10 Best Torrent Sites that Still Alive in 2023

Best Torrent Sites

Are you short of time checking out torrenting sites? We have listed the best torrenting sites with options of high-quality torrents. You shouldn't miss them!

It is more dangerous to find torrents sites on google than you might think. In most cases, google hides torrent sites while it displays fake websites with devastating ads and links. However, the good news is that few sites online can take you ages to find them. Just to help you save time and make your life easy, we have tested and shortlisted some of the best torrent sites.

The sites we have highlighted in our article have maintained a good reputation, have their torrent site verified for safety, and they have been around for a long time. But using these sites puts you at risk sometimes. You can protect yourself using powerful VPNs that hide your IP address and use similar-grade encryption that keeps you anonymous and safe.

Top Torrent Sites

We have preferred torrenting websites because most people like torrenting sites to download their content since it is free and convenient. Thus, the below list consists of the best torrenting websites for downloading multiple contents. When p2p technology is tricky to download, the best torrent website is the only way to go.

1. The Pirate Bay – Best famous torrent sites

The Pirate Bay overview

  • Good for: Movies, Music, Games, Software

The Pirate Bay is a secure and best torrenting website. It has been around for a long time and thus the most used and reliable Bittorrent of all time. This fact alone makes the site famous among users around the world. You can use it to download movies, audio, games, and abroad and offer other download files. They have the most Torrent on their website.

The Pirate Bay has a simple user interface that is accessible online with multiple options like using tags to identify the safety of a file. This is the reason why Pirate Bay tops our list. It is also well known for downloading anime torrents. It is ranked the best leader when it comes to the torrent world. Up to today, the site still holds the title.

They have different files and many categories on their drop-down manual. It is the best torrent site not only in UK but also around the world. They offer fast download speed, which also depends on your network connection. Unfortunately, this website has been blocked in some countries. This means you will need proxies and a VPN to keep safe and unlock such restrictions. This website is free worldwide.

2. 1337x – Best torrent sites for documentary

1337x overview

  • Good for: Movies, games, TV, music, applications, anime documentaries, porn, and others.

1337x is somehow the best torrent site we have ever come across. It has unique features. We can use it as a benchmark because it has a magnet link directory and some of the best files. This is also a good alternative on the internet. Up to today, they have been around for over 11 years.

They offer different downloadable files such as music, software, movies, tv shows, applications, and books. The list is not limited to these only. When the famous KickAss was taken down, 1337x started to become popular. Most people preferred this website.

1337x consists of the latest files and has the largest community that uploads torrents without hassle once released. It has been well known for documentary torrents since 2007. Their download speed is good even though it is banned in a few countries, especially in the UK, Australia, Ireland, and Austria.

Though previously this website was a bad choice, they have developed and updated their website, which now receives millions of visits per month. The site is seamless and straightforward to browse and safe for use. They have improved functionality for documentaries and movies.

3. YTS – Best torrent sites to download movies

YTS overview

  • Good for: Movies

YTS is a torrent site that is arguably the best for downloading all trending and latest movies. This is the most popular torrent site, which comes after 1337x. It is ranked due to the traffic on its website and appealing interface. As stated, YTS became famous for its impressive movies library. They all have popular HD movies though small in size. This saves you downloading time. The download speed is impressive.

YTS works perfectly with VPNs and proxies to make you anonymous. Your data may be exposed to potential trackers without using proxies or VPNs when you download. Browse and download any YIFY movies with excellent resolution and quality. this is the official domain for all the YIFY movies

4. RARBG – Best torrent site for downloading 4k movies

RARBG overview

  • Good Movies, TV shows, games, music, trailers, box office, porn, and others.

Are you looking for a popular torrent website to download various files, including 4k movies and box office? Then look no more. RARBG is here to serve you with the best selections. They have numerous categories. And the fantastic thing about this site is that the platform is easy to use.

It also features the top ten torrent list, which includes all the top downloaded torrents at the time being. To access the site, you must log in using your username and password to access the site. Thus, this platform is a hybrid of private and public torrent sites. This is because it contains some sensitive content like porn.

RARBG records a reasonable number of visitors per month. The overall rating is also superb. It is also well known for its active community of seeders and high-quality torrents. They have a decent library size which they often update with the latest releases. However, their ad intrusion is more annoying.; They recommend using VPNs in restricted regions like Denmark, the UK, Portugal, etc.

5. Zooqle – Best torrent sites for gamers

Zooqle overview

  • Good for: Games, movies, music, books, anime, and others

Zooqle though the new torrent site, but it is best for gamers. It also offers other files such as movies, tv shows, applications, anime, pictures, and many other services. They have a wide selection of options. This platform is becoming popular due to the extensive library preferred by gamers for different software and other services. It uses links from other torrent sites, which helps it diversify its torrent library.

Most torrent games are under copyright protection since they are relatively new media. This makes downloading games illegal. For that reason, you should check the rules and regulations of your country before downloading. Zooqle has a simple user interface which is pleasing.

They also have a pretty helpful search bar that offers you a comprehensive list of your search results. When searching for a torrent, the site also gives metrics to filter using seeder to the leecher ratio. You can also filter using the quality of the Torrent in question.

You can access the file information and specifications and the comments on their site before downloading. It is also good to consider such reviews. This makes it easy to get the high quality of your desired Torrent. To this far, this platform is not banned or restricted in any country.

6. EZTV – Best torrent sites for the TV show

EZTV overview

  • Good for: TV shows

EZTV is a famous torrent site on the internet. It is among our best torrent sites due to a wide selection of TV shows. They offer these tV show files in different resolutions. And on their website, you can sort the list of TV shows based on the time of release, quality, resolution, and many other things.

It specializes in certain content and thus lacks an extensive library. It only offers TV shows files which is convenient. It has numerous old tv shows when you compare it with the new ones. This tells you that the website has been around for a while and has an extensive TV series collection.

Like other sites, you should know that the new releases on EZTV have copyright. You might encounter serious problems when you download them illegally. Again, EZTV also copies content from other well-known torrent sites. This is dangerous and can quickly get you in complicated situations. On their website, you will see a hand drop-down search box. It always gives you suggestions for anything you search for.

However, the user interface seems old and straightforward with many ads. This site does not allow downloading full seasons in one file, which is pretty annoying. We recommend using VPNs for online safety and improved download speed.

7. TorrentDownloads – Best torrent sites for niche content

TorrentDownloads overview

  • Good for: Tv shows, movies, music, games, software, anime, books, etc

If you are searching for hard-to-find niche content such as an ebook, anime, movies, or tv show with many other files, then TorrentDownload is good for you. You will also enjoy their organized customer interface. It is simple and accessible from around the world. They have recorded the best seeder to leecher ratio.

TorrentDownloads is a classic torrent site even though they have reduced the traffic. The government has previously targeted the site. It still has a considerably extensive content library. This platform also offers an average download speed and costs of the links leading you to other torrent sites. If you need an obscure title in any niche, this is the perfect option.

They have a wide selection ranging from old to the latest. They even have rare books and old videos. Go for it, too, based on your needs.

8. LimeTorrents – Best torrent sites for tons of variety

LimeTorrents overview

  • Good for: Movies, Tv shows, applications, music, animation, port, etc.

LimeTorrents is a torrent website that continues a previously existing site. It is the best website to search and download torrents securely, safely, and anonymously. They guarantee you maximum downloading speed when using LimeTorrents. They boast of their massive library of content cutting across multiple niches.

They also recorded significant traffic monthly. When you search on the site using the search bar, extensive options are displayed. LimeTorrents never disappoint. The library is more significant than any other torrent site. This is an impressive fact.

They also have the top 100 torrents uploaded within the last 48 hours section for every category, focusing primarily on the new releases. This means most new releases are under copyright, making them illegal to download.

They are safe and free to download though they also have premium versions. They have tons of files to download from their public domain. Their user interface is sleek and pleasing, with many filter options. But, the site also has some annoying ads.

9. IPTorrents – Best Safe Private Torrent Site

IPTorrents overview

  • Good for: Music, software, games, movies, etc

IPTorrents is a private torrenting platform that offers almost everything you need to download. It is a private platform which today is only an invite platform. Without getting an invite from a member, you cannot join since they have limited slots. They also have donor membership slots.

This is in response to clubbing the cheaters and scammers as well. When you are caught cheating, your account becomes disabled. IPTorrents is an established private tracker with different torrents. The content on their website covers almost everything. It somehow sounds like a privatized version of the Pirate Bay. These guys are strict and limit downloading dangerous and mislabelled files.

IPTorrents has a faster download speed since every member who joins must comply with their seeding quotas. It supports different secured payment methods, which include bitcoins. It is an excellent choice to try out today.

10. Kickass Torrents – Best  run-up torrenting website

Kickass Torrents overview

  • Good for: Movies, TV shows, music, games applications, etc

Kickass Torrents is a simple and maintained torrenting website. It has been online for a long time and seems to have gained experience in this field. They have multiple and massive databases for the selection of needed torrents.

Their website also displays all critical information, including the latest research, and comes with a unique link to redirect you to their official websites. The site is secured, which means something else as privacy is concerned. This new torrenting version is currently working fabulously. It has the best seeder and leecher ratio, and monthly visitors go beyond 6 million.

Kickass Torrents has a speciation section highlighting the top 100 torrents in every category. But we are inclined to believe that this is the best torrenting website since it has an excellent overall rating. When you experience any issues, then try out the above alternatives.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing Torrent Sites?

Torrent sites are dangerous platforms. Thus, selecting a reliable torrent site is vital as it minimizes the risks. Therefore, when selecting a torrenting site, consider t5he following factors:-

  • Security

Security feature is vital. The site must have been around for a long time. Some have annoying ads. So be advised that no torrenting site guarantees you 100% safety and privacy. Most of them leak your details to a third party. For that reason, you should use VPN to enhance your online security and identity.

  • Download speed

This is the average speed at which you can download a file from the torrenting website. The speed varies depending on the Torrent and its size. However, it is vital to consider reliable download speed. Your internet connection also matters a lot.

  • Monthly traffic

This is another vital aspect you must look for before selecting a torrenting site. It should show how popular and famous the site is and the files.

  • The size of the content library matters

When selecting the best torrenting site, you will likely choose an extensive database with more content than a simple one. Also, keep in mind their priorities compared to yours. There might be a smaller torrenting site with only one specialized niche, and it is good with a vast library.

  • Popularity

We ought to go for the top-rated torrenting websites with many engaged clients. Then we also recommend going for the site with more engagement in terms of comments from their previous users. This is important since it helps you evaluate the validity of the file.

  • Seeder to leecher ratio

A high seeder and leecher ratio guarantees you a high level of sharing. This, in the long run, assures you faster download results in the future.

  • Ad intrusion

Some sites have many annoying ads which, at some points, the popup comes with fake content. In some cases, they also slow down the download speed and browsing since they come with potential viruses which harm your device. Go for the torrenting site with minimal ads and try to avoid them.

  • Mirror site

When a torrent site gets blocked, you should also try using VPNs or proxies to access their mirror sites. So when a torrent site has a mirror site remains accessible even after blocking than a site without mirror sites.

  • Banned regions

The government is fighting against torrenting sites. The above best torrenting sites likely contain few restrictions in our area. The good news is that you can always access such restricted sites by using VPNs, masking your real IP address.

  • Funding year

A lot of the torrenting sites have been banned. So, any torrenting website that survives for an extended period deserves your attention and presence.

How to Torrent Safely?

As we said, torrenting websites are not 100% safe. This means you must use other possible methods to keep safe besides selecting a reputable company. To prevent losing your information, we recommend using secure VPNs.

The VPNs are numerous but limited to tools such as ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, and NordVPN. They guarantee you special encryption and IUP masking from any tracking eyes.

Therefore, staying safe needs many different additional strategies:

  • First, you need to inspect the site and every Torrent.
  • Secondly, you can go to the private search impact. Also, use a safe torrent client. Use a reliable torrent for further protection.
  • Then lastly, check out the malware and google the copycat alternatives.


1. Is torrenting illegal?

Torrenting is not illegal unless you are downloading copyrighted files without permission. It becomes illegal when you get licensed files from a torrent site. Again, it is legal in most countries with only a few restricted torrenting websites.

2. Can other people see what torrents I download?

Be careful when torrenting not to expose your IP address to other people. When someone accesses your IP addresses, they track and see what you download. Meaning the IP address exposes the content you are downloading or watching. Also, your ISP can quickly get you and apply the copyright infringement rules about illegal downloading.

3. How to torrent on torrent Sites?

Before you start torrenting, you must first get the torrent clients such as uTorrent. You will open using the client when you have already installed the software, then display it on the screen. Immediately installing, you can start downloading any torrent you want from the above sites.

4. Are torrent sites safe?

The safety of the torrent site depends on the type of site you are using. Some torrent sites like the ones discussed above are safe to use. Hence,  they minimize the risks of downloading viruses or infected malware files. While others are open to risks, it comes with many frustrating ads and popup messages that pose a danger to your safety.


Getting the best torrent site is not easy as most of them are risky and expose your details to possible hackers and ISP. Don't just go ahead and download files from torrent sites. Only;y use the above trusted and best torrent sites for guaranteed high-quality services. However, always take the necessary precautions first before starting to download. We recommend using VPNs or proxies in masking out IP addresses.