screen. Keep scrolling until you see a navigation bar and locate the settings icon. After clicking on the settings, you will see a popup menu. Navigate to your preferred choice from the menu, then continue further.

Step 3: So, you have to enable the DApp Browser on the Trust Wallet by simply toggling the button found to the left of your screen. You would have enabled the DApp on the target Trust Wallet.

And you will then be in a position to identify the DApp Browser menu specifically from the bottom of your screen on the bar of the main page of your application. Once you enable it, you will be all set, and nothing else remains to do.

Connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap

while we have covered other basic areas, you can still connect the Trust Wallet to the PancakeSwap. Though, we introduced this section in one of the sections above. So, if you prefer using the PancakeSwap exchange instead of other methods on your mobile device, you are not left behind.

Remember, this is not related to any other device like desktop other than mobile gadgets. It is possible to collect the PancakeSwap, but this time around through the WalletConnect. This is the best alternative to using the DApp Browser. therefore, when you feel like you are not a pro but want to try following these step by step guides:-

Step 1: Have your mobile device and launch a browser, then visit the PancakeSwap website

PancakeSwap website

Step 2: From the top right-hand side of your screen, locate the connect option and click on it

Step 3: Then from the popup menu of the supported wallets, tap WalletConnect

tap WalletConnect

Step 4: Make sure you are exactly on your mobile tab, and then choose Trust from the menu list consisting of the preferred wallets

choose Trust

Step 5: While on the Trust app, you will see a prompt notification indicating ‘ PancakeSwap wants to connect to your wallet' then, from there, click connect

click connect

Step 6: Again head back to the browser on the mobile phone you are using

Step 7: The wallet will then get connected to the top right-hand side of your screen. Make sure you keep the wallet open which guarantees you table connections, and you are done.

Why Use DApp Browser for Cryptocurrency Transactions?

Why Use DApp Browser for Cryptocurrency Transactions

Due to their strict restrictions, Apple has crashed down the DAPpp browsers and is no longer found on the App store. Thus, it would help to transfer your cryptocurrency to specific centralized servers. While the DApp Browsers guarantee you multiple benefits, you might experience some setbacks in transferring cryptocurrencies through regular browsers. Why you need to sue DApp Browsers for cryptocurrency transactions, include:

  • Elimination of delays

When using regular browsers and apps in transacting cryptocurrencies, there is the possibility of experiencing delays, especially when running on a centralized network. But with the DApp, such delays are eliminated and guarantee instant transactions.

  • No extra costs

When using the DApp Browser, there are no extra costs you might have to pay as opposed to other regular browsers and app. thus; most people would prefer DApp to stay economical at all costs.

  • Secure and safety

DApp Browsers are decentralized, and this alone makes the browser safe for contacting cryptocurrency transactions. This means any malicious entities are limited with minimal chances to attack the system since DApp offers no physical device to target.

  • Guarantees privacy

DApp Browser is kept private. And so, no one has access to your information. This is one of the best and most famous browsers to transact cryptocurrency.

However, you must also keep in mind that the DApp Browser is not always 100% perfect. Thus, it has a few drawbacks, which we thought that maybe you should be aware of so that you can get prepared in case it happens before you utilize it. here we go:

  • The updates and platform changes are often slower than regular apps and browsers. The majority must approve any proposed governance changes before putting them in place.
  •  For the DApp to operate fully with guaranteed functionality, it needs a sizeable user base first.
  • And lastly, for one to sue the DApps, you must be using a DApp Browser.


when you use a computer the transacting cryptocurrencies, the Binance wallet address is the best option. However, when using your Android or iPhone, you must get the DApp Browser or other decentralized application and connect it with your Trust Wallet.

This article has guided you through step-by-step procedures to connect a DApp Browser with your Trust Wallet on different mobile devices. You need a Safari browser if you are using iOS devices. It is easy to get things done following the above procedure, though challenging.