Twitter trends - March 2015

Twitter Trends: Top 20 publishers on Twitter in March 2015

Twitter trends for March 2015. Once again we break down our big data to bring you the best performing publishers on Twitter for March 2015 in our beautiful list.

BBC is once again the king of Twitter trends and proves his leading position on generating most Twitter generated reactions & signals on it’s published stories (in first 36 hours). It’s followed by Mashable, which is being stronger and stronger through time – also growing it’s followers. New York Times comes in third, followed by CNN. First non-American media site is Milenio.

Mashable Twitter Followers in March 2015
Mashable Twitter Followers in March 2015

Social media channels – Mashable

Twitter trends didn’t change dramatically in the last month, we noticed a slightly better trend in winning new Twitter followers by Mashable. Which could reflect a new redefined Twitter strategy for Mashable.

Twitter trends chart: Top 20 publishers on Twitter in March 2015

Top 20 on Twitter
Top 20 – Twitter publishers – March 2015

You can follow the live database list – Twitter trends on this link.

TOP 10 stories tweeted on Twitter / Twitter trends

TOP 10 - Twitter - March 2015
Top 10 – Twitted stories March 2015

You can follow a life real-time chart of trending stories on Twitter on this link!

Justin Bieber wins this month, followed by Apple’s announcement of the start of sale of the Apple Watch, followed by the state funeral of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

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