We set our standards high and wish to become the industry leader in the field of media data mining. With a clear mission to become the industry standard, by keeping things simplified and understandable to the masses.

We believe that the beauty of complexity is simplicity!

We believe that the data should be accessible to anyone not only to large and reach companies. Helping small companies to grow their business by having great insights about the markets & industries.

We track, analyze and benchmark over 25.000 media sites (growing every day) in a mission to collect & calculate the data about social engagement with news stories. We connect this data clusters with deep media insights & brand metrics.

We discover, monitor, and analyze to create a revolutionary new way to discover the complex world of media and it’s overlapping with brands.

Jan Macarol – ceo & founder

I believe that we are on the edge of a new era in marketing. Our small company is setting new standards in the field of viral news discovery, media monitoring & brand analytics. We are the best and most affordable tool in the industry of large data mining.

Meant to help small and medium-sized companies to have better data than the largest companies in the world. We love the scientific approach and are thrilled when complexity reflects in simple solutions which give great insights also to non-experts.

We are glad that you supported us through our years of development and helped us grow into the company we are today.

We promise to all our clients that we will not stop to provide excellence in what we do. And will give our best.