How to Create Snapchat Account without Phone Number?

Create Tinder Account without Phone Number

Are you struggling to create a Snapchat account without the need to verify using your phone number? You can indeed create a Snapchat account without a phone number. The process is complicated but follow the guidelines in our article to learn more about how to go about it.

Snapchat is a popular platform where you can interact, meet new people and enjoy short-lived snaps lasting only 24 hours. While it connects people around the world, creating an account is simple. However, you must verify the account using your phone number or email address.

However, there comes a time when you need to create A Snapchat account without using your phone number. It is possible, but you will need to perform extra steps. It is not compulsory to use the phone number to verify the account. This is because there are many other options available.

Therefore this article is intended to introduce you to many other options to register a Snapchat account without using your phone number. There are many other sites for third-party applications, and you can count on them for help.

Hence, when you want to learn more techniques to create a Snapchat account without using a phone number, keep reading to the end. It is simple; you only need to pay attention, read along, and find out.

Create Snapchat Account with Email

The first step or the best alternative when you want to create a Snapchat without using a phone number is to use the email address instead. This section will start by exploring the steps you must take to create a Snapchat with an email ID. It is elementary, just like other social media accounts. Here we go

Step 1: First, you must download the Snapchat application to your phone and click on it to launch.

Step 2: After that, hit the sign-up option available once you open the application.

Step 3: Proceed by filling in your details. These details include the username you select, the date of birth, and the password you will use to sign up.

Step 4: Then skip the phone number verification section and instead use the email ID.

Step 5: Enter the email address and get the activation code to verify the email from your inbox.

Step 6: So, log in to the email address and activate the account by filling in the activation code you will find on the email address you just provided.

Step 7: Then, finally, tap on the sign-up account. You would have successfully created a Snapchat account without using your phone number.

There are still many other options available. In the next section, we will be exploring them in detail. This is just an alternative to using a phone number. More to come in the next part.

Create Snapchat Account with Temporary Numbers

The next option is taking you through different alternatives to creating a Snapchat account using a temporary number. In this section, we will also cover different sub-sections. Let us gets started with using a third-party application.

Use Third-Part Virtual Number App

Many third-party applications offer temporary numbers that you can use to verify your Snapchat account. Some of the reliable tools include such as DoNotPay, TextNow, and Sms-man.

However, in this section, we will guide you through the steps using the DoNotPay tool. But the steps are similar p all the third-party tools.

Thus, the DoNotPay tool offers the fastest and most effective method to generate a temporary phone number when you need to verify a Snapchat account. This is important when you avoid sharing your personal information on any site that requests you to include them. Thus, when you need to generate a temporary number using this tool, here is the guide on how to go about it:


Step 1: Using your website, access the DoNotPay site.

Step 2: Then, while on the site, head to the burner phone side

Step 3: Then start typing the name of the service which you need. After that, tap on the crate a temporary number

Step 4: Then, you can use the number given to verify the Snapchat account. You will access the confirmation code sent to the number through the site and get done verifying the account

Step 5: Note that you end up typing in the activation code as quickly as possible before the temporary number is deactivated. This is because the number will only last for ten minutes before it gets deactivated. This is a good time duration to verify your Snapchat account.

Some other options available on the site are two-factor authentication, making calls, sign-up for a survey, phone verification, and signing up for a trial.

Use Online SMS Receiving Website

In this section, we will also be exp you can generate a temporary number to the online SMS receiving website. Many websites, such as,, and, are free to use.

However, you must note that this method is troublesome when not keen. For instance, you use one number to log into an account, but at the same time, someone is also using the same number, risking your account being banned.

Otherwise, you will not need to purchase your new fake number since these websites above are free to use, but ensure you are always kept anonymous. They have plenty of numbers on their site which you can use to register your Snapchat account. When verification is sent to the number, you can access it on the website.

Also, you must be aware that the sites alternate these fake numbers every month, meaning the number displays are only temporary and only used to receive the texts. The numbers do not pose any limitation on the usage, and you can select any of the preferred locations or countries.

the steps are the same, and here is the general procedure you need to follow:


Step 1: For instance, visit the website

Step 2: Then, you'll have a list of the countries and select your target location based on your preferences.

Step 3: Then, you'll have a table with different temporary numbers, which can only be sued to verify the account. You can as well click the next page to see other numbers.

Step 4:  Then, choose any numbers from the list and click on them. When registering on Snapchat, type in the temporary phone number you have selected on the blank space

Step 5: Then proceeds to fill in the Snapchat personal details and sign up. Snapchat will send the verification code to the selected number.

Step 6: Remember to sue the number yous elected on the websites. Then click continue once done filling the details. Snapchat will prompt you to enter the verification code.

Step 7: Head back to the site with the recent tabs and get the verification code using the read message button.

Step 8: Copy the code for the website and use it on Snapchat for verification. Therefore finish up the registration process, and your Snapchat account will be ready to use.

Create Snapchat Account with Another Phone Number

Create Snapchat Account with Another Phone Number

Another reliable option when you do not have a phone number can use a friend's number to register the Snapchat account. The main reason for the verification is to ensure that you are a real user, and it does not include the number you use to verify.

Thus, you can count on someone else's number whenever you feel it is unsafe to disclose your primary number. Any number does as long as the number is currently active to receive the verification code; you can use it to validate the Snapchat account.

However, we would encourage you to use the phone number that belongs to the family member. After that, follow the below steps:

Step 1: First is to download the Snapchat application and install it on your device

Step 2:  Launch the application and click sign-up and enter relevant details, including username, date of birth, and name, as well as a strong password

Step 3: Then include the phone number which you intend to use, whether it is a friends number or belonging to a relative

Step 4: Once Snapchat sends the code, get it and use it to verify the account by typing in the verification code

Step 5: Once done, tap the ok button and sign up for the Snapchat account. Straightforward process.

Why Does Snapchat Refuse to Verify Your Phone Number?

Why Does Snapchat Refuse to Verify Your Phone Number

Today, many complaints from Snapchat users claim that they cannot verify their account using their phone number. For some items, you might experience this issue where your legit number fails to authenticate the account, stating that we cannot verify this phone number ‘ on the popup notification. There might be a reason behind that. some of the possible causes are as outlined below:-

  • Your number might be invalid; thus, go through it, and check if you have correctly typed it.
  • The site is experiencing traffic overload, which can also bring about such issues.
  • In other cases, the platform might not be available because of the scheduled maintenance.
  • And if not, then there is the possibility that you have lost the network connection or you are experiencing a poor connection.

Thus, the algorithm of Snapchat p[hone verification is foolproof, but in some cases, it might fail to validate even if you use a legit phone number. So, be informed of these issues and ensure you first resolve them before you call it a day.

How to Reset the Snapchat Password without a Phone Number?

When you cannot log into your Snapchat account, maybe because you have forgotten the password, that should not give you a headache. The good is that it is possible that you can get it even without the phone number that is linked to the account. Everything here is simple:

Step 1: Launch the Snapchat application and head to the login section. after that, click on forgot password

Step 2: Then reset the password by using the email ID option

Step 3: Then ensure you enter the right email address linked to your Snapchat account

Step 4: when you go through, click the submit button and wait for the reset link to be sent to your email address.

You will receive the reset link to your email address; when you click on it, it will open a new window and prompt you to enter the new password. Make sure you enter the memorable password and submit it to change it successfully.

Will People See Your Phone Number on Snapchat?

Will People See Your Phone Number on Snapchat

When you link Snapchat with your phone number, you might ask if the number will be visible to the public. Well, the thing is, your number is one of the requirements used while verifying the account. Though, it is necessary since other options are available, as we have covered in our article.

The phone number is important since your friends can use it to find you on Snapchat and get connected. But, remember that the phone number will be visible to the public. And it is impossible to look up someone's phone number using their username. That remains a fact, so no one will be able to see your number on Snapchat.


Snapchat has become a popular social media platform that is simple to use. However, for privacy purposes, one might not wish to share the primary phone number or personal details on the platform while registering. In our article, we have covered various options you can register a Snapchat account without a phone number. There are many alternatives online which are effective.

The strategies are simple, and you get snapping ready in no time. You can generate temporary phone numbers from various websites and third-party tools besides an email address. Have them at your fingertips and remain anonymous on Snapchat.