5 years of development – ViralNewsChart – Alpha version introduced

In 2010, we had a crazy idea to track all large media stories spreading on social networks. Thru years of development we today proudly present a product which is changing the game of media monitoring, clipping and brand monitoring. A simple solution that tries to deliver a thrilling user experience and ease of use.  Based on basic principles of well-known feed readers it adds an edge by ranking stories according to their impact in social networks. It goes further than just that!….

A small team gathered in a small office in the most beautiful city in the  world – Ljubljana (Slovenia), at the end of 2010 with an agenda to try to measure the internet. All present at the meeting where professionals in the field of web development, marketing, PR, search technologies, branding. The agenda on the table was to see if the vibe of the internet can be measured differently than the Google does by involving social signals produced by users. The idea of a tool which could do just that was born at that table.

During the years of development we encountered numerous challenges but have succeeded to develop a peace of the web which can essentially change how marketers work today. Can you imagine that you have the data how certain authors write about your brand, and how successful are they with the stories they publish on social networks? Do you want to know how they write about other brands or your competition? Do you search for influencers?

Or you just simply need inspiration to write a hot developing & viral story for your digital publication. All that and more can be achieved with just a few clicks.

ViralNewsChart pricing policy is open to brought masses not only rich companies. Compared to competitors is also affordable for independent writers, digital producers and online editors, social media managers, content marketing specialists, freelancers, startups, crowdfunding campaigns, etc… All that because we believe that big data should be accessible to brought masses and not limited!

At monthly prices starting at just 29.99 euros, it’s the most affordable tool on the market which brings “big data” media analytics at your desktop. Compared to old fashioned clipping tools it’s a rocket and it’s up to 30-times more affordable. Any user can suggest a news source or brand to be listed in our application. And almost unlimited alerts & filters can be created.

We hope that you like our application and can find good use of numerous features. We are still developing… and will go on till you are completely satisfied.

Jan Macarol

Jan Macarol has been involved in the field of digital media publishing for more than a decade. Seeing all sides of advertising triangle in multiple functions - he has a deep insight of the market. Jan is also a pioneer in social media field - as a founder & creator of the largest domestic social networking site - GenSpot.com and the first specialized agency for digital media production, social media management, native advertising & digital PR - Reformabit.