5 Ways to Create Tinder Account without Phone Number

Create Tinder Account without Phone Number (2)

Are you wondering if you can create a Tinder account without a phone number? Then there is a lot you need to learn a lot to bypass the Tinder phone verification. Read our article to find out the alternative methods.

While there are many social media platforms today, Tinder is among them. From the statistics, Tinder has indicated that many people on the platform are unquestionable and still active despite being anonymous. But the question many people are asking has been surprising.

Though strict, Tinder is still fair to everybody as long as you remain within the community guidelines. But when you go against the safety measure, you will likely face difficulties using this platform. Tinder is well-known as a dating platform.

However, it does not display the number of the user to the [ubloc for privacy purposes. This is also one of the strict parts are Tinder emphasizes your safety. This implies that any person with your number can never track you on Tinder, unlike other social media platforms where the phone number is made public.

Still, Tinder offers you the option to block the people you know so that they never come across your profile while swiping, which makes it hard for them to know if you are on Tinder. Though it is impossible to create a Tinder account without a phone number.

Because the phone number is one of the requirements, it is still possible to use a fake number or temporary number, just like Snapchat. The only thing you need here is the verification code.

You cannot create a Tinder account without a phone number, but it is p[osible to have a Tinder account without a phone number. This can leave you wondering. We are aware, so we have collected various options for registering Tinder accounts without a phone number. Read our artciela dn elarn mroe tips.

Use Online SMS Receiving Website


The first method you can use to register a Tinder account without a phone number is to rely on the online SMS receiving websites. This is simple, and the sites are free. While it is convenient and simple to use, you need o do to visit the site and copy and paste the number. However, there are some small issues that you might experience.

That is, verifying the account simultaneously with other people is impossible. This gets your Tinder account either shadowbanned or banned when that particular number is used by multiple people while logging in to the account since it violates the Tinder terms of use which state one person per one account.

Another issue that might arise using these sites is that when the previous users were banned while using Tinder, Tinder might not complete verification when it notices such malicious activity.

Otherwise, there are many online SMS receiving platforms. Some of these are SMSReceiveFree.com and ReceiveSMS.co, but for this case, we will utilize the SMSReceiveFree for guidance. The procedure is the same. Sure, you can create a Tinder account without a phone number; instead, you can use disposable numbers from SMSReceiveFree. You can use the numbers from this site to register the site you do not trust.

Instead of using the temporary email addresses shared among the people, a temporary phone number cannot be shared. The process of registering the Tinder account using the SMSReceiveFree verification is simple. Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: First, head to the temporary online SMS receiver website using your browser. For this case, we will use SMSRecieveFree.

Step 2: While on the home page, you must choose the preferred country, which is currently available in Canada or the USA.

Step 3: Then pick the phone number which you want to use. You will have an extensive list of the preset numbers where you do not have to regenerate your number on the site. Once you select the number, then move ahead.

Step 4: Immediately after selecting the preferred number for the site, you will see a new window indicating the number you have selected and all the messages listed below. Keep in mind that multiple users worldwide are using that same number.

Step 5: Then head to the Tinder platform and use the selected number to sign up for the account while registering. You will receive the one-time verification code, which you will need to use to bypass the Tinder verification process.

Step 6: Then you can finish up the process and have just created a Tinder account without a phone number.

Use Free Virtual Number App


You can also count on the third-party app to generate virtual numbers like the online SMS receiving platform. There are many apps online that you can utilize for this case, such as TextNow and DoNotPay.

You cannot only use the number to verify the Tinder account but also applies o other social media platforms. The above are phone number service generator tools that feature SMS or text messages, voicemail, and conference calls. You do not have to purchase any service as everything is free, like TextNow. Additionally, TextNow is a simple app that is compatible with all devices, including phones and desktops.

Its attractive user interface makes it easy to navigate between the tabs while this app. Registering the Tinder account without a phone number is possible if you have the TextNow app installed. Here is the procedure you can follow to register an account successfully:

Step 1: The first thing is to install TextNow from the play store or app store, which depends on the kind of device you are using. You can as well navigate to the TextNow websites and proceed from there.

Step 2: Once you have installed the application, proceed by creating the account. You will need an email address, or you can finish up using your social media accounts such as Facebook or Google.

Step 3: Immediately after logging in to the app, you need to set up the TextNow app and permit it to access your device storage and SMS.

Step 4:  Then, you can select the virtual phone number and click continue to verify your account.

Step 5: And when you are through with verification, you will be prompted to finish the prompt captcha to ensure that you are a human being.

Step 6: When you finish the captcha verification, select the country code so you can access a few virtual numbers lists.

Step 7: Then head to the Tinder platform and tap on the sign-up with the phone number you have selected on the list.

Step 8: Then, choose the free mobile number in TextNow and then utilize it to verify the Tinder account.

Step 9: Copy the code sent to the virtual number, paste it on the Tinder platform for verification, and bypass the verification process without using your phone number.

This will, you will be done with everything. You only have to add the username, avatar, and other details.

However, sometimes you might not receive the code due to errors. Therefore, use other numbers from the list. You can call or use voice mail as TextNow supports all the means.

Use Fake Number

TinderO Fone

The next option when the above fails is to sue the fake numbers in bypassing the Tinder verification. One of the reliable sources meant to help you in such a situation is the use of the TinderO Fone. The site is specifically designed to save you the hassle. There are multiple numbers; some are only valid for one-time use, while others are available for multiple cases.

However the cost you must pay depends on the type of the number, the service company offers and other aspects. These numbers are safer and specifically meant for those who want to bypass the Tinder verification process. Before launching, the services are well thought out first hence safer.

So, when you want tor to redeem your number on TinderO Fone, here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Once you have paid for the services and got the number, you can use it to verify on the live chat. this is found on the right corner of the platform

Step 2: Get one of the agents and confirm the payment as complete

Step 3: You will have the number; copy it and paste it to the Tinder platform where you need to register. It can be through the app or using the website

Step 4: Then, the agent will give you the code from Tinder you just sent to finish the registration process. It is simple, and you are done to get started without mentioning your number.

Use Burner Phone Number


Besides the methods mentioned above, there is yet another using a burner phone number. This is a one-time generated phone number where someone in need of bypassing the registration verification process can sue to get a fake Tinder account running.

These numbers are available on the Internet. But, you must also understand that this option is costly since you can only use one number once with minimal chances of getting banned.

One of the good sites for burner phone number generation is DoNotPay. This app offers a convenient alternative when verifying a Tinder account when you are not safe using your primary number. Count on the burner phone number and verify your Tinder registration process when it needs such authentication.

You can access the DoNotPay services either online through the web browser, and after that, follow these steps to generate the number and verify the account:

Step 1: Once you have accessed the DoNotPay platform, head to the Burner phone section and tap on it

Step 2: Then, select Tinder from the platform you want to verify using the number.

Step 3: Then, from the menu, choose to create a temporary number

Step 4: Then you will access a number that you can use to verify the Tinder account

Step 5: You will receive the code during the registration, copy and paste it on the Tinder app to complete the verification process.

There are also precautions when registering the services using the burner phone numbers. Although the platform will display a message with the verification code, you must be fast enough to ensure you sue the code within 10 minutes. This will help you evade spam and privacy issues. You are also entitled to make multiple burner phone numbers at no extra cost.

Use Other's Phone Number

Phone Number

When you desperately seek a temporary number for only verifying the Tinder account without using your primary number, the last option is to sue your friends or family members' number. This is only possible when you are sure that the person is not registered on the Tinder platform.

The person, in this case, is a friend, relative, or coworker as long as they have not used the number to register. Even if they have used the number, it is not banned on Tinder.

You first need to get permission from the target person and request them to send you the verification code once you create the Tinder account. There are a few consequences, but we have already mentioned them and are sure you are aware. If you are contented, proceed to register the Tinder account without using your phone number to remain anonymous.


to this extent, hopefully, you now understand that you can register a Tinder account without a phone number. Tinder is a well-known dating platform that connects people around the world. It has strict guidelines, and one needs to verify the account.

However, our article has covered various methods to register a Tinder account without a phone number. We highly recommend using one number designed for this purpose while creating a fake account to avoid being banned.

Use either of the above methods and bypass the Tinder verification process. It is simple, but you must take precautions to avoid spam and unnecessary privacy issues.